Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Predictions for the 2012 Blue Jays Season

Last year I thought the Jays would sign Paul Konerko to man first base. Instead, the Blue Jays Front Office decided to move Adam Lind to first, a position in which he thrived at defensively . In his first year playing the position in the MLB, he only committed 4 errors, with the 4th best range factor among 1st baseman at 9.32. This year I think the Jays will sign Yu Darvish to be there #2 starting pitcher, behind All-Star Ricky Romero. The big rostor debate that will only be decided come spring training, if all three players are still with the club is who is going to be the starting left fielder. Travis Snider, Eric Thames, and Adam Loewen can all play the position, and they all have nothing left to prove in the minor leagues. I believe that Eric Thames will get the job as the starting left fielder, with Snider and Loewen both going back to Las Vegas in AAA.Another big question mark that will be decided this winter, or in the spring will be who is manning first base come April 5th next season. Adam Lind had great power numbers this year, considering he missed a month of the season due to injury, but he did not get on base over .300 percent of the time. With David Cooper, you will likely get a .300 average, 10-20 home runs, a great on base percentage, and a whole lot of doubles. Basically, a younger version of the good years that Lyle Overbay had. Also the Blue Jays need to address the hole at second base. I would like to see that hole plugged by the trade market in Brandon Phillips. Finally, the bullpen that the Blue Jays will put together will likely resemble this years, some home grown talent, and some free agent signings. Without further ado, my prediction of what the 2012 Blue Jays 25 man roster will look like.

Starting 9
C JP Arencibia
1B Adam Lind
2B Brandon Phillips
3B Brett Lawrie
SS Yunel Escobar
LF Eric Thames
CF Colby Rasmus
RF Jose Bautista
DH Edwin Encarnacion

Utility John Mcdonald
Catcher Brian Jeroloman
Outfielder Rajai Davis
First Baseman David Cooper

Pitching Rotation
1 Ricky Romero
2 Yu Darvish
3 Brandon Morrow
4 Henderson Alvarez
5 Dustin McGowan

CL Ryan Madson
SU Casey Janssen
SU Chad Beck
RP Jesse Litsch
RP Joel Carreno
RP Carlos Villanueva
MRP Luis Perez

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Blue Jay Killer

Everybody can blame the Jays not contending for the playoffs on any stat they want, but I'm in the mood to blame it on the "Blown Save". The Blue Jays had 25 blown saves this season, in only 58 opportunities, that's 43%, a sad number. Imagine being a manager and thinking, there is almost a 1 in 2 chance that my team's lead is not safe.If the Jays only had 15 blown saves this season, and they won the 10 games that they didn't blow the save in, they're tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the AL Wild Card, and who knows what could have happened. I'm not saying that the alternate reality would have the Jays in the playoffs, but they would be so much closer then 10 games out if they didn't blow as many saves as they did.Now lets take a look at the blown save number for the 8 playoff teams,and the Red Sox, because they deserved to be in the playoffs for 4 months of the seasson

NYY: 16 BS
TB: 12 BS
DET: 10 BS
TEX: 19 BS
MIL: 19 BS
STL: 26 BS
ARI: 13 BS
BOS: 16 BS

Of those 9 teams, only one, the NL Champion Cardinals have more blown saves than the Jays. It comes to prove one thing, Blown Saves will kill you, or get you into the World Series.

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