Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lee, Greinke Find New Teams

Cliff Lee, the most prize free agent of the 2010-2011 off-season,is off the market.A 2008 Cy Young winner, and October baseball fanatic, Lee signed a 5 year $120 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Lee will join 2010 Cy Young winner Roy Halladay, Three time All-Star Roy Oswalt, 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton, to make up the best rotation in baseball today, and arguably the best in history. Expect the Phillies to be serious contenders in the 2011 World Series chase.

On December 17th, Zack Greinke, a 2009 Cy Young winner, asked his team¸the Kansas City Royals to be traded.The obvious reason was because the Royals have finished in the cellar of the AL Central more than one would want too. On December 19th, Greinke was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Just days before that, Shaun Marcum, the 2010 Opening day starter for the Blue Jays was traded to the Brew Crew.With those two additions the Brewers basically secure the division crown, in the NL Central.They now have an amazing rotation, to go along with one of the best offenses in the National League.

This might be a little to early, but this is what the 2011 playoffs look life in my head.

Phillies over Cardinals 3-1
Brewers over Giants 3-2

Yankees over Rangers 3-0
Red Sox over White Sox 3-2

Phillies over Brewers 4-2
Red Sox over Yankees 4-1

Phillies over Red Sox 4-3

The Phillies have too good of a pitching rotation,for the league`s best offense from Bean town to beat them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Changes Coming to the Playoffs?

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a few weeks,I've been very busy, and this next blog will have everything that I've missed.Bud Selig said that he has no opposition to increase the amount of teams going to the playoffs. Selig,the commisioner of the MLB proposed an idea of expaning the playoff format to 5 teams from each lesgue,adding one more wild card spot in each league. You might be thinking to yourself,ok they'll have the best team having a bye to the second round.So how about the second round,there is going to need to be another bye.So,as just explained,this a ridiculous format. I personally like the football playoff system better than the hockey and basketball ones, that are the other options. The NFL has six teams from each league make the playloffs, with the top two seeds receiving byes. This system would work because a team won't have to be a 90 game winner to make the playoffs. Instead the amount of wins needed to make it in will be around 86 to 88 because there is 3 wild card playoff spots, in each league. We will see what transpires this season, but Selig said that the change wouldn't take place until at least 2012, when the MLB and MLBPA's agreement is up.As you already know Jason Frasor accepted arbitration, while Miguel Olivo, Scott Downs, and Kevin Gregg all declined. Downs was a "Type A" free agent, which means that when Downs signs with another team the Jays will receive that teams first round pick, and a sandwich round pick in between the first and second round of the 2011 First Year Player Entry Draft. A "Type B" player will earn his former team a sandwich round pick, an only that. John Buck was a "Type B" player, and after he signed with the Marlins to a 3 year $21 million contract,the Jays received a sandwich pick.The Blue Jays did not offer contracts to Brian Tallet, and Fred Lewis, so they became free agents. Tallet wasted no time by signing with the Cardinals from St. Louis earlier last week.Last Friday AA made a move to strengthen the core of the Bluebirds bullpen when he acquired Carlos Villuaneva, from the Brewers for a player to be named later. This is just the first of many moves by AA this winter that will involve the bullpen, because of the departure of Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, and Brian Tallet, to free agency.AA pulled off a surprising move today as he once again made a trade with the Brew Crew, but this one was involving Shaun Marcum. Marcum was traded to Milwaukee for Brett Lawrie, a 20 year old second baseman who was the # 1 prospect in the Brewers System. Lawrie had 30 steals last season while hitting .285 for AA-Huntsville. He might just be a prospect that KC wanted,which could bring Zach Grienke to Toronto. Rumors were swirling on Monday afternoon that Carlos Pena is being highly pushed at by the Jays. A GM of another team pursuing Pena, told espn that, and it has been a hot topic since.Well that basically sums everything up, enjoy the Winter Meetings!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Managerial Roster Finished,Some More Hardware for Bautista

One of the legends of the glory days in Blue Jays history is coming back to the Rogers Centre. Pat Hengten is going to replace Rick Langford as the Jays bullpen for 2011 season.Also joining the Jays staff is Don Wakamatsu as bench coach,Torey Lovullo will be the first base coach, and Luis Rivera as coaching assistant. Brian Butterfield will stay with the Jays to be the third base coach, Dwayne Murphy will remain as the Jays hitting coach, and Bruce Walton will be the pitching coach. Wakamatsu will be allowed to interview for the job of managing the New York Mets,as he was before he signed with the Jays. This staff is very energetic and should be a perfect with the young team that the Jays will put on the field in 2011.

Last week Alex Anthopoulous made a move to decline CL Kevin Gregg's option for the 2011 season. Gregg is a "Type B Free Agent", meaning that if the Jays offer him arbitration, and he declines the Jays will get a sandwich pick in between the first and second round of the 2011 MLB draft. Of course the Blue Jays only get that pick if Gregg signs with another team.

AA also made an interesting move a week ago,when he acquired C Miguel Olivo from the Rockies,for a player to be named later.Only a few hours later AA declined Olivo's 2011 option,once again securing a compensation pick if he signs elsewhere.From those two moves you can tell the direction AA and the Jays are moving in,they want to rack up a lot of draft picks.

