Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue Jays Daily: June 26th 2012

A quick post summarizing all the events in Blue Jays land today that are not big enough to make full posts about.

d'Arnaud Gets Bit by the Injury Bug
Travis d'Arnaud, the Blue Jays #1 Prospect, the MLB's #1 catching prospect, and 20th overall will be out for 6-8 weeks after tearing the PCL in his knee. Yes, he was tearing up the PCL, and has now torn his PCL. The injury occurred last night after d'Arnaud tried to break up a double play. Before the injury, d'Arnaud was just absolutely raking in AAA. He had a triple slash line of .333/.380/.595 to go along with a wOBA of .432 and a 2.6 WAR.

Good New for Alvarez
After receiving a MRI in Florida today, Henderson Alvarez was diagnosed with mild elbow inflammation. Alvarez is scheduled to start on Saturday versus the Angels, and according to John Farrell and AA, he will most likely make the start. Alvarez was decent in April and May posting a combined ERA of 3.56 in April and May, but his wheels fell off in June(Late May actually) as he has posted a 5.40 ERA thus far this month. If you would like to know why he isn`t doing well, check out this article from a while back by Steven McEwen on Runs Batted Out.

Rajai Davis Increases His Value
Rajai Davis continues to increase his trade value for AA and the Blue Jays, as today he went 2 for 4, continuing his hot streak since he took over the starting job in Left Field. He could be packaged with another piece, such as Kelly Johnson, a bullpen arm, or maybe even a prospect or two, in order for AA to get something significant in return. Jon Heyman of CBSsports tweeted today that the Yankees will be looking for a center fielder if Brett Gardner does not return  in July.

Moyer Will Pitch 2 in Vegas
It was announced today that 49 year old Jamie Moyer will pitch 2 games in Las Vegas for the 51's, and then the Blue Jays will have to make a decision on whether or not they would like to call him up or not. If he is not called up, he will be released(Unless he decides to stay on), and I imagine he will retire.

Carlos Villanueva to Start Friday
Jays GM Alex Anthopolous told the Fan590 today that Carlos V will start instead of Jesse Chavez this Friday vs. the Angels of Anaheim that play in Los Angeles(That was fun). Villanueva spot started for the Jays for about 2 months last year, and was horrible late in the season because he ran out of gas. I expect Chavez to be sent down, and Chad Beck to be recalled as Jesse Chavez has no place in Toronto anymore. Beck has lowered his ERA to below 1.00(.99) this week, which is a crazy stat in any league, but in the PCL, that is dare I say Dickey like?

Liriano Becoming a Hot Commodity
Since rejoining the Twins rotation, Francisco Liriano has a 2.41 ERA, .157 opp avg, 0.91 WHIP in 6 starts. Liriano costs half as much as Zack Greinke(Who the Brewers said they will trade if an extension is not reached by the Trade deadline), and is pitching amazing for the past month. He will be going into his 3rd arbitration year this off-season, and could be on the eye of AA and other GM`s across the league.

This is great. Credits to whoever made this!
AA Doesn't Expect Big Moves Until July
AA told Jon Morosi of FoxSports today that he does not expect the Jays to make any big moves until mid-July, if he does make a move at all. he also said he won't rush to get an arm. Knowing his track record, he will surprise us all and make a move in the next few days. Watch, I called it here first!

Vizquel to Retire at Seasons End
Blue Jays Utilitiy man Omar Vizquel told ESPN today in Spanish that this season will be his last, and that he hopes to coach in the future.

That is it for all the stories today. Comments are welcome below

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Interview with Lansing Lugnuts All Star Second Baseman Jon Berti

Berti exits the cage after a successful round of BP
earlier this year at Spring Training.
The Lansing Lugnuts have had an amazing season thus far in 2012. They have clinched the playoffs already, had 7 players named to the All-Star team, and their coaches had the chance to coach the Eastern Division team. One of their All Stars, Jon Berti, has a wOBA of 0.396 (a great mark), and a WAR of 2.0 already. Berti, at age 22, is one of the most underrated prospects in the Jays system in my opinion, as ever since he has signed last season, he has done nothing but perform. He does hit a lot of ground balls (64.1%), but as shown by his .288 AVG, they find holes. I had the pleasure of interviewing Berti again (the first time was for Jaysprospects.com and could be found Here) and talking to him about his successful year so far and some other stuff.

To start off, how is your ankle feeling after being activated off of the DL a few days ago?

My ankle is feeling pretty good and I am excited to be back in the lineup again playing with my teammates.

You won the championship last season with the Canadians, and have already clinched the playoffs this season with the Lugs, what has it felt like to come into the Blue Jays organization, and never lose for a lengthy period of time?

