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30 Teams in 30 Days: Toronto Blue Jays(Part 1 of 2)

As we are a Blue Jays centred blog, we'll be doing a 2 part series for our 30/30 preview of the team. Today, we'll publish previews on each hitter on the 25 man roster(starter+bench), Wednesday will be each pitcher(rotation+bullpen).So, it ends up being a 30 in 34 days! We all contributed to this, so under each name of the player, we'll write who wrote the preview. Enjoy.

*Note, Brett Lawrie isnt included in here, as he'll start on the DL and the first two sections are just dealing with the opening day roster.  He'll be profiled during the 3rd section where depth & prospects are discussed.

All the smiles!
Jose Reyes-SS- 29 years old
By: Isaac Boloten
2012 Stat Line-716 PA, .287/.347/.433, 11 HR,  57 RBI,  86 R,40 SB, 109 wRC+. 
2012 WAR:2.9 rWAR. 4.2 fWAR.

2012 Season in Review
Last season certainly wasn’t a career year for the Dominican shortstop, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t very productive, accumulating a 4.2 fWAR, over a whopping 716 plate appearances.  If Reyes plays as many games this year as he did last year, you can count on those plate appearances increasing even more, based on the strength of the lineup around him. Overall, while Miami wasn’t the greatest of situations for Jose, he still put up some very nice numbers, while managing to stay healthy.

2013 Season Preview
Jose, a product of the huge deal with Miami, is already making a name for himself in Blue Jay land.  From his stellar play in the World Baseball Classic, and his inability to stop smiling.  He is a fan favourite, and the Jays haven’t even played their first regular season game.  One of the major concerns coming into the season with Reyes is whether he will be able to handle the artificial turf at the Rogers Centre.  It is a reason to be worried, as he has had hamstring problems in the past, and historically, the turf hasn’t always been great on players’ legs. The good thing is that it's usually the knee with turf, not hamstring, so hopefully Reyes remains healthy.The thing is with a player like Reyes, is that if he isn’t hitting the ball too well, it’s not a huge concern, as he has ways to get on base with his legs, and his eye at the plate, so he’s never hurting you if he’s in the lineup no matter what, and is almost a lock to post a WAR around 4 every single year (if healthy).

2013 Projected Role
The leadoff hitter. The man who gets on base for the big bats, and steals a ton of bases. Also; provides leadership and optimism in the clubhouse with his enthusiasm for the game.

2013 PECOTA Projection
650 PA, .291/.344/.457, 14 HR, 65 RBI, 91 R, 36 SB

Melky Cabrera-LF-28 years old
By: Nick Bell
2012 Stat Line-501 PA. .346/.390/.516. 11 HR. 60 RBI. 84 Runs. 13 SB. 149 wRC+. 
2012 WAR:4.7 rWAR, 4.4 fWAR.

Review of 2012
What can I say about the Dominican outfielder that hasn’t been said before?  He has really come on in the last two years with the Royals and then developed into a superstar with the Giants in 2012. He was subsequently suspended for 50 games for PED use, and was not added to the post-season roster for their eventual World Series run while also not being given a ring, which he hopes to claim, clean, in Toronto.

Preview for 2013
That’s the brief on Melky, and adding to that, Alex Anthopoulos further fueled the fire by signing the outfielder to a 2yr/ $16 MM deal in November to compliment the massive Miami deal and the famous R.A. Dickey deal to complete the most eventful offseason in recent baseball history. I don’t see Cabrera hitting .346 again, but I do see him being a very good hitter, provide solid defense in left field, and a key piece in any Blue Jays postseason push.

2013 Projected Role
Melky will be the number 2 hitter in the lineup and play left field for the Jays in 2013

2013 PECOTA Projection
551 PA, .280/.331/.427,13 HR, 56 RBI, 70 Runs, 12 SB

Blue Jays 2012 in one picture.
Jose Bautista- RF- 32 years old
By:Gideon Turk

2012 Stat Line-399 PA .241/.358/.527. 27 HR. 65 RBI. 64 Runs. 5 SB. 140 wRC+.
2012 WAR :3.4 rWAR. 3.1 fWAR.

2012 Season In Review
After starting off cold in the month of April hitting only 3 home runs, Jose turned it back onto 2010 and 2011 levels in May and June, hitting 23 homers in those 2 months, while OPSing over 1.000. He then went on to play in the all-star game and hit in the home run derby, but he only lasted 4 games after the break before he injured his wrist at Yankee Stadium, which ended up costing him basically the rest of the season(except for a 2 game period in mid-August).