In other free agent news, Postseason miracle worker, Cliff Lee had an interview this week, with non-other than GM Brian Cashman,GM of the New York Yankees.

Jose Bautista won his second award of the off-season so far today,when he racked up a Silver Slugger for the most powerful outfielder. Jose will likely win the Most improved player award,which fellow teammate 2b Aaron Hill won after the 2009 season.

Make sure to vote for the TYIB awards,especially for the Blue Jays going for the awards.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Farrell Hired,Butterfield and Walton Staying

On Friday morning John Farrell was hired, and the interest started coming back north of the border.LF Mammy Ramirez, of the Chicago White Sox said he would love to come to play in Toronto with new manager John Farrell. Farrell was the pitching coach in Boston during Manny's last full season with the BoSox. This is a very good sign for Toronto sports in general, because most players will go to a different city if they have a choice instead of T.O.

One of the first moves Alex Anthopolous and John Farrell made was announcing that 3B Coach Brian Butterfield,and Pitching Coach Bruce Walton, would stay with the club for the 2011 season. The club is currently negotiating with Hitting Coach Dwayne Murphy to return.Murphy was the magical hitting coach that led the Blue Jays to there powerful season,posting the third best amount of home runs in one season, with 257.

On Wednesday afternoon the Jays picked up a $1.2 million dollar option on C Jose Molina,meaning John Buck's chance of coming back to the Jays next season is down to next to nothing. That move also means you can expect to see J.P Arencibia as the starting catcher next season.

Go on to,and vote for every award possible.

Vote Jays!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

John Farrell "Is he the Next Blue Jays Manager?"

Peter Gammons, of tweeted this morning, that Red Sox Pitching Coach John Farrell will be named the Blue Jays Manager. On Wednesday Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulus gave a finale list of just three names to the media.Red Sox Coach Demario Hale, Cleveland Indians First Base coach Sandy Alomar Jr. and Farrell. Alomar Jr, who is the brother of former Blue Jays great Roberto Alomar, seemed to be the front runner in this managerial race. Also this morning Brian Butterfield, Blue Jays 3rd base coach, said he believes he is the running for the Jays manager spot, even though he wasn't on the list.

Jose Bautista underwent surgery today to repair a sports hernia. Bautista, who earlier in the week was named to TSN's all star team of 2010, will be out for 6 weeks following the procedure. Jose who is is contention for MVP, and who has a silver slugger award wrapped up, will likely also win comeback player of the year award.If he does win the CPOTY, it will mark the second straight year a Blue Jay has won it. Last season, Aaron Hill took home that piece of hardware following his incredible season.

Be sure to vote for all the Blue jays in contention for TYIB awards, and order your 2011 tickets now online at or call 888-654-6529.

Here is a little video to remind us of the glory days.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays Season Review

The Blue Jays finished 85-77,at least 20 wins more than most prognosticators predicted the Jays would win.Leading the league in home runs with 257, tt was a good year for the offense,while the pitching was not far behind.The big 4 in the rotation,(Ricky Romero, Shaun Marcum, Brett Cecil, and Brandon Morrow) all had above 10 wins, with 15 being the most by Brett Cecil. Every pitcher on the Jays staff who pitched more than 50 innings last season, had a whip of 1.60 or lower.This season included some amazing moments from John McDonalds fathers day home run to Jose Bautista's 50th home run.

These are my predictions for next years 25-man roster.

SP Shaun Marcum
SP Ricky Romero
SP Brett Cecil
SP Brandon Morrow
SP Kyle Drabek
CP Kevin Gregg
SU Shawn Camp
SU Casey Janssen
LRP David Purcey
LRP Taylor Buchholz
MRP Mark Rzepczynski
MRP Rommie Lewis

C J.P Arencibia
1B Paul Konerko (Free Agency)
2B Aaron Hill
3B Jose Bautista
SS Yunel Escobar
LF Fred Lewis
CF Vernon Wells
RF Travis Snider
DH Adam Lind

C Jose Molina
2B/SS/3B John Mcdonald
1B/2B/3B/SS/LF/RF/CF Mike McCoy
LF/RF/CF DeWayne Wise

Remember to vote for Alex Anthopoulus,Jose Bautista,Moment,Brandon Morrow,Oddity, in the TYIB awards.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roy Halladay: Human or not Human,That is the Question

On the night of Wednesday October 6th 2010, Roy Halladay got "Doctober" off to a tremendous start. He threw 104 pitches,9 innings and made history by pitching a no-hitter against the NL Central Champion Cincinnati Reds.Halladay did not only throw the first no hitter in Division series history, he outhit the reds by himself,yes he had a hit and the Reds didn't.In the second,the man they call the "Doc" got a RBI single to extend the Phillies lead to 2-0 which would end up 4-0. The front runner for 2010 NL Cy Young threw only the second no-hitter in post season history in his post season debut. Blue Jays fans across the world were smiling and cheering as arguably the best Blue Jays pitcher of all time, and without a doubt the best pitcher in baseball right now threw one of the most dominant games ever pitched by a pitcher in the history of baseball.