My experience so far has been awesome in the Blue Jays organization. It has been a lot of fun with all the success we have had and I'm looking forward to more of it in the future.

Berti taking a swing during a BP session at
the Bobby Mattick  Training Center in March 2012.
Obviously your game has improved a ton this season, as you are stealing more, getting on base more, and playing defense better. What did you work on in the off-season that has made the biggest difference for you this season?

I think going to the Instructional league following the 2011 short season was a big help. I was able to work with our coordinators one on one to get a head start on my off season training. I was able to learn how to create a plan for each at bat at the professional level, and I also worked with our infield coaches a lot to help transition over to 2nd base.

You were selected to be an All Star in the Mid West league, but unfortunately you did not play. When did you decide that it was best not to play in the game?

It was nice that our coaching staff in Lansing was our coaching staff in the All Star game. We decided that it would be best to not push it for the game and just enjoy being part of the experience. I was glad I was able to go.

You have been witness to one of the best pitching staffs in pro baseball this season in Lansing. Do you think you and the rest of the offense feels less pressure to score runs because you know how dominating the pitching has been?

Our pitching staff has been outstanding all year. It makes it much easier on us as an offense knowing that we don't have to go out there and try to put up a lot of runs in order to win.

Berti, stretching before he plays in a game
for his Lansing Lugnuts!
This season your BB% is up, and your K% is down. Have you changed your stance, or have you done something to your swing that has let you see the ball longer or better?

I haven't changed a whole lot this year. I'm Just trying be more patient at the plate, waiting for a good pitch to drive somewhere.

Realistically, where would you like to be by the end of this season in the Blue Jays organization?

I don't try to think about where I'll be at any point. I feel it distracts me from the daily goals that I have to work hard and improve to try and help the team I am playing for win each day.

I'd like to thank Jon for taking the time once again for partaking in this interview, and all of us here at BlueJaysPlus wish that you continue tearing up pitching down there in Lansing!

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Report: Jamie Moyer Signs with the Blue Jays

According to Shannon Drayer of ESPN, and confirmed by Mike Wilner, 49 year old Jamie Moyer has signed a AAA deal with the Jays. This move is crazy for so many reasons.I don't mind it, especially because it is a minor league deal that costs nothing, and somebody needs to replace the AAA playing in Toronto. And, if he is needed, Moyer can pitch better than Jesse Chavez, maybe even Scott Richmond(who was called up tonight) and Aaron Laffey. Moyer was 2-5 with a 5.70 ERA in 10 starts with the Rockies earlier this season. He was released by the Rockies last month, signed by the Orioles, pitched to a 1-1 record with a 1.69 ERA in AAA with Norfolk, and was granted his release last week.

It has been announced that Moyer will start on Thursday for the 51's.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

So... The Baseball Gods Hate the Jays

The Jays are paying Dr. James Andrews'
 bills right now.
It's now official. 80% of the Jays rotation is injured(Along with Dustin McGowan). That is ridiculous. Henderson Alvarez left tonight's game yadayadayadayada. We are all to familiar with this. I am not going to make another one of these posts about injuries. Instead, I am going to end this article now, and let you all soak in the sadness that comes with losing your pitching rotation.


10:20 PM June 25th 2012: Scott Richmond has been recalled. he is boarding a plane to Boston tonight. More info on the corresponding move later!

12:19 AM June 26th 2012: Robert Coello has been sent down, and Drew Hutchison has been moved to the 60 Day DL to make room for Richmond.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue Jays Daily: June 18th 2012

A quick review of the happenings in Blue Jays land today.

-The Blue Jays purchased the contract of Shawn Hill.Hill had a streak of 27.2 consecutive scoreless innings prior to the move. I see Shawn going to AAA, to replace Jesse Chavez, who

-Has been called up to the Jays, and will make tomorrow's start in Milwaukee. Evan Crawford has been optioned down to AAA(Again) to make room for Chavez.

-Kyle Drabek does in fact have a torn UCL, and will receive his second Tommy John surgery tomorrow in Pensacola, Florida. He will be out for 12-18 months. A September 2013 return seems likely.

-There has been no new news about Drew Hutchison tonight so far, nor has a starter been announced for Wednesday's game.

- 50th Overall pick Matt Smoral has agreed to terms with the Jays. He has signed for a reported $2 million.

-Former Blue Jay Aaron Hill hit for the cycle tonight. Hill was traded to Arizona last summer with John McDonald for Kelly Johnson.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview with Blue Jays Draft Pick Nick Lovullo

Nick Lovullo, above, wearing his fathers Number 7!
Nick Lovullo was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 38th round of the 2012 Rule 4 Draft. Nick is the son of Blue Jays 1st Base Coach Tory Lovullo, and is committed to playing college ball at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, a D1 school. Lovullo hit .200 in his senior year of high school this season, but it was more of a down year for him, as he was hitting close to .400 in the other years of his high school career. I had the pleasure of asking him some questions about his experience being drafted and other things.
What was going through your head when you got drafted?
At first I didn't believe it was true, but after I got the phone call from my dad and a ton a other calls/text messages, I started to realize that I just got drafted by a major league baseball team. The feeling was unbelievable.

