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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Part 3: Picks 21-31

Guest Post by Donn Parris

The 2012 draft will once again
take place at the MLB Network studio in New Jersey.
21.ATLANTA Braves Victor Roache OF Georgia Southern
Atlanta always looking for a deal will find it with Roache. The wrist will heal and the bat with come alive and the braves will have him signed and on a plane the fastest of any round 1 selection. Staying with the Georgia Home Town discounts Roache is a wonderful fit. Great job guys you got a special player, just remember during arbitration once he reaches it you saved on draft day.

Gallo is 6-5 and weighs 205 lbs, perfect
form for a 1B.
22.TORONTO Blue Jays Joey Gallo 1B/3B NV HS
Within the hour the Jays have pulled off another coup and with other clubs not even considering Joey with a higher pick the Jays would have done their homework and select Gallo with pick 22. The Jays have more scouts working the country than any other club I believe. If my homework is correct you will see the remaining selections over the next rounds up to round 10 as best athletes with little to no leverage and will sign for less than the suggested dollars published so the Blue jays are able to sign these two great High School Athletes.

23.ST LOUIS Cardinals DJ Davis OF MISS OF
Lacking a lot of leverage and have a lot of helium and if you have not heard Helium is no longer inexpensive. The cards make the call and then pull the card and as so many clubs have been staring at his name attached to the magnet on the big white board it is gone and the Cardinals have a terrific athlete. Look for Davis to have a Juan Pierre type career, but he will need to remember to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded a Top 25 draft pick.

24.BOSTON Red Sox Gavin Cecchini SS LA HS
Lighting strikes twice and the BoSox put out lighting rods all over the place to bottle the energy. Again bloodlines mine something in this game and has the Red Sox watch the draft unfold I can imagine a conference call taking place. “I cannot believe this? Get Garin on the phone and let’s make this happen.” After a very brief discussion the decision is made and Gavin is bypassing Mississippi and headed to Boston for some meet and greets and then heads to Florida and the Gulf Coast League.

25.TAMPA BAY Rays Max Fried LHP CA HS
The Rays staff has been sitting patiently watch all the action and a name very high on their draft board sits alone as the remainder of the names have been removed and lay quietly in a large basket or bucket. RJ Harrison quietly looks to Tim Huff and Fred Repke and along with Andrew Friedman nods in agreement. Commissioner Selig strolls to the podium to announce that the Tampa Bays have selected will you all know the name. This selection will not be made unless they have the right information and know that Fried is willing to sign. Again if Fried pushes the envelope and demands a signing bonus that most every draft guru has suggested the Rays only make this selection if the deal can be done over the phone.

26.ARIZONA Diamondbacks Stryker Trahan C LA HS
The Dbacks lack depth and prospects behind the plate. This pick should not be a surprise to anyone in the game. The question here how much can they save by convincing Styker that they over drafted him but need and want him and make him comfortable and be that team guy and sign for less than the suggested amount.

27.MILWAKEE Brewers Peter O’Brien C Miami
There is a method is the Brewer madness if you think saving $ on two quality picks in the first round is madness. The only flip to this story is if Lucas Iolite is still on the board as they will need to swap in and select Iolite before going Senior Shopping. O’Brien fills a need and it is easier to put a square into a square slot that continuing to try to groom a leader and stable prospect behind the dish.

28.MILWAKEE Brewers Brett Mooneyham LHP Stanford
Bloodlines and pedigree can be important in this game. The questions of control and command is most often metal not physical. The Brewers player development will need to develop Brett both mentally and physically to compete at the next level I trust that they can. I see Mooneyham as a steal in this years draft.

29.TEXAS Rangers Tyler Naquin OF TX AM
The Rangers stay safe and stay in state with their first selection. Naquin is a solid average player. The questionable part of his game is at the plate. The rangers will be their best to surround him with players that can bring out the most in this part of the game. Watching and learning is key. Many wondered if Matt Wieners would watch and learn and he has so far proven that he can. I see Tyler in the same light and think in the Ranger environment they are able to provide the key to the tool shed and allows Naquin to reach his full potential.

30.NEW YORK Yankees Chris Beck RHP Georgia Southern
The Yankees are through of a team that spends, that is not always the truth and they step up and prove it with the selection of Beck. The Yankees know how to scout and in this case they scouted and bring a quality arm into the system. Quality over quantity could be the new motto in the Yankee camp. Yankee pride can never be overlooked and the Yankees are capable of cleaning house. Looking back to last years draft I see a change and it is a positive one. I like this pick if the Yankees do also I will need to make sure I am not bcc the scouting department.

31.BOSTON Red Sox Walter Weickel RHP FL HS
Can the red sox scouting department be any happier. This would be a great selection and a selection that has teeth. Walter is in my opinion as lock with this pick. Weickel will go out and compete and will find his place beside several top young pitching prospects. I truly believe he will be there for them to select him and after the red sox spend some time with the family I think this deal gets done and we can look forward to watching his progress in the minor to the majors.

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  1. No offense, but you are absolutely crazy to even think Fried falls all the way to #25 overall. He's a top 10 pick