Here is the video of all 28 batters he faced.Roy got 27 of the 28 batters out as a 5th inning walk to Jay Bruce was the only blemish on his resume today. As you watch this think of how good Roy really is.

Some time this week i will blog about the Jays season in 2010 and what we could expect from them this off-season.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

50 for Bautista,30 for Wells,20 for Overbay,It's the Year of the Long Ball

On Thursday night,Jose Bautista did something only 26 other people in the entire world can say they did.He hit his 50th home run of the season as the Jays beat the Mariners,by a score of 6-4. On Friday night Vernon Wells hit his 30th home run,which is his third 30 home run season in his career.On Saturday in the bottom of the eleventh inning,with the score tied at 4 Lyle Over bay stepped up to the plate and hit a walk off home run.

Last Saturday, Kevin Gregg recorded his 33rd save of the season which breaks his season record of 32 that he posted in 2007.Gregg was signed in the off-season last year and all the critics said that he would be a waste of money and that he was going to pitch horribly.Gregg is pitching decent with 35 saves in 40 opportunities.

Yesterday,the Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman,of the Cincinnati Reds did not throw one of his 25 pitches under 100 MPH. Chapman also threw the fastest pitch ever recorded in a major league game at 105 MPH. Chapman was in contract talks with Blue jays in the off-season but he decided to go Cincinnati instead.

This week the first two clubs to clinch the playoffs were The Minnesota Twins when they clinched the AL Central, and the Texas Rangers clinched the AL West.The playoffs start October 6th on Fox and TBS.

Here are some videos for you:

Jose Bautista's Press Conference after Hitting his 50th Home Run

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bautista ties Bell with his 47th, Big News From Vancouver

On Wednesday night George Bell was relaxing when he got a call from Baltimore. As he picked up he found out that Jays slugger Jose Bautista hit his 47th home run of the season, tying Bell's all time Blue Jays record,which he hit in his MVP 1987 Season.Bautista hit a 1-0 fastball into left field,which was his 7th homer against the O's this season,which is the most by him against any team. All 47 of his bombs have been to left or left center field, and most of them have been on fastballs.

The Blue Jays and the Vancouver Canadians have announced that they are going to be the short season A ball team for the Jays when it comes to the start of the 2011 season.The Jays ended there contract with the Auburn Doubledays, and agreed to terms with the C's.There hasn't been a minor league baseball team in Canada since the Ottawa Lynx stop playing in 2007,but before that there have been many teams.For example ,the Medicine Hat Blue Jays, the St. Catherines Blue Jays, the London Tigers,the Edmonton Trappers, the Calgary Cannons, and the famous Montreal Royals, for which Jackie Robinson played for in 1945.Minor League Baseball in Canada is back and better then ever.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Future is Ready,Home Run Streak To 15

On Sunday afternoon the Blue Jays did something this city has been waiting for since the beginning of the season.Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos called up RHP Kyle Drabek from AA New Hampshire. Drabek was the number 1 prospect in the Roy Halladay trade and was named Eastern League Pitcher of the year. Drabek was 14-6 with a 2.94 era as he led the Fisher Cats to the playoffs. Drabek also through a no-hitter this year in AA.

Just a few minutes ago Edwin Encarnacion hit a home run to extend the Blue Jays home run streak to 15 straight games. That is the best active streak in the MLB now and better then the 13 game they had earlier this season,which was the Jays previous best.

Bill James invented a formula to calculate how many wins a team will have that season.Using that formula the Blue Jays should have 73 wins as of last night,compared to the 73 they did have last night. At the end of the season if the Jays score and let in the same amount of runs as they are right now they should have 83 wins at seasons end.

Don`t forget to vote for Vernon Wells as the 5 tool player,and for the Roberto Clemente award.Also vote for the late Tom Cheek to win the Ford C. Frick award.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bautista wins yet another award, Jays Keep on Riding Home Runs to Victory

Jose Bautista is having a year that he could never have dreamed of. The Says slugger leads the league in home runs,is 2nd in rbi's with 103,and is in 3rd with a slugging percentage of .618. Bautista also has 3 player of the weeks awards, and won his second player of the month award on Wednesday.Bautista is also in 3rd in league in walks with 87,and is tied for first with 76 XBH.

The Jays have won there last two games, while hitting six home runs over that stretch. Not only is the batting on fire for the blue birds, Brett Cecil and Ricky Romero have started the two games and have pitched 13.1 innings, allowing just 4 runs while striking out just 5 batters. Vernon Wells and Aaron hill went deep in Sunday and Monday's game.

While scrolling around on the Fisher Cats website I found a left fielder that I've never heard about that made me very excited. His name is Eric Thames and he hit .288 with an impressive 27 home runs and 104 rbi's.Thames also had a .370 on base percentage to go along with a .526 slugging percentage. Thames was drafted 219th overall by the Jays in the 2008 first year player draft. I think he has a chance of cracking a spot on the Jays next season out of spring training if a trade is made to clear up some room in the Jays amazing outfield. Only time will tell with this amazing 24 year old prospect.