What was it like growing up in a baseball family, with your dad playing, and now coaching?
Having my dad in the baseball profession is one I am extremely grateful for. I love spending time with him when I go and visit him and hanging around all the players and coaches. It's something not a lot of kids my age get to experience and I am very appreciative of everything my dad has done for me as far as baseball goes.

Were you expecting to be drafted, or did you think you were going to have to wait another few years?

My dad called me a few days before the draft and said that there was a chance that it would happen, but once it got to the last couple if rounds I didn't think it was going to be my year.
Do you like the direction the Jays are headed in, or would you do something differently?

I love the direction the Jays are headed, they're a young and energetic team who are going to be contenders for a long time to come.
Are you going to sign, or will you be headed to college?

I haven't decided yet, I have a tremendous offer from Holy Cross to play D1 baseball next year, so its going to take a lot from the Jays to get me to miss out on that experience.

I'd like to thank Nick for taking the time to do this, and wish him luck for next season, whether it be for the Jays, or Holy Cross.

Stay tuned for more BlueJaysPlus interviews, as some time in the next two weeks I will be talking to Lansing Lugnuts All Star Jon Berti!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Breaking: Drabek to 15-Day DL, Cecil Recalled

Cecil, the 6`1 lefty from Maryland will oppose
the struggling Phillies on Sunday.
After leaving Wednesday's game with a"Popping Sensation" in his elbow, Kyle Drabek has been placed on the 15 Day Disabled List with a sprained UCL(Ulnar Collateral Ligament). Drabek said after the game on Wednesday that if felt nothing like when he had to have Tommy John Surgery in 2007, but, it does, as the UCL is what gets repaired during Tommy John. We wish Kyle the best in his efforts to stay away from Dr. Andrews in Florida, and hope he gets back to pitching soon. Kyle has a 4.67 ERA and a 1.598 WHIP to go along with an ERA+ of 92 this season.

But the good news is that fan favorite Brett Cecil has been recalled from Vegas! Cecil has had a stellar month and a half, since getting injured in May, and deserves this call up more than anybody. His velocity is back in the low 90's from mid 80's in Spring Training, and it seems like he is ready for the Majors again. Cecil will get the start Sunday versus the Phillies. He had a 3.38 ERA in AA this season, and gave up four runs on Wednesday when he worked 6.2 innings. People who have seen him throw say that he looks very good, and they beleive he is ready for the challenge.


The team announced that Kyle will go to see Dr. James Andrews on Monday to confirm that he has a torn UCL. If it is in fact torn, he will need to have Tommy John Surgery. He has previously received Tommy John in 2007.

Update #2

Today, Monday June 18th, It has been announced that Kyle will indeed have his second Tommy John Surgery. He is scheduled to have it tomorrow, Tuesday June 19th.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blue Jays Daily: June 12th 2012

Today was a very eventful day in Blue Jays land, as lots of moves happened! Vlad Guerrero was granted his release, Yan Gomes was sent down, and AA said he thinks Brandon Morrow will have to go on the DL. Now for more info on these topics.

How The Vlad Story Went Down
-I read a report that Vlad was going to be released
-I shared the article on twitter, leading to Mike Wilner hearing about it
-Mike confirms the report
-Vlad's agent Bean Stringfellow tells Ken Rosenthal "He has not done so. Not yet." when asked about Vlad and opting out
-Report from Enrique Rojas says Vlad has given Blue Jays until 1:30 to decide if they would like to call him up, or release him
- Vlad is granted his release

I don't think Vlad was a jerk about this whole situation. He wanted to play in the majors, and the Jays werent giving him that opportunity. He feels like he could produce, so he asked to leave, thats it.

Yan Gomes was sent down earlier today to make room for the second pitcher called up last night(Either Crawford or Laffey, you decide). I have a feeling that he isn't going to leave Toronto, as he will likely be called up again some time soon because I assume Brandon Morrow will be going on the DL.

Brett Cecil is starting for the Las Vegas 51's tonight, instead of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, which I believe is because he is going to take Morrow's spot come Sunday. AA told the media that he is throwing 90-92 now, up from 84-88 that he was throwing in Spring Training.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Jays Sign Half of 2012 Draftees

The speedy Davis has agreed to sign,
with a bonus of $1.75 million(Slot $2 million)
The Blue Jays announced today that they have signed 22 of their 44 draft picks. Matt Smoral and Marcus Stroman have not signed. The complete list of who has signed can be found below.

