Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Laffey Sent Down, Hech Coming Up?

Aaron Laffey has once again been sent to down to Las Vegas, but the corresponding move to fill the 25 man roster has yet to be announced. Adeiny Hech (Hech is what I will call him, as spelling his last name takes to much effort)is not in tonight's 51's line up, although it is because he is still away from the team getting his Canadian Visa; which he now has. There are a few options as to who could get the call, so I'm just going to go over quickly who they are, and why they should, or should not be coming to Toronto.

Yan Gomes- Cannot be called up yet, his 10 day waiting period is not over yet.
Eric Thames- Same as Gomes. He isn't coming back up yet.
Moises Sierra- Would be a candidate if his numbers were solid, but hitting .278 in the PCL with an OBP .348, isn't that good. Probably will get called up if there is an injury a little later on this season, depending on how Anthony Gose does this season.
Adam Lind- One of the three players that have the best chance along side Vlad and Hech. Lind is hitting .375 so far in Las Vegas, and has seemed to find his stroke once again. Could take over at first, although David Cooper has done nothing to lose the job.
Vlad Guerrero- Vlad has been ripping up High A, but it's High A, so he likely has to go to AA or AAA before making the jump to the Jays.
Adeiny Hech- Will only get the call if it is a long term gig...probably. I could see KJ go to the DL, and both Hech and Vlad come up to fill those two spots.

I can't be the only person that actually has no idea who will get the call, because there really is no clear cut option. Whatever the move is, I'm sure it will be a smart one, unless Carlos Perez gets the call, because that just makes no sense.

Orioles pitcher Jason Hammel has accused the Jays of stealing signs tonight, but this is just ridiculously stupid, so I won't write anything about it. Of course, JPA has already tweeted about it, so you can read his brief sarcastic opinion here.

Who do you think is going to be called up? Tell us by leaving a comment below with a name and reason!

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