Make sure you vote for Tom Cheek to win the Ford.C Frick award and for Vernon Wells for the 5-tool player award.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Morrow to be Shut Down, Manny Going to Chicago

Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulous announced on Sunday that arguably the Jays best starter this season will be shut down after his next start on Friday, because he has approached his inning limit.

Blue Jays 3B Edwin Encarnacion was placed on the 15-day DL on Sunday,while UTIL Mike McCoy was called up from AAA LAs Vegas.McCoy was sent down in June because the team wanted him to work on playing shortstop.

For the third time this season Jose Bautista was named the AL Player of the Week on Sunday. Bautista batted .500 for the week while hitting 4 home runs including his 40th of the season. Bautista is also in the running for AL Player of the month whih will be announced in the coming weeks.

Manny Ramirez is going to the windy city as he was claimed off of waivers by the Chicago White Sox.The LA Dodgers fell further out of a playoff race, so losing Manny's contract seemed like a good idea to them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bautista Hits #41 on the season, 100 Career

Jose Bautista hit his 41st home run tonight and his 100th career as the Blue Jays were beaten 7-1 by the Detroit Tigers.On Wednesday night the Jays beat the Yankees 6-3 as Vernon Wells was a double shy of the cycle .On Tuesday night the Jays were obliterated by the Yankees 11-5 as the Bronx Bombers feasted on Mark Rzepczynski's horrible pitching. The Jays are struggling as they are now 4 for there last 10,and only 5 games above .500.

On Sunday August 22nd, Damien Cox, the Hockey Columnist for the Toronto Star, blogged asking a question if Jose Bautista was using Steroids. Although it was a legitimate question,it was wrong in my opinion. Yes, Bautista had never hit more than 20 home runs in one season and 41 of his 100 home runs have come this season, but this guys arms look like those of a normal person. When McGuire,Sosa, and the Godfather of Steroids, Jose Canseco were juicing there arms were bigger than most people's heads.Damien Cox as mentioned before is a hockey columnist which might explain why he doesn't know that from when your 28-32 you play the best baseball of your career, that's why its your prime.

Post comments with your opinion of whether it was okay for Damien Cox to blog that.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Strikeouts,Brawls,Streakers,and Home Runs: The Perfect Ball Game

In the First inning of the Blue Jays game on Monday Night the Jays had the bases loaded with none out.The Yankees got three quick outs and the inning was over.

Eight innings,two home runs,one streaker,one brawl,and two ejections later The Blue Birds beat the Yankees 3-2.Jose Bautista hit his 39th and 40th home runs of the season,while Brandon Morrow pitched a spectacular 12 strikeout performance. In Bautista's second At bat the Yankees pitcher threw the ball right at Jose's head.The benches cleared and on the next pitch he Hammered the ball to deep center field for a fly out.But his next At bat he crushed his 40th home run of the season and his 2nd of the game.

Yunel Escobar and Cito Gaston were both ejected for what seems to be arguing balls and strikes but it isn't clear.

In Washington this morning Stephen Strasburg,the flame throwing 2009 No.1 Pick was placed on the disabled list for the second times in as many months because of shoulder soreness.That injury usually occurs when you throw 102mph at such a young age.

In Arlington, Texas the Rangers Pitchers were two out away from achieving a combined no-hitter but Joe Mauer singled up the middle 25 outs in to break up the No-No.

The Idiot Could be heading Back To Bean town

Johnny Damon was claimed by the Red Sox on Monday morning.The hero of the 2004 world series champions needs to waive his no-trade-clause by Wednesday,if he is to return to Fenway Park this season.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jays Lose Another, but Bats Finally Come Alive

The Jays have now lost 7 of there last 9 games and destined to make all the baseball predictors stop scratching their heads. All but a few sports reporters predicted that these Jays would finish in last place in the AL East, but the Blue Birds were proving them wrong up until Interleague Play started.The Jays were knocking the ball out of the park at record paces,but just like every other year,the team falls apart in Mid-June.

Remember to vote for Alex Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, and Vernon Wells as those are the three Blue jays that deserve all-star recognition.

Also remember to vote for Jose Bautista, and Vernon Wells who are in the top 5 in the MLB for the lead in home runs and should be representing Toronto during the home run derby on July 13th.

I am going away for the summer so this will be my last post until late august.

Go Jays!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jays Take Two of Three From the Giants,Get Bad News on the Injury Front

The Blue Jays won the first two games in the San Fransisco series with ease,but there bullpen faltered to giveaway the third one.Brian Tallet surrendered the lead, while giving up five runs in the decisive 6th inning.The Jays defence also did its part in handing this to the Giants as they committed two errors;one by defensive liability Edwin Encarnacion, and the other by Fred Lewis.It was Lewis's first error this season, because he can get to balls in the outfield with all of his speed.

Last Tuesday John McDonald lost his father Jack, and was on the bereavement list until Sundays game.It was only fitting that his first at bat came on Sunday June 20th; Fathers Day.On a 0-1 curveball Johnny Mac hit a towering 2 run home run in memory of his father. After every teammate gave McDonald high fives,he sat down and started crying in his sleeve. It was McDonald's first home run his season and it was definitely one to remember.