*indicates player is Canadian

**indicated non-drafted free agent

Round Name Pos. School

1 (17) D.J. Davis OF Stone County High School

1A (58) Mitchell Nay IF Hamilton High School

1A (60) Tyler Gonzales RHP James Madison High School

Alford, the Blue Jays 3rd round pick,
will also attend college to play football.
3 (112) Anthony Alford OF Petal High School

4 (145) Tucker Donahue RHP Stetson University, FL

5 (175) Brad Delatte LHP Nicholls State University, LA

6 (205) Eric Phillips IF/OF Georgia Southern University, GA

7 (235) Ian Parmley OF Liberty University, VA

8 (265) Harrison Frawley C Coastal Carolina University, SC

9 (295) Jordan Leyland IF Azusa Pacific University, CA

10 (325) Alex Azor OF US Naval Academy, MD

13 (415) John Silviano C Summit Christian School, FL

14 (445) Zakery Wasilewski LHP Tazewell High School, VA

*17 (535) Shane Dawson LHP Lethbridge Community College, AB

19 (595) Jorge Flores IF Central Arizona College, AZ

20 (625) Dennis Jones OF Hillsborough Community College, FL

21 (655) Colton Turner LHP Texas State University, TX

25 (775) Jason Leblebijian IF Bradley University, IL

28 (865) Daniel Klein C Kansas State University

31 (955) Derrick Chung IF Sacramento State University, CA

32 (985) Jorge Saez C Lee University, TN

*39 (1195) Shaun Valeriote IF Brock University, ON

** Kyle Anderson LHP Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

** Justin James RHP Ave Maria University

** Justin D’Alessandro RHP University of America

** Robert Joseph Brosnahan RHP University of Michigan

** Charles Ghysels RHP Truett McConnell College

** Tim Nicolas Brechbuehler RHP Louisburg Community College

** Joseph Spano LHP University of Notre Dame

In other new, the Jays will not be acquiring Carlos Quentin, as Jon Heyman told MLB Network that they are the favorites to land him this summer via trade.

I will be posting an interview with Nick Lovullo, Blue Jays 38th rounder and son of Tory Lovullo, 1st Base Coach for the Jays later this week. So stay tuned for that!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview with Blue Jays 4th Round Draft Pick Tucker Donahue

Tucker Donahue is a RHP from Coral Springs Florida. Donahue, who was drafted by Texas in 2011, but did not sign, just graduated from Stetson University, and was picked by Andrew Tinnish and the rest of the Blue Jays draft team this past Tuesday. Tucker has signed, but kindly requested not to disclose his signing bonues, all though he told John Manuel of Baseball America that it was 4 digits(Slot of $308,700).Tucker, 6"1 195lbs, went 2-1 with a 5.20 ERA in 28 relief appearances(27 2/3 innings) this season for Stetson, while striking out 27 batters and walking 19. I had the pleasure of talking to Tucker, and this is what he had to say.

What was going through your head when you got drafted?
I was a little shocked when it happened because I had talked to a lot of teams about the top ten rounds, the Blue Jays being one of them, but when they called and asked me in the 4th, I was a little taken back.

Can you tell us Jays fans what you feature in your repertoire, and what speeds you throw each pitch?

I have a 3 pitch repertoire including a fastball, slider and change-up. My fastball is usually between 92-95 MPH and has reached up to 97-98. My slider is typically in the 78-82 MPH range while my change-up is in the 80-83 MPH zone. 

Of those pitches, what is your best pitch, and what is your "Strikeout" pitch?

I'd say my fastball is my best pitch because I have natural movement on the 4 Seam Fastball, along with my velocity.It served as my strikeout pitch at the college level, but I think as my slider develops I will be able to put hitters away with that once I start pitching in the Blue Jays system and beyond.

Did you know you were going to the Blue Jays, or we're other teams also very high on you?

I knew the Blue Jays had a lot of interest in me, but I was also in talks with about 10-15 other teams leading up to and on draft day itself. 

Were you aware that you were going to be drafted in the 4th round, or did you think you would go higher?

No, the 4th round was a bit of a surprise but I did expect to go in the top 10.

What do you think of the new Blue Jays jerseys?

I like what Toronto has done with their logo; Bringing the old school feel back, with a touch of some younger swag!

Who would you compare your game most to?

Its tough to find a guy to compare my game to but I think I try to approach the game like Craig Kimbrel(Braves), and I have similar mechanics to Felix Hernandez(Mariners) and Roy Halladay(Phillies). 

What part of your game do you think you need to work on the most?

I think I need to build some more consistency with my secondary pitches to become more successful.

What has been your favorite moment so far in your baseball career?

