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Blue Jays Daily: June 26th 2012

A quick post summarizing all the events in Blue Jays land today that are not big enough to make full posts about.

d'Arnaud Gets Bit by the Injury Bug
Travis d'Arnaud, the Blue Jays #1 Prospect, the MLB's #1 catching prospect, and 20th overall will be out for 6-8 weeks after tearing the PCL in his knee. Yes, he was tearing up the PCL, and has now torn his PCL. The injury occurred last night after d'Arnaud tried to break up a double play. Before the injury, d'Arnaud was just absolutely raking in AAA. He had a triple slash line of .333/.380/.595 to go along with a wOBA of .432 and a 2.6 WAR.

Good New for Alvarez
After receiving a MRI in Florida today, Henderson Alvarez was diagnosed with mild elbow inflammation. Alvarez is scheduled to start on Saturday versus the Angels, and according to John Farrell and AA, he will most likely make the start. Alvarez was decent in April and May posting a combined ERA of 3.56 in April and May, but his wheels fell off in June(Late May actually) as he has posted a 5.40 ERA thus far this month. If you would like to know why he isn`t doing well, check out this article from a while back by Steven McEwen on Runs Batted Out.

Rajai Davis Increases His Value
Rajai Davis continues to increase his trade value for AA and the Blue Jays, as today he went 2 for 4, continuing his hot streak since he took over the starting job in Left Field. He could be packaged with another piece, such as Kelly Johnson, a bullpen arm, or maybe even a prospect or two, in order for AA to get something significant in return. Jon Heyman of CBSsports tweeted today that the Yankees will be looking for a center fielder if Brett Gardner does not return  in July.

Moyer Will Pitch 2 in Vegas
It was announced today that 49 year old Jamie Moyer will pitch 2 games in Las Vegas for the 51's, and then the Blue Jays will have to make a decision on whether or not they would like to call him up or not. If he is not called up, he will be released(Unless he decides to stay on), and I imagine he will retire.

Carlos Villanueva to Start Friday
Jays GM Alex Anthopolous told the Fan590 today that Carlos V will start instead of Jesse Chavez this Friday vs. the Angels of Anaheim that play in Los Angeles(That was fun). Villanueva spot started for the Jays for about 2 months last year, and was horrible late in the season because he ran out of gas. I expect Chavez to be sent down, and Chad Beck to be recalled as Jesse Chavez has no place in Toronto anymore. Beck has lowered his ERA to below 1.00(.99) this week, which is a crazy stat in any league, but in the PCL, that is dare I say Dickey like?

Liriano Becoming a Hot Commodity
Since rejoining the Twins rotation, Francisco Liriano has a 2.41 ERA, .157 opp avg, 0.91 WHIP in 6 starts. Liriano costs half as much as Zack Greinke(Who the Brewers said they will trade if an extension is not reached by the Trade deadline), and is pitching amazing for the past month. He will be going into his 3rd arbitration year this off-season, and could be on the eye of AA and other GM`s across the league.

This is great. Credits to whoever made this!
AA Doesn't Expect Big Moves Until July
AA told Jon Morosi of FoxSports today that he does not expect the Jays to make any big moves until mid-July, if he does make a move at all. he also said he won't rush to get an arm. Knowing his track record, he will surprise us all and make a move in the next few days. Watch, I called it here first!

Vizquel to Retire at Seasons End
Blue Jays Utilitiy man Omar Vizquel told ESPN today in Spanish that this season will be his last, and that he hopes to coach in the future.

That is it for all the stories today. Comments are welcome below

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