3B Edwin Encarnacion was designated for assignment on Sunday with 2B Jarrett Hoffpauir getting called up to "The Show".I like this move because Encarnacion was struggling with the bat and Jarrett is doing the complete opposite.Hoffpauir is batting .328 and has hit for the cycle twice this season,something that happens in MILB rarely.

Today SP Dustin McGowan is undergoing another surgical procedure done by Dr.James Andrews in Alabama. McGowan in my opinion will never make another big league start in his career.

Remember to vote for the Jays in the all star game as there are only 9 days remaining to do so.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jays swept in Colarado,Litsch makes horrible come back

The Blue Jays lost there 4th straight game on Sunday evening by a score of
10-3.Jesse Litsch finished his recovery from Tommy John surgery,but had a horrible welcome as he lasted only 2.1 innings while allowing 7 runs.

The Jays are not only struggling with there pitching but there offense is batting worse then the Mendoza line at .167 with only 5 home runs in the past 5 games.

Starting on Monday the Jays have a three game set with the San Diego Padres,while they meet up with former Jays, Canadian Matt Stairs, and David Eckstien.

Stephen Strasburg, of the Washington Nationals was named NL player of the week as he made his first two starts of his career.The flamethrower is being called by most people close to the game, a 50 year player.that means he is a player that comes every 50 years.The question is, can he mix his other pitches with his 100-mph fastball so he wont blow out his arm,like most young flamethrowers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jays Draft Review, and Summary of the Two Most Embarrassing Losses of the Season

The Blue Jays took four right handed pitchers with there first four picks in the 2010 MLB draft. The Jays selected Deck McGuire with the 11th pick, Aaron Sanchez with the 34st pick, Noah Syndergaard with the 38th pick, and Ashar Wojciechowski with the 41st pick.All of those pitchers were drafted in the first round and the first round of compensation. says that Deck McGuire was the best Right handed pitcher in the draft and the Jays were lucky to get him. Bryce Harper as suspected went first pick to the Washington Nationals, a day before Stephen Strasburg,the first pick overall in the 2009 draft, made his debut for the nationals.

On Tuesday night the Jays lost 9-0 to the Rays while only managing two hits.On Wednesday they were a little better as they scored 1 run while losing 11-1.Brian Tallet and Shaun Marcum both struggled as the Rays outscored the Jays 19-1 in the first two games of the three game set.

Before Wednesdays game the Jays optioned Rommie Lewis to AAA Las Vegas, and called up rehabbing Jesse Litsch.Also on Wednesdays portion of the draft the Blue Birds drafted RHP Gabriel Romero,younger brother of Jays ace Ricky Romero.

The Blue Jays are currently leading the Rays by a score of 2-1 in the bottom of the 4th.

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 MLB Draft Preview

Here are my predictions for the first round of drafting that goes tonight at 7PM Eastern.

#1 Washington Nationals:C Bryce Harper, College of Southern Nevada
#2 Pittsburgh Pirates:SS Manny Machado,Brito HS
#3 Baltimore Orioles:RHP Jameson Taillon,The Woodlands HS
#4 Kansas City Royals:C Yasmani Grandal, Miami
#5 Cleveland Indians:LHP Drew Pomeranz, U of Mississippi
#6 Arizona Diamondbacks:LHP Chris Sale, Florida Gulf Coast
#7 New York Mets:3B Zack Cox,Arkansas
#8 Houston Astros:3B/OF Josh Sale,Bishop Blanchet HS
#9 San Diego Padres:2B Kolbrin Vitek, Ball State
#10 Oakland A's:C Justin O'Connor,Cowan HS
#11 Toronto Blue Jays:OF Michael Choice, Texas
#12 Cincinnati Reds:SS Christian Colon, Cal-State Fullerton
#13 Chicago White Sox:RHP Karsten Whitson,Chipley HS
#14 Milwaukee Brewers:RHP Matt Harvey, North Carolina
#15 Texas Rangers:RHP Brandon Workman,Texas
#16 Chicago Cubs:RHP Deck McGuire, Georgia Tech
#17 Tampa Bay Rays:2B/CF Delino DeShields,Woodward Academy
#18 Los Anglos Angels:RHP Dylan Covey,Maranatha HS
#19 Houston Astros:RHP Barrett Loux,Texas
#20 Boston Red Sox:RHP Anthony Ranaudo,LSU
#21 Minnesota Twins:OF Bryce Brentz,Middle Tennessee State
#22 Texas Rangers:RHP Asher Wojciechowski,The Citadel
#23 Florida Marlins:RHP Luke Jackson,Calvary Christian Academy HS
#24 San Fransisco Giants:SS/3B Nick Castellanos,Archbishop McCarthy HS
#25 St.Louis Cardinals:RHP/3B Stetson Allie,St. Edward HS
#26 Colorado Rockies:RHP Kevin Gausman,Grandview HS
#27 Philadelphia Phillies:LHP Jesse Biddle,Germantown Frieds HS
#28 Los Anglos Dodgers:RHP Alex Wimmers,Ohio State
#29 Los Anglos Angels:3B/RHP Kaleb Cowart,Cook County HS
#30 Los Anglos Angels:RHP Peter Tago,Hana Hills HS
#31 Tampa Bay Rays:C Michael Kvasnicka,U Of Minnesota
#32 New York Yankees:1B Christian Yelich,Westlake HS

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jays Bullpen Falters Once Again as Jays Fail to Sweep Yankees for Seventh Straight Year

The last time the Blue Jays swept the Evil Empire was from May 22nd to 25th 2003, a four game series. The Jays were in line to sweep them once again on Sunday though seven innings but then the bullpen came into the game.A four run 7th cost the Blue Jays the game and the sweep over the Yanks.