Aside from being picked in the fourth round a few days ago, playing in a Regional Championship my junior year at Stetson against South Carolina is something I will always remember vividly.

I would like thank Tucker for taking the time to do this interview, and wish him luck as he tries to get to Toronto as fast as possible!

Baseball America released how much Tucker has signed for today(June 14th), and it was $5000.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Matt Smoral has not Signed, Yet

Contrary to reports from Peter Gammons, MLB Trade Rumors, and Drunk Jays Fans( Although they have corrected themselves), Matthew Smoral, one of the Jays 1A draft picks, has not signed with the club. Matt himself told me.

According to John Lott of the National Post, Smoral is going to Dunedin for a physical, along with another 1A pick, Tyler Gonzales. 


7:00 According to Keith Law of ESPN, the deal which will be complete soon is going to be worth around $2 million.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 MLB Mock Draft: Part 3: Picks 21-31

Guest Post by Donn Parris

The 2012 draft will once again
take place at the MLB Network studio in New Jersey.
21.ATLANTA Braves Victor Roache OF Georgia Southern
Atlanta always looking for a deal will find it with Roache. The wrist will heal and the bat with come alive and the braves will have him signed and on a plane the fastest of any round 1 selection. Staying with the Georgia Home Town discounts Roache is a wonderful fit. Great job guys you got a special player, just remember during arbitration once he reaches it you saved on draft day.

Gallo is 6-5 and weighs 205 lbs, perfect
form for a 1B.
22.TORONTO Blue Jays Joey Gallo 1B/3B NV HS
Within the hour the Jays have pulled off another coup and with other clubs not even considering Joey with a higher pick the Jays would have done their homework and select Gallo with pick 22. The Jays have more scouts working the country than any other club I believe. If my homework is correct you will see the remaining selections over the next rounds up to round 10 as best athletes with little to no leverage and will sign for less than the suggested dollars published so the Blue jays are able to sign these two great High School Athletes.

23.ST LOUIS Cardinals DJ Davis OF MISS OF
Lacking a lot of leverage and have a lot of helium and if you have not heard Helium is no longer inexpensive. The cards make the call and then pull the card and as so many clubs have been staring at his name attached to the magnet on the big white board it is gone and the Cardinals have a terrific athlete. Look for Davis to have a Juan Pierre type career, but he will need to remember to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded a Top 25 draft pick.

24.BOSTON Red Sox Gavin Cecchini SS LA HS
Lighting strikes twice and the BoSox put out lighting rods all over the place to bottle the energy. Again bloodlines mine something in this game and has the Red Sox watch the draft unfold I can imagine a conference call taking place. “I cannot believe this? Get Garin on the phone and let’s make this happen.” After a very brief discussion the decision is made and Gavin is bypassing Mississippi and headed to Boston for some meet and greets and then heads to Florida and the Gulf Coast League.

25.TAMPA BAY Rays Max Fried LHP CA HS
The Rays staff has been sitting patiently watch all the action and a name very high on their draft board sits alone as the remainder of the names have been removed and lay quietly in a large basket or bucket. RJ Harrison quietly looks to Tim Huff and Fred Repke and along with Andrew Friedman nods in agreement. Commissioner Selig strolls to the podium to announce that the Tampa Bays have selected will you all know the name. This selection will not be made unless they have the right information and know that Fried is willing to sign. Again if Fried pushes the envelope and demands a signing bonus that most every draft guru has suggested the Rays only make this selection if the deal can be done over the phone.

26.ARIZONA Diamondbacks Stryker Trahan C LA HS
The Dbacks lack depth and prospects behind the plate. This pick should not be a surprise to anyone in the game. The question here how much can they save by convincing Styker that they over drafted him but need and want him and make him comfortable and be that team guy and sign for less than the suggested amount.

27.MILWAKEE Brewers Peter O’Brien C Miami
There is a method is the Brewer madness if you think saving $ on two quality picks in the first round is madness. The only flip to this story is if Lucas Iolite is still on the board as they will need to swap in and select Iolite before going Senior Shopping. O’Brien fills a need and it is easier to put a square into a square slot that continuing to try to groom a leader and stable prospect behind the dish.

28.MILWAKEE Brewers Brett Mooneyham LHP Stanford
Bloodlines and pedigree can be important in this game. The questions of control and command is most often metal not physical. The Brewers player development will need to develop Brett both mentally and physically to compete at the next level I trust that they can. I see Mooneyham as a steal in this years draft.

29.TEXAS Rangers Tyler Naquin OF TX AM
The Rangers stay safe and stay in state with their first selection. Naquin is a solid average player. The questionable part of his game is at the plate. The rangers will be their best to surround him with players that can bring out the most in this part of the game. Watching and learning is key. Many wondered if Matt Wieners would watch and learn and he has so far proven that he can. I see Tyler in the same light and think in the Ranger environment they are able to provide the key to the tool shed and allows Naquin to reach his full potential.