2013 Season Preview
Jose had wrist surgery to repair the effected spot, and was back to his usually self this spring, hitting 6 home runs in the tune up games, good enough to lead all Blue Jay hitters. He comes into this season as a dark horse AL MVP candidate, and is truly the piece who holds this club together, both on and off the field. His health will be in the spotlight the entire year, but from what we've seen during spring training, he should be back to normal, with hopefully no residual effects from the wrist injury and subsequent surgery. Expecting him to hit 40+ home runs again might be a little too much, but mid 30's is very reasonable, and he will still be able walk frequently in front of the other Dominican basher, Edwin Encarnacion.

2013 Projected Role
Bautista will serve as the number 3 hitter in the lineup, hopefully driving in Jose Reyes and the Melk Man whenever is possible. He will also continue his role as the leader of the club, something that was missed after he left last year to injury, and anchor the outfield in right with his rocket of an arm(and lacklustre defense, but whatever...)

2013 PECOTA Projections
628 PA. .255/.371/.514. 35 HR.101 RBI. 7 SB

Edwin Encarnacion, 1B/DH, #10
By:Nick Bell
2012 Stat Line: 644 PA, .280/.384/.557. 42 HR. 110 RBI. 90 RBI. 13 SB. 152 wRC+
2012 WAR: 4.9 rWAR. 4.2 fWAR

2012 Season in Review
The Blue Jays clean-up hitter heading into 2013 had a breakout year last year, posting career highs in nearly every offensive category while playing some stellar defense at first base. The native of the Dominican Republic was the Blue Jays’ best and most consistent hitter by far last year as Jose Bautista spent significant time on the DL. 2012 was a great year for EE, now let’s hope that he can build on this magnificent year towards an even better 2013.

2013 Season Preview
Many wonder if Encarnacion can repeat that type of production or if this was merely a fluke year. Me personally, watching him hit this spring and in the WBC, he looks like he had gotten even better.  If that’s true, it is possible that Edwin could match up with fellow countryman Jose Bautista for the team and league lead in home runs. You can also expect #10 to make his first all-star team, which he was robbed of last year, especially given Mark Teixeira's injury problems taking another first baseman out of the mix.

2013 Projected Role
Encarnacion can be expected to have almost the same exact role as last season. Entrenched solidly in the cleanup spot behind Jose Bautista, and be the club's everyday first baseman.

2013 PECOTA Projections
643 PA .254/.341/.471, 30 HR, 94 RBI, 8 SB
Let's just hope we don't see
these again from Colby.

Colby Rasmus- CF-26 years old
By:Gideon Turk
2012 Stat Line-625 PA. .223/.289/.400. 23 HR. 75 RBI. 75 Runs. 4 SB. 85 wRC+
2012 WAR:1.7 rWAR. 1.2 fWAR

2012 Season in Review
It was another season to forget for the once promising center fielder from Alabama.  After struggling to
begin the year, Colby turned on the jets in June(just like others in the lineup).  However after he got back from the All-Star break, he faded, hitting an abysmal .176/.238/.278 in those final two months, although he did miss sometime to injury. AA has been saying that the reason for that absolutely horrendous stretch was that Colby works too hard.  Taking way too many swings in the cage and BP early in the season, causing him to wear down in the last few months. I don't necessarily buy that, but regardless, 2012 was a horrific year for Colby as he saw his numbers drop and top prospect Anthony Gose impress in a small sample of major league time.

2013 Season Preview
This year is huge for Rasmus.  He could be a non-tender candidate if he doesn't act upon his potential, especially with Gose nipping at his heels in AAA.  Gose provides better D and exciting speed that could force him into the lineup.  As a result if Colby struggles, AA won't hesitate to pull the plug, and call up Anthony from Buffalo.  It's all about being smart for Colby, as he has to learn how to adjust to the adjustments the pitchers are making towards him, and work at a normal rate, so he doesn't injure himself and tire himself out 3 months into the season.