In the first inning of Sunday's game, Robinson Cano hit a sharp ball right down the third base line. The umpire called it a fair ball, but unknowingly the ball boy picked it up and gave it to a fan. The ball boy was a grounds crew guy filling in for the regular ball boy. After the inning was over, the umpire (Gary Darling) went over to the ball boy and took his glove. After he took it he gave it to a York Region Police officer that we Blue Jay fans and A-Rod Haters know. Yes, the Cop at the third base line today was non-other than Lisa Hayford. On September 4th of last season A-Rod had a little run in with the law.On a Lyle Overbay foul ball A-Rod collided with the cop, while getting booed by the whole stadium.

Watch the MLB Draft tomorrow night on
Coverage starting at 6pm eastern. First pick at 7pm eastern

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Minor League Update: First Basemans

Brian Dopirak,Las Vegas 51's AAA: The 6'4" 225 pound right hander is struggling to hit for power for average. Dopirak has a horrible OPS(On Base+Slugging) of .646.Dopirak will not be with the Jays as a starter because they will have one of Baseball Americas top 50 prospect playing first base in Brett Wallace. If Dopirak can improve his average and find his power stroke once more he will be a September call up.

David Cooper, New Hampshire Fisher Cats AA: Cooper, like Dopirak is struggling all around except for one difference, Cooper found his power stroke. In his past 9 games David has 5 home runs and a slugging percentage of .686. in that week and a bit Cooper halved his season high of 10 home runs. Cooper will probably be traded or his positions will switch because Dopirak and Wallace are better than him.

The Toronto Blue Jays lost 2 out of 3 to the Rays from Monday through Wednesday due to some late inning struggles. The offence also struggled as they only scored 11 runs in the 3 games, as compared to the 15 or 16 they will usually score through that span.

First pitch tomorrow night at 7:07
Former Jay A.J Burnett(6-2,3.28) for the Bronx Bombers vs. Brett Cecil (5-2, 3.81) for your Blue jays.

Next off day I will be previewing the upcoming MLB draft through a mock first round. The Jays select 11th in the first round.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jays Sweep Orioles as Romero Goes Complete

Ricky Romero threw a spectacular game while getting some help on the offensive side.The Blue Jays hit there 51st,52nd, and 53rd home runs of May as they cruised past the O's in Toronto.The Home Plate Umpire was horrible as his strike zone began at least half a foot below the knee. Jose Bautista and Alex Gonzalez went back to back with home runs in the same direction. Bautista still leads the MLB in Home Runs and tied a career high in home runs in one season today.Although Bautista will most likely not be here again next year it is nice to see him contributing to the line up.

Brian Tallet will be called up on Tuesday to make the start at home against the Rays. Tallet is getting close to his 30 day limit of rehabilitation in the minor leagues so he was a front runner to be called up. He will be making the start in place of Dana Eveland who was designated for assignment last week. I think Tallet will be sent down once more on Wednesday as that is the Jays last time they need a number 5 starter in June because they have 4 off-days. My guess is that David Purcey will be sent to Las Vegas on Tuesday to make room for Tallet.

First Pitch tomorrow at 7:07 EDT

Matt Garza (5-3,2.97)for the rays against Brandon Morrow (3-4,6.66)

Jays take first two against O's,HALLDAY Perfect in Phillie

Roy Halladay pitched the 20th perfect game in MLB history on Saturday evening.Halladay struck out 11 out of the 27 batters he faced while getting only one run of support.Ronny Paulino grounded out to end the game as Juan Castro threw to first to make the out. In Roy's first start in the MLB you knew he was going to be something special when with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth he was one out away from a no-hitter.Unfortunately the batter hit a home run and Halladay could not get it. 153 wins later Roy completes a better feat then a no-hitter with a perfect game.Halladay was mobbed from the whole team but the second the out was made at first Halladay had a catcher named Carlos Ruiz on him. It was the second perfect game in Philadelphia history and the second this season in the MLB.

Aaron Hill and Vernon Wells hit home runs in both Friday nights and Saturdays games as the Jays took both 5-0 and 5-2.Lyle Overbay added 2 home runs on Saturday's game and Shaun Marcum looked spectacular threw 6 innings to notch his fifth win this season on Friday night.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jays Split First Two Games in Angels Series,Eveland Designated For Assignment

The power hitting Blue Jays won on Monday night with no home runs but lost on Tuesday with three solo shots. Brett Cecil threw a gem while he allowed just three hits in eight innings on Monday night.On Tuesday night Ricky Romero was pitching for the first time in California in front of his family and friends, but he could not take the pressure as he allowed seven runs in his worst start if the season.