30.NEW YORK Yankees Chris Beck RHP Georgia Southern
The Yankees are through of a team that spends, that is not always the truth and they step up and prove it with the selection of Beck. The Yankees know how to scout and in this case they scouted and bring a quality arm into the system. Quality over quantity could be the new motto in the Yankee camp. Yankee pride can never be overlooked and the Yankees are capable of cleaning house. Looking back to last years draft I see a change and it is a positive one. I like this pick if the Yankees do also I will need to make sure I am not bcc the scouting department.

31.BOSTON Red Sox Walter Weickel RHP FL HS
Can the red sox scouting department be any happier. This would be a great selection and a selection that has teeth. Walter is in my opinion as lock with this pick. Weickel will go out and compete and will find his place beside several top young pitching prospects. I truly believe he will be there for them to select him and after the red sox spend some time with the family I think this deal gets done and we can look forward to watching his progress in the minor to the majors.

Donn Parris – Owner of Draft Prospectus, is a speaker, coach, trainer and consultant specializing MLB Rule 4 Draft and in creating parent-child, coach-player communication breakthroughs and functional and positive cultures. www.mydraftprepnow.com Twitter @draftprospectus http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/seamheads-saturday/

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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Part 2: Picks 11-20

Guest Post by Donn Parris

The 2012 MLB draft runs from June 4th until June 6th.
11.OAKLAND Athletics Richie Shaffer 3B/1B U of FL
The Athletics have shown a passion for drafting and projecting power corner bats and that trend will continue with Shaffer. Shaffer has drawn comparisons to Ryan Zimmerman. Oakland has stock piled athletic players and Moneyball GM Billy Beane and Scouting Director Eric Kubota hit the jackpot with the selection of Shaffer. I hope to see him in the CAL league before the 4th of July. Let the fireworks rain.

12.NEW YORK Mets Michael Wacha RHP Texas AM
GM Sandy Alderson knows how to build a winner using the draft. Alderson and VP of Player Development and Amateur Scouting Paul DePodesta worked hard along with a group of very good scouts to rebuild the Mets. The selection of Wacha is a very good one to a pitching staff in need of a hard throwing Right hander. The 6-6 200lbs Wacha is a strike throwing machine whos game fits well into the confines of Citibank. Wacha turns 21 on July 1 so there is plenty of maturing and learning left for him to do. Projects to a front of the rotation starter by 2017.

13.CHICAGO White Sox Marcus Stroman RHP Duke
Again a GM gets his pocket picked by the club in front. After the dust settles in the White Sox war room and after getting Stroman signed and delivered to player development the White Sox organization should breathe a sigh of relief as they found them a Real Life Closer. It will not take long for Cooper to work his finishing magic and player friendly and patient manager Robin Ventura to easy Marcus into the closers job and possible a date in the 2012 playoffs. As Garth Brooks as sung, Kenny Williams will thank God for an unanswered prayer.

14.CINCINNATI Reds Andrew Heaney LHP OKST
GM Walt Jockey is shocked that he has the ability to select this quality Left hander. Heaney being projected by most to go earlier in the draft settles in well with the Reds. Heaney gives the Reds a much needed boost from the left side of the mound. Projects to reach the big leagues in 2014 and becomes a permanent fixture in the back end of the rotation.

15.CLEVELAND Indians Chris Stratton RHP MISS
Stratton has a pitchers body and the tools to get the job done. Going un drafted in High School and maturing in college will provide the Indians with a College pitcher with a four pitch arsenal. It is easy to see him fitting in quickly and seems to be the new breed of Indian pitcher that pitch not throw and find success pitching to contact and not away from it. I think if Stratton falls to Cleveland it is too good to pass up. Cleveland really likes College Right handers.

16.WASHINGTON Nationals David Dahl OF AL HS
Dahl should never fall to the Nationals but the draft is a strange animal and the Nats score big by drafting and signing this 5 tool athlete. The idea of Dahl and Harper in the same outfield will pack the park and put Washington in a power position for years. Washington has one of the richest ownerships and they are dedicated to building a winner year in and year out. Look for a future World Series that has some of the most exciting young players participating and the National League Represented will feature the Nationals.

McCullers Jr. looks like he could join the
very strong Blue Jays Minor League System.
17.TORONTO Blue Jays Lance McCullers Jr. RHP FL HS
I can only hope the Jays post the video of their war room as it erupts after selecting McCullers Jr. With big league bloodlines and the completive fire of a champion Lance fits in so well with the blue print GM Alex Anthopoulos has drafted and designed. The Jays have stock piled the best young talent and McCullers is no different. Sorry Gator fans Alex uses his magic and gets this deal done.

