Friday, June 1, 2012

Should the Jays Pursue Youkilis or Feldman?

Danny Knobler of tweeted Friday morning that the "Red Sox are telling teams they definitely intend to trade Youkilis." I would love to see AA go after him, and I think he is a great solution at first/DH for the second half of the season. "Peter Brand's" dream player has started off slow this year, but has had to deal with injuries, so if he can stay injury free , he is worth a look. By the trade deadline his contract will have about $6 million left on it, and he has a club option for next season. If he does not succeed down the stretch, AA can just buy him out for $1 million, and he will be a free agent.

The three time all star from Cincinnati has a career slash line of .288/.389/.490, and plays 3rd base and 1st. If he came to Toronto, I believe the smart move would be to make him the DH, so he does not get tired and injured, and have EE play 1st.

If Youk is acquired (he probably won't be), I would move Jose Bautista down to the clean up spot. That way he has a chance to bat with runners on base, something that happens almost 40% of the time when Kevin Youkilis comes up to bat. Of course, the price the Red Sox will be asking is likely going to be very high, especially because the Jays play in the same division as them. I can very safely say that there is a 99% chance Youk will not be in a Jays uniform this season, but you never know what is going to happen with AA at the helm.

To wrap up, the answer to the question of whether or not the Jays should pursue Youk is yes. But, at the price Boston is going to want, I rather keep the prospects, and stay with EE at 1st.

On to the second part of this post!

Jon Heyman, also from tweeted earlier today that the Rangers are going to make Scott Feldman and Mark Lowe available on the trade market this summer. Feldman is the pitcher who interests me here, because he can start, and the Jays could use a 5th starter, as we all know. He will be owed roughly $3 million for the rest of the season come July, and also has a team option for 2013. Just like Youk, if he does not perform, he can be bought out for $600K. Although,for Feldman's option to be picked up by any team, he would need to be ridiculous, given that the option is for $9.25 million.
Jose Bautista after hitting a home run against
Feldman at the Rogers Centre in 2010.

If Dustin McGowan comes back and performs, Feldman would also be a huge bonus for the Jays bullpen, which is lacking a 7th reliever. He also has a ton of playoff experience, and could be a great help to the Jays if we get to see October baseball.

Of the two players, Feldman will likely come cheaper, and be more useful to the team. With Vlad going to AAA for Saturday, he could be in Toronto by Tuesday. And, if he performs, Youk would not be necessary, with EE moving to 1st.

Do you think AA should pursue Youk or Feldman? Comment below with your opinion.

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  1. Red Sox are not trading Youkilis to a team in their division that they'll have to beat to make the playoffs. Move along.