After Jose Baustista`s 5th inning bomb, he became the MLB leader in home runs with a total of 15,just one shy of his season best 16 that came in 2006,in which he only played 117 games. Bautista has 15 through only 45 games this season.

On Sunday afternoon Dana Eveland,number five starting pitcher for the Jays,was designated for assignment after some poor starts.Eveland has ten days to be traded,claimed off of waivers,or be released.If none of those happen he will be sent down to AAA Las Vegas 51`s of the Pacific Coast league. David Purcey was called up to the show to pitch in the bullpen.The Jays will likely go with a four-man rotation until rehabbing Jesse Litsch comes back next month.

First Pitch goes in about an hour (7:05) in Anaheim.
Brandon Morrow (3-4,6.80) vs. Joel Pineiro (3-5,5.50)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jays Bats Continues to be Hot as Jays Win Series Finale

Edwin Enacrnacion hit his 5th home run in the series,and Jose Bautista hit his 14th this season as the Blue jays beat up on the D-Backs 12-4.Shaun Marcum got his 4th win while he struck out 8 lowering his ERA to 2.82.For his second straight appearance Kevin Gregg was horrible, and I think he might be injured. Not only did Bautista have a two run home run in the 5th inning but he also had a two run single to bring his 38 RBI's to third place in the Al.Jose is also tied for first in the MLB with 14 home runs.

Some sad news was announced today as former Major Leaguer Jose Lima past away from a massive heart attack at age 37.Lima had a record of 89-102 in 13 MLB seasons.The colourful right hander was an All-Star in 1999 when he went 21-10 for the Houston Astros.Before three games this afternoon in Houston,Kansas City,and Detroit there was a moment of silence for the late pitcher.

First pitch tomorrow night at 10:05 Eastern. Brett Cecil (3-2,4.98) vs. Joe Saunders(3-5,4,42.This is the first of three games between the Jays and the Angels.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homer Barrage Lifts Jays Over Twins

Edwin Encarnacion hit a two run homer in his first game back from the 15 day disabled list.Shaum Marcum pitched 7 stellar innings as four Jays went deep to improve to 24-17.Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay, and Aaron Hill combined with Encarnacion to go yard off of the Twins pitchers today. Fred Lewis went 3-5 to improve his average to just below .300 at .298. The Blue Jays had there second biggest crowd this season at the Dome today at 27,981 people.Jason Frasor looked like he returned to last seasons form, as he struck out the side in the 9th.

We all knew that Encarnacion could hit but the question was if he could play defense at the Hot Corner. His career fielding percentage is only at .937 and he has 3 errors already this season in only 10 games.My prediction is that he will finish with around 20 home runs with around the same amount of errors.

First Pitch tomorrow night at 10:10 eastern as the Blue Jays start there always treacherous 9 game road trip.I think this road trip will be a success if they could do anything better then 4-5.

Brett Cecil (2-2,5.46) vs. Doug Fister (3-1,1.72)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Snider Put on 15 Day-DL,Encarnacion Activated

Travis Snider was placed on the 15 day DL with a sore right wrist on Monday night.Snider missed the past two games because of the injury and was finally put on the disabled list today,making room for Edwin Encarnacion on the roster. Encarnacion's return means Jose Bautista will move to Left Field,with Fred Lewis moving to Right Field. Bautista was named the AL Player of The Week on Monday while he hit .444 with 5 HR's.Martin Prado was named the NL's Player of The Week as he led the MLB in RBI's with 11.

Some more news from the Blue Jays injury front came Sunday,as Jesse Litsch made his second minor league start tossing eight innings of five hit,three run baseball.Litsch can be activated from the 60 Day DL as early as June 3rd,and he will make his next start in AAA Las Vegas.

The Blue Jays lost the game on Monday night by a score of 8-3, dropping back to below .500 on home turf.Jose Bautista had another Home Run giving him 11 on the season and knocking him into a three way tie for 2nd in the AL with 31 RBI's.Dana Eveland proved that he will most likely be the pitcher sent down when Jesse Litsch is set to return to the rotation in a few weeks.Vernon Wells and Adam Lind combined to go 5-8 in the Blue Jays loss.

First pitch tomorrow at 12:37 Eastern
Shaun Marcum (2-1 ,2.78) for the Jays vs. Carl Pavano (4-3,3.30)going for the Twins

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jays Sweep Away Rangers to Improve Home Record to 10-10

The Blue Jays took all three games against the Rangers this weekend.
It was a power show the first night as the two teams combined for 26 runs,25 hits, and 17 walks as the Jays took that one 16-10.
On Saturday Ricky Romero threw his first complete game shutout of his career to blank the Rangers 6-0 while racking up 12 strikeouts.
Today the offence struggled being out hit 9-3,but the Jays still won 5-2 thanks to John Bucks 3 run double in the bottom of the 4th. Brandon Morrow although not perfect was showing some signs of being able to be a regular in this Blue Jays rotation.
The 3RBI double by Buck in the bottom of the 4th,was reviewed by the umpires to make sure it was not a home run. Everybody on the field and in the stands thought it was a grand slam home run but the umpires on the field knew that it wasn't.After about 2 minutes the Umps came out of the first base dugout and ruled it a 3 run double.