18.LOS ANGELES Dodgers Stephen Piscotty OF/3B Stanford
The Dodgers Scouting Department is now stranger to Mr. Picotty having selected Stephen in 2009 in the 45th rd. They were able to spend a great deal of time in Palo Alto and last year selected LHP Chris Reed. Logan White gets his player and this time they get the more matured player that did not disappoint has Piscotty has continue to develop each year and still has areas of improvement and maturation that will occur in the minor leagues. Look for Piscotty to be in the Dodgers line up in 2015.

19.ST LOUIS Cardinals Addison Russell SS/3B FL HS
With the Padres beating the Cards to Giolito they are able to secure the services of a very high profile high ceiling toolsy prospect. Whether he becomes a Third baseman with 70 power and 50 Hit or splits the middle and becomes the prototypical 60/60 guys it works for the Cards. He will need to play himself off shortstop first and that will be just fine in St Louis. Look for Russell to make an appearance in the majors in September 2016 and a permanent fixture in 2018.

20.SAN FRANCISCO Giants Ty Hensley RHP OK HS
Most clubs have an aversion to drafting and signing “Gingers” NO one will be kicking this Ginger. Ty Hensley is the 2012 version of the Dodgers 1979 selection of Rick Sutcliffe with the 21st pick. Sutcliffe went on to pitch in the majors for 18 years. Ty has all the stuff to do the very same and make five times the salary. (Side note – the Giants may go after a name not mentioned by anyone this early in an attempt to make a deal and save some money and have the ability to spend that savings on a day 2 pick. Players have a history of deciding after day 1 action that pro ball is better than college and will sign for less than an amount that drove teams away.)

Donn Parris – Owner of Draft Prospectus, is a speaker, coach, trainer and consultant specializing MLB Rule 4 Draft and in creating parent-child, coach-player communication breakthroughs and functional and positive cultures. www.mydraftprepnow.com Twitter @draftprospectus http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/seamheads-saturday/

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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Part 1: Picks 1-10

Guest Post by Donn Parris

The 1st round of the MLB Draft airs on Sportsnet and
MLB Network Monday at 7PM EST.
1. HOUSTON Astros – Kevin Gausman RHP LSU
Surprised; don’t be. Jeff Luhnow is a former Scouting Director that tends to lean on sabermatics. VP and Scouting Director Bobby Heck loves pitching and Kevin Gausman is a low risk moderately projectable 3rd or 4th starter, the kind of prospect that the City of Houston can get behind. Look for Houston to allow Gausman to wind down a bit for the remainder of the minor league season and make a splash in his first Spring Training in 2013. If Kevin stays on track look for a June 2013 call to the majors to make his debut. Another BIG reason that they will draft and sign Gausman; look for him to sign a couple million below the suggested dollars recommended.

2. MINNESOTA Twins - Mark Appel RHP Stanford
Many believe the 6-5 Appel will go 1st, but I
 believe he will fall to the Twins at 2.
Returning GM Terry Ryan will be ecstatic that Mr. Appel fell to the Twins waiting arms. Minnesota will embrace Mark for what he is, which is a hard working educated plus make up person that is a darn good pitcher to boot. Mark fits into the system and will acclimate quickly into the professional game. The Twins score first with the drafts highest prospect with the lowest risk.

3. SEATTLE Mariners - Byron Buxton OF HS
When HOUSTON selects Gausman GM Jack Z will be barking out orders to Scouting Director Tom McNamara to get Buxton’s people on the phone to confirm he is signable. With the correct response from Buxton the Mariner war room will look more like mission control during an Apollo launch with McNamara showing off his lucky sweater vest and Captain Jack smiling from ear to ear.

4. BALTIMORE Orioles - Deven Marrero SS ASU
Quite simple, the Orioles GM will have seen the writing on the wall and his most trusted members of his staff will be working the phones with both Marrero and High Schooler Carlos Correa and let the low balling begins both have been projected to go lower in the draft so both will listen but it will be Marrero that provides Baltimore with the number they are looking for and because of the lower risk lower reward of signing a college shortstop Deven is the #4 pick. Bravo!

5. KANSAS CITY Royals - Mike Zunino C University of FL
Lacking depth at the catching position and Top Prospect Salvador Perez on the mend from a knee injury that occurred in March during Spring Training GM Dayton Moore reels in a Gator. Zunino established himself as a top collegiate bat in this draft.

6. CHICAGO Cubs - Kyle Zimmer RHP USF
It plays out in front of a room full of very happy cubbies as they watch Team President Theo Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer looking like two kids that just uncovered a Honus Wagner card hidden in a wall during a clubhouse remodel. Let the Epstein Era begin as both the front office and scouting staff will be equally happy that team ahead of them made this pick much easier than they ever thought.