2013 Projected Role
Colby comes into the year projected to hit 5th and play centre field according to MLBDC every day, but John Gibbons hinted recently that Emilio Bonifacio might get some starts versus lefties in centre field, so the threat of a platoon is staring Colby in the face. Many people don't realize this, but he's actually worse against lefties than Adam Lind is, so a platoon might not be a bad thing for him(it wouldn't be).

2013 PECOTA Projections
561 PA. .242/.311/.430. 21 HR. 73 RBI. 6 SB.

Adam Lind- DH- 29 years old
By: Gideon Turk
2012 Stat Line - 353 PA. .255/.314/.414. 11 HR. 45 RBI. 28 Runs. 0 SB. 98 wRC+
2012 WAR:0.2 rWAR. 0.0 fWAR.

2012 Season in Review
Lind's first half was surprising, not because he was so disappointing, but rather that he was sent down to AAA.  It was something that caught me, and I'm sure many others off guard, just like the Ricky Romero demotion this past week.  You thought it was a good idea, but didn't actually think it would happen.  He was sent to Las Vegas in mid-May, when he was hitting a paltry .186 with only 3 home runs.  After lighting up AAA pitching as expected to the tune of a .392 average with 8 homers in 32 games, Lind was recalled, and from that point on, hit .296 in 54 games. It was refreshing to see Lind hit the ball, especially when he went the other way against lefties. I still wouldn't have him in the lineup against a lefty, but he wasn't awful down the stretch last season.

2013 Season Preview
Lind's offensive expectations have dropped significantly since his silver slugger winning year of 2009, and even more so with all the new additions to the Jays this past off-season.  He isn't expected to hit high up in the order, but rather likely in the bottom third of the order, so the pressure is not on Lind this season to perform like an All-Star.  This should be he last year in a Jays uniform, but I'd also expect a new DH come August 1st, and the trade deadline has passed.  I just don't think Adam Lind is a DH on a championship team.  Expect around 20 home runs with a low average and a low OBP for Lind in 2013.

2013 Projected Role
Lind is projected as the number 6 hitter according to MLBDC, but I think it's more likely we see him 7th because Gibby probably shouldn't want 2 lefties back to back. He'll also serve as the clubs full time DH for the first month or so of the season, and then Gibby and Co. will make a decision on whether to platoon him or not. He'll most likely end up in a platoon, with either Rajai Davis or Mark DeRosa. DeRosa is my choice, although I believe the club is leaning towards Davis.

2013 PECOTA Projections
449 PA. .267/.324/.461. 18 HR. 62 RBI. 1 SB.

Emilio Bonifacio-UTIL- 27 years old
By: Isaac Boloten 
2012 Stat Line - 274 PA, .258/.330/.316, 1 HR, 11 RBI, 30 R, 30 SB, 79 wRC+ 
2012 WAR:0.5 rWAR, 0.4 fWAR.

2012 Season in Review
2012 was shortened to only 64 games for Bonifacio in Miami, due to a thumb injury.  In the small sample size that was 2012, Bonifacio, showed that power is not something he brings to the table, and established himself as more of a slap hitter.  Despite 2012 not being a very productive season, Bonifacio showed his incredible speed on the basepaths, stealing 30 bases in 64 games.(!!!)  On top of that, he was only caught 3 times.

2013 Season Preview
In Brett Lawrie’s (hopefully) short absence to start the season, Bonifacio will likely split time between third base (against righties), and 2nd base (against lefties).  Once Lawrie returns, we should see him settle into a platoon with Izturis at 2nd base, while also filing in all over the rest of the diamond when people need a day off.  With the bat, you can’t expect all that much, but he doesn’t have much trouble getting on base, (career .329 OBP) which is really all you can ask for out of Emilio.

2013 Projected Role
Once Lawrie returns from the DL, the plan is for Bonifacio to play 2nd base when Morrow, Johnson and possibly Happ are on the mound, and then likely filling in all over the diamond when people need a day off.  There is also some speculation that he could see time in center field against tough left handed pitchers.  Another likely role for Bonifacio is a pinch runner off the bench in a big spot late in games.