First pitch goes tomorrow night at 7:07 Eastern. Dana Eveland (3-2,4.81) for the Jays,Kevin Slowey (4-3,4.62) for the Twins.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Minor League Update: Catchers

#44 J.P Arencibia,Las Vegas 51's(AAA):In 26 games he is batting .238/.306/.366 with 4 doubles,3 HR's, and 12 RBI's. Arencibia has been in a slump lately batting only .167 in the past 10 games.J.P will be called up to "The Show" if one of John Buck or Jose Molina get injured.If not he will be up with the club in September when the roster expands.

#8 Brian Jeroloman,New Hampshire Fisher Cats(AA): In 25 games this season he is batting .325/.455/.525 with 7 doubles,3 HR's and 14 RBI's. Jeroloman is known for his amazing defence but his bat is starting to come alive this season.He will likely end the season either starting in New Hampshire or in AAA Las Vegas.

#25 Travis d'Arnaud,Dunedin Blue Jays(A+):In 16 Games this season he is currently batting .328/.362/.547 with 5 doubles,3 HR's and 13 RBI's. Travis was picked up in the Roy Halladay trade with the Phillies this past December. d'Arnaud will most likely end his season with AA New Hampshire.

Stay tuned for the next Blue Jays off day,as we look into the Blue Jays farm system for great talent at the First base position.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marcum, Snider Power Jays to 3-2 Victory Over Streaking Red Sox

Shaun Marcum pitched seven stellar innings and Travis Snider had all three Blue Jay RBI's as the Jays defeated Boston. Adam Lind was given a much needed day off as Randy Ruiz got to start at Designated Hitter. Aaron Hill was scratched from the line up right before the game, due to right hamstring soreness, the same injury that put him on the 15 day DL earlier in the season. Vernon Wells went 0-4 for the 3rd straight game and Kevin Gregg got his American League leading 10th save of the season. Tim Wakefield threw 102 pitches while getting his second loss of the season to move his record to 0-2. Once again the 2 through 5 hitters struggled while getting 2 hits in this important win for the Blue Jays. J.D Drew and Adrian Beltre both had one RBI in the 9th inning against Jays Closer Kevin Gregg.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jays Lose,Red Sox Move to 1\2 game back of Toronto

It was another night and another embarrassing loss for the Jays . John Buck, a career .236 hitter and Fred Lewis a career .279 hitter each had two hits, a double and a single, to rack up all 4 hits the Jays produced today. Dana Eveland pitched just 4+ innings while giving up 4 walks, 5 hits and allowing 6 earned runs. Daisuke Matsuzaka was sensational, pitching 7 innings giving up only 3 hits while striking 9 batters out for the “Boys from Bean Town”. Vernon Wells went 0-4 but squared the ball up three times. Just like last night the 2 through 5 hitters went 0-fer, continuing their struggles.
Before the game, GM Alex Anthopoulos held a press conference saying three big topics. The first was that the series against Philadelphia Phillies will be moved to Philadelphia because of the G-20 Summit. The second is that first base prospect Brett Wallace will stay in the minor leagues until the end of the season. Third is that Edwin Encarnacion will be back in the line up in at least two weeks.
I will like to talk about the third issue. When Edwin Encarnacion comes back Jose Bautista or Fred Lewis is out of a starting job. Fred Lewis is batting .300/.340/.489 with 12 RBI’s, while Bautista is batting .216/.324/.472 with 23 RBI’s. I would give Lewis the Job because he is likely to be with this team for a long time but Bautista is probably in his last year with the Jays. Cito Gaston could possibly make a platoon between Lewis, Baustista and Travis Snider for right field and left field.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Errors Prove Costly in Jays Loss

Aaron Hill and Alex Gonzalez wont be sleeping tonight. Both middle infielders had errors tonight that led to the decisive three runs in the game. The Blue Jays are 0-4 this season against the Bosox. Brandon Morrow left the game after 1.2 innings. Morrow allowed 3 hits and 6 walks which led to 6 runs. After Jose Bautista's 5th inning home run the bats struggled as that was the last hit the Blue Jays would get in the game. Adam Lind continued to struggle as he went 0-5 tonight while leaving 5 runners on base.Josh Roenicke and Rommie Lewis combined to pitch 5.1 innings while allowing just 4 hits and striking out 5. John Lackey pitched 6 innings and then gave way to the Red Sox bullpen who didn't allow a hit through 3 innings. Instant replay was used in the game tonight as Alex Gonzalez hit a double in the 2nd inning over the Green Monster. The Blue Jays 2 through 5 hitters combined to go 0-16 with 2 walks and 1 run scored. Stay tuned for more Bases Loaded tommorow with the first pitch set to go at 7:10 PM. Dana Eveland(3-1 3.82) vs.Daisuke Matsuzaka(1-1 9.90).