Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lee, Greinke Find New Teams

Cliff Lee, the most prize free agent of the 2010-2011 off-season,is off the market.A 2008 Cy Young winner, and October baseball fanatic, Lee signed a 5 year $120 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Lee will join 2010 Cy Young winner Roy Halladay, Three time All-Star Roy Oswalt, 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton, to make up the best rotation in baseball today, and arguably the best in history. Expect the Phillies to be serious contenders in the 2011 World Series chase.

On December 17th, Zack Greinke, a 2009 Cy Young winner, asked his team¸the Kansas City Royals to be traded.The obvious reason was because the Royals have finished in the cellar of the AL Central more than one would want too. On December 19th, Greinke was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Just days before that, Shaun Marcum, the 2010 Opening day starter for the Blue Jays was traded to the Brew Crew.With those two additions the Brewers basically secure the division crown, in the NL Central.They now have an amazing rotation, to go along with one of the best offenses in the National League.

This might be a little to early, but this is what the 2011 playoffs look life in my head.

Phillies over Cardinals 3-1
Brewers over Giants 3-2

Yankees over Rangers 3-0
Red Sox over White Sox 3-2

Phillies over Brewers 4-2
Red Sox over Yankees 4-1

Phillies over Red Sox 4-3

The Phillies have too good of a pitching rotation,for the league`s best offense from Bean town to beat them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Changes Coming to the Playoffs?

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a few weeks,I've been very busy, and this next blog will have everything that I've missed.Bud Selig said that he has no opposition to increase the amount of teams going to the playoffs. Selig,the commisioner of the MLB proposed an idea of expaning the playoff format to 5 teams from each lesgue,adding one more wild card spot in each league. You might be thinking to yourself,ok they'll have the best team having a bye to the second round.So how about the second round,there is going to need to be another bye.So,as just explained,this a ridiculous format. I personally like the football playoff system better than the hockey and basketball ones, that are the other options. The NFL has six teams from each league make the playloffs, with the top two seeds receiving byes. This system would work because a team won't have to be a 90 game winner to make the playoffs. Instead the amount of wins needed to make it in will be around 86 to 88 because there is 3 wild card playoff spots, in each league. We will see what transpires this season, but Selig said that the change wouldn't take place until at least 2012, when the MLB and MLBPA's agreement is up.As you already know Jason Frasor accepted arbitration, while Miguel Olivo, Scott Downs, and Kevin Gregg all declined. Downs was a "Type A" free agent, which means that when Downs signs with another team the Jays will receive that teams first round pick, and a sandwich round pick in between the first and second round of the 2011 First Year Player Entry Draft. A "Type B" player will earn his former team a sandwich round pick, an only that. John Buck was a "Type B" player, and after he signed with the Marlins to a 3 year $21 million contract,the Jays received a sandwich pick.The Blue Jays did not offer contracts to Brian Tallet, and Fred Lewis, so they became free agents. Tallet wasted no time by signing with the Cardinals from St. Louis earlier last week.Last Friday AA made a move to strengthen the core of the Bluebirds bullpen when he acquired Carlos Villuaneva, from the Brewers for a player to be named later. This is just the first of many moves by AA this winter that will involve the bullpen, because of the departure of Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, and Brian Tallet, to free agency.AA pulled off a surprising move today as he once again made a trade with the Brew Crew, but this one was involving Shaun Marcum. Marcum was traded to Milwaukee for Brett Lawrie, a 20 year old second baseman who was the # 1 prospect in the Brewers System. Lawrie had 30 steals last season while hitting .285 for AA-Huntsville. He might just be a prospect that KC wanted,which could bring Zach Grienke to Toronto. Rumors were swirling on Monday afternoon that Carlos Pena is being highly pushed at by the Jays. A GM of another team pursuing Pena, told espn that, and it has been a hot topic since.Well that basically sums everything up, enjoy the Winter Meetings!!!!!