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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Part 1: Picks 1-10

Guest Post by Donn Parris

The 1st round of the MLB Draft airs on Sportsnet and
MLB Network Monday at 7PM EST.
1. HOUSTON Astros – Kevin Gausman RHP LSU
Surprised; don’t be. Jeff Luhnow is a former Scouting Director that tends to lean on sabermatics. VP and Scouting Director Bobby Heck loves pitching and Kevin Gausman is a low risk moderately projectable 3rd or 4th starter, the kind of prospect that the City of Houston can get behind. Look for Houston to allow Gausman to wind down a bit for the remainder of the minor league season and make a splash in his first Spring Training in 2013. If Kevin stays on track look for a June 2013 call to the majors to make his debut. Another BIG reason that they will draft and sign Gausman; look for him to sign a couple million below the suggested dollars recommended.

2. MINNESOTA Twins - Mark Appel RHP Stanford
Many believe the 6-5 Appel will go 1st, but I
 believe he will fall to the Twins at 2.
Returning GM Terry Ryan will be ecstatic that Mr. Appel fell to the Twins waiting arms. Minnesota will embrace Mark for what he is, which is a hard working educated plus make up person that is a darn good pitcher to boot. Mark fits into the system and will acclimate quickly into the professional game. The Twins score first with the drafts highest prospect with the lowest risk.

3. SEATTLE Mariners - Byron Buxton OF HS
When HOUSTON selects Gausman GM Jack Z will be barking out orders to Scouting Director Tom McNamara to get Buxton’s people on the phone to confirm he is signable. With the correct response from Buxton the Mariner war room will look more like mission control during an Apollo launch with McNamara showing off his lucky sweater vest and Captain Jack smiling from ear to ear.

4. BALTIMORE Orioles - Deven Marrero SS ASU
Quite simple, the Orioles GM will have seen the writing on the wall and his most trusted members of his staff will be working the phones with both Marrero and High Schooler Carlos Correa and let the low balling begins both have been projected to go lower in the draft so both will listen but it will be Marrero that provides Baltimore with the number they are looking for and because of the lower risk lower reward of signing a college shortstop Deven is the #4 pick. Bravo!

5. KANSAS CITY Royals - Mike Zunino C University of FL
Lacking depth at the catching position and Top Prospect Salvador Perez on the mend from a knee injury that occurred in March during Spring Training GM Dayton Moore reels in a Gator. Zunino established himself as a top collegiate bat in this draft.

6. CHICAGO Cubs - Kyle Zimmer RHP USF
It plays out in front of a room full of very happy cubbies as they watch Team President Theo Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer looking like two kids that just uncovered a Honus Wagner card hidden in a wall during a clubhouse remodel. Let the Epstein Era begin as both the front office and scouting staff will be equally happy that team ahead of them made this pick much easier than they ever thought.

7. SAN DIEGO Padres – Lucas Giolito RHP CA HS
Josh Brynes is in the driver’s seat and his job is to recreate the Diamondback magic in San Diego. He help build a solid contender in both Boston and Arizona one using free agency and the other via the draft. I look for Brynes to make a splash by selecting and signing Giolito. With four picks on Day 1 I can see quite a celebration occurring in Southern California. I see the Padres getting Lucas signed in the neighborhood of $4 to $5 million. If I am correct the padre scouting staff will be working the phones looking for players with higher ceiling and lacking leverage to be taken and signed for amounts that will safely fit within the draft pool dollars. John Savage will not be seen anytime soon visiting Petco Park as the Padres steal another blue chip recruit.

8. PITTSBURGH Pirates – Albert Almora OF FL HS
In 2005 The Pirates selected and developed a young high school outfield with Pick #11 this time they use the their pick to choose another High School outfielder. The Pirates and Neal Huntington have had to deal with Boras before, so they will make this deal happen and be happy that Almora chose the advisor he did as it is enough to scare off the clubs picking in front of the Pirates. Welcome to the We are Family G2 celebration Albert.

9. MIAMI Marlins - Carlos Correa SS PR Academy
Carlos could not fall to a better club and more perfect fit in my opinion. Correa is compared to Tulo by so many and is the perfect fit in Miami. The Marlins have not had success drafting and developing middle infielders but Carrera is so polished and fits into the culture so well in Miami. Reyes is signed through 2017 and has a team option in 2018, and Ramirez is a Marlin until 2015 and Infante is fill a hole player for the time being until the Marlins either buy or grow a Middle Infielder and it is my thing Correa is the right rig to “Go Fish”

10. COLORADO Rockies Courtney Hawkins OF TX HS
With Cargo signed through 2017 and Dexter Fowler not reaching Free Agency until 2016 at the earliest, the selection of Hawkins is a perfect fit. The Rockies will be in no rush to move Hawkins though the system and player development has proven they are more than capable of molding young high ceiling position players.

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