7. SAN DIEGO Padres – Lucas Giolito RHP CA HS
Josh Brynes is in the driver’s seat and his job is to recreate the Diamondback magic in San Diego. He help build a solid contender in both Boston and Arizona one using free agency and the other via the draft. I look for Brynes to make a splash by selecting and signing Giolito. With four picks on Day 1 I can see quite a celebration occurring in Southern California. I see the Padres getting Lucas signed in the neighborhood of $4 to $5 million. If I am correct the padre scouting staff will be working the phones looking for players with higher ceiling and lacking leverage to be taken and signed for amounts that will safely fit within the draft pool dollars. John Savage will not be seen anytime soon visiting Petco Park as the Padres steal another blue chip recruit.

8. PITTSBURGH Pirates – Albert Almora OF FL HS
In 2005 The Pirates selected and developed a young high school outfield with Pick #11 this time they use the their pick to choose another High School outfielder. The Pirates and Neal Huntington have had to deal with Boras before, so they will make this deal happen and be happy that Almora chose the advisor he did as it is enough to scare off the clubs picking in front of the Pirates. Welcome to the We are Family G2 celebration Albert.

9. MIAMI Marlins - Carlos Correa SS PR Academy
Carlos could not fall to a better club and more perfect fit in my opinion. Correa is compared to Tulo by so many and is the perfect fit in Miami. The Marlins have not had success drafting and developing middle infielders but Carrera is so polished and fits into the culture so well in Miami. Reyes is signed through 2017 and has a team option in 2018, and Ramirez is a Marlin until 2015 and Infante is fill a hole player for the time being until the Marlins either buy or grow a Middle Infielder and it is my thing Correa is the right rig to “Go Fish”

10. COLORADO Rockies Courtney Hawkins OF TX HS
With Cargo signed through 2017 and Dexter Fowler not reaching Free Agency until 2016 at the earliest, the selection of Hawkins is a perfect fit. The Rockies will be in no rush to move Hawkins though the system and player development has proven they are more than capable of molding young high ceiling position players.

Donn Parris – Owner / Director of Operations
Draft Prospectus – Willing to Prepare Ability to make it Happen and Respect for the Game.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Should the Jays Pursue Youkilis or Feldman?

Danny Knobler of CBSsports.com tweeted Friday morning that the "Red Sox are telling teams they definitely intend to trade Youkilis." I would love to see AA go after him, and I think he is a great solution at first/DH for the second half of the season. "Peter Brand's" dream player has started off slow this year, but has had to deal with injuries, so if he can stay injury free , he is worth a look. By the trade deadline his contract will have about $6 million left on it, and he has a club option for next season. If he does not succeed down the stretch, AA can just buy him out for $1 million, and he will be a free agent.

The three time all star from Cincinnati has a career slash line of .288/.389/.490, and plays 3rd base and 1st. If he came to Toronto, I believe the smart move would be to make him the DH, so he does not get tired and injured, and have EE play 1st.

If Youk is acquired (he probably won't be), I would move Jose Bautista down to the clean up spot. That way he has a chance to bat with runners on base, something that happens almost 40% of the time when Kevin Youkilis comes up to bat. Of course, the price the Red Sox will be asking is likely going to be very high, especially because the Jays play in the same division as them. I can very safely say that there is a 99% chance Youk will not be in a Jays uniform this season, but you never know what is going to happen with AA at the helm.

To wrap up, the answer to the question of whether or not the Jays should pursue Youk is yes. But, at the price Boston is going to want, I rather keep the prospects, and stay with EE at 1st.

On to the second part of this post!

Jon Heyman, also from CBSsports.com tweeted earlier today that the Rangers are going to make Scott Feldman and Mark Lowe available on the trade market this summer. Feldman is the pitcher who interests me here, because he can start, and the Jays could use a 5th starter, as we all know. He will be owed roughly $3 million for the rest of the season come July, and also has a team option for 2013. Just like Youk, if he does not perform, he can be bought out for $600K. Although,for Feldman's option to be picked up by any team, he would need to be ridiculous, given that the option is for $9.25 million.
Jose Bautista after hitting a home run against
Feldman at the Rogers Centre in 2010.

If Dustin McGowan comes back and performs, Feldman would also be a huge bonus for the Jays bullpen, which is lacking a 7th reliever. He also has a ton of playoff experience, and could be a great help to the Jays if we get to see October baseball.

Of the two players, Feldman will likely come cheaper, and be more useful to the team. With Vlad going to AAA for Saturday, he could be in Toronto by Tuesday. And, if he performs, Youk would not be necessary, with EE moving to 1st.

Do you think AA should pursue Youk or Feldman? Comment below with your opinion.

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