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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Part 2: Picks 11-20

Guest Post by Donn Parris

The 2012 MLB draft runs from June 4th until June 6th.
11.OAKLAND Athletics Richie Shaffer 3B/1B U of FL
The Athletics have shown a passion for drafting and projecting power corner bats and that trend will continue with Shaffer. Shaffer has drawn comparisons to Ryan Zimmerman. Oakland has stock piled athletic players and Moneyball GM Billy Beane and Scouting Director Eric Kubota hit the jackpot with the selection of Shaffer. I hope to see him in the CAL league before the 4th of July. Let the fireworks rain.

12.NEW YORK Mets Michael Wacha RHP Texas AM
GM Sandy Alderson knows how to build a winner using the draft. Alderson and VP of Player Development and Amateur Scouting Paul DePodesta worked hard along with a group of very good scouts to rebuild the Mets. The selection of Wacha is a very good one to a pitching staff in need of a hard throwing Right hander. The 6-6 200lbs Wacha is a strike throwing machine whos game fits well into the confines of Citibank. Wacha turns 21 on July 1 so there is plenty of maturing and learning left for him to do. Projects to a front of the rotation starter by 2017.

13.CHICAGO White Sox Marcus Stroman RHP Duke
Again a GM gets his pocket picked by the club in front. After the dust settles in the White Sox war room and after getting Stroman signed and delivered to player development the White Sox organization should breathe a sigh of relief as they found them a Real Life Closer. It will not take long for Cooper to work his finishing magic and player friendly and patient manager Robin Ventura to easy Marcus into the closers job and possible a date in the 2012 playoffs. As Garth Brooks as sung, Kenny Williams will thank God for an unanswered prayer.

14.CINCINNATI Reds Andrew Heaney LHP OKST
GM Walt Jockey is shocked that he has the ability to select this quality Left hander. Heaney being projected by most to go earlier in the draft settles in well with the Reds. Heaney gives the Reds a much needed boost from the left side of the mound. Projects to reach the big leagues in 2014 and becomes a permanent fixture in the back end of the rotation.

15.CLEVELAND Indians Chris Stratton RHP MISS
Stratton has a pitchers body and the tools to get the job done. Going un drafted in High School and maturing in college will provide the Indians with a College pitcher with a four pitch arsenal. It is easy to see him fitting in quickly and seems to be the new breed of Indian pitcher that pitch not throw and find success pitching to contact and not away from it. I think if Stratton falls to Cleveland it is too good to pass up. Cleveland really likes College Right handers.

16.WASHINGTON Nationals David Dahl OF AL HS
Dahl should never fall to the Nationals but the draft is a strange animal and the Nats score big by drafting and signing this 5 tool athlete. The idea of Dahl and Harper in the same outfield will pack the park and put Washington in a power position for years. Washington has one of the richest ownerships and they are dedicated to building a winner year in and year out. Look for a future World Series that has some of the most exciting young players participating and the National League Represented will feature the Nationals.

McCullers Jr. looks like he could join the
very strong Blue Jays Minor League System.
17.TORONTO Blue Jays Lance McCullers Jr. RHP FL HS
I can only hope the Jays post the video of their war room as it erupts after selecting McCullers Jr. With big league bloodlines and the completive fire of a champion Lance fits in so well with the blue print GM Alex Anthopoulos has drafted and designed. The Jays have stock piled the best young talent and McCullers is no different. Sorry Gator fans Alex uses his magic and gets this deal done.

18.LOS ANGELES Dodgers Stephen Piscotty OF/3B Stanford
The Dodgers Scouting Department is now stranger to Mr. Picotty having selected Stephen in 2009 in the 45th rd. They were able to spend a great deal of time in Palo Alto and last year selected LHP Chris Reed. Logan White gets his player and this time they get the more matured player that did not disappoint has Piscotty has continue to develop each year and still has areas of improvement and maturation that will occur in the minor leagues. Look for Piscotty to be in the Dodgers line up in 2015.

19.ST LOUIS Cardinals Addison Russell SS/3B FL HS
With the Padres beating the Cards to Giolito they are able to secure the services of a very high profile high ceiling toolsy prospect. Whether he becomes a Third baseman with 70 power and 50 Hit or splits the middle and becomes the prototypical 60/60 guys it works for the Cards. He will need to play himself off shortstop first and that will be just fine in St Louis. Look for Russell to make an appearance in the majors in September 2016 and a permanent fixture in 2018.

20.SAN FRANCISCO Giants Ty Hensley RHP OK HS
Most clubs have an aversion to drafting and signing “Gingers” NO one will be kicking this Ginger. Ty Hensley is the 2012 version of the Dodgers 1979 selection of Rick Sutcliffe with the 21st pick. Sutcliffe went on to pitch in the majors for 18 years. Ty has all the stuff to do the very same and make five times the salary. (Side note – the Giants may go after a name not mentioned by anyone this early in an attempt to make a deal and save some money and have the ability to spend that savings on a day 2 pick. Players have a history of deciding after day 1 action that pro ball is better than college and will sign for less than an amount that drove teams away.)

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