2013 PECOTA Projections
468 PA,  .260/.316/.361, 4 HR, 37 RBI, 53 R, 27 SB

Maicer Izturis-UTIL-32 years old
By: Isaac Boloten
2012 Stat Line - 319 PA, .256/.320/.315, 2 HR, 20 RBI, 35 R, 17 SB, 82 wRC+
2012 WAR:0.3 rWAR. 0.8 fWAR.

2012 Season in Review
This past year was yet another consistent season from Maicer, who has proven that consistency is perhaps his greatest skill.  He kept his strike out rate down, and posted his highest stolen base total yet. He played steady (if not stellar) defense and remained healthy and durable, which are essentially the 2 reasons that AA signed him this off-season.

2013 Season Preview
Until Lawrie returns you can expect Izturis to get some time at third base, however once Brett returns we should see Izturis settle into a strange platoon with Bonifacio at the keystone.  Izturis should get the starts when the more groundball heavy starting pitchers are on the mound.  That will mean Dickey, Buerhle, and potentially Happ, while Bonifacio takes the more flyball heavy starters.  Izturis will also see any action filling in as the primary backup at both shortstop and third base for defensive purposes.  You can expect Izturis to 

2013 Projected Role
Starting third baseman vs RHP for the 1st week or so, then will transition into the part-time second baseman/ultra utility man. Slated to bat ninth.

2013 PECOTA Projections
494 PA, .266/.331/.384, 7 HR,  46 RBI, 56 R, 16 SB.

Rajai Davis- OF-32 years old
By: Gideon Turk
2012 Stat Line - 487 PA. .257/.309/.378. 8 HR. 43 RBI. 64 Runs. 46 SB. 86 wRC+
2012 WAR:0.7 rWAR. 0.4 fWAR

2012 Season in Review
Davis was a major benefactor from the string of injuries that effected the Blue Jays last year, playing a lot more than he normally would due to injuries to Colby Rasmus, Jose Bautista, and the trades of Eric Thames and Travis Snider at the deadline. The extra playing time didn't change anything in him though, as he still stole his 40+ bases, and didn't get on base well. He got caught stealing a league leading 13 times in 2012, something that he needs to change if he wants to get opportunities this year.

2013 Season in Preview
Rajai is going to be in for a shock this season after last year. Coming off of a year where he got into 142 games, I'd be surprised if he got more than half of that in 2013. Emilio Bonifacio(if he doesn't start) will be the primary pinch runner because of his lightning quick speed and great success rate(unlike Davis). Not only will his pinch running situations decrease, but Boni also plays the outfield, along with mark DeRosa, so Davis might not get so many spot starts filling in there either. The only real chance for him to play should be platooning with Lind, but it remains to be seen if he will get that job. He'll still rack up 30 steals, but 300 PA is a major question right now, and I think something between 200-250 is more realistic at this point.

2013 Projected Role
With Bonifacio in the lineup to start the year due to Brett Lawrie's injury, Davis will be the first pinch runner, and the 4th outfielder. But, when Lawrie comes back, and Boni likely moves to the bench(along with a more permanent role for Mark DeRosa), Davis' playing time will decrease. In his last year with the club, he has become redundant, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him part of a package in a trade mid-season. Whatever his role with this club is, he is still a fun player to watch because of his speed, so when he does get a chance to play, you better not miss it.

2013 PECOTA Projections
268 PA. .261/.306/.376. 3 HR. 21 RBI. 25 SB

Mark DeRosa-UTIL- 38 years old
By: Gideon Turk
2012 Stat Line - 101 PA. .188/.300/.247. 0 HR. 6 RBI. 13 Runs. 1 SB. 57 wRC+
2012 WAR:-0.7 rWAR. -0.5 fWAR.

2012 Season in Review
DeRosa continued to be hampered by a wrist that wasn't 100% in 2012 for the third straight year, but his mentoring skills were at their best once again, which is what he was basically brought in to do this season. He coached Bryce Harper into being a big leaguer, and has always been known for his unbelievable clubhouse presence. His numbers are ugly because he wasn't healthy(and he's old), but I'm confident he can regain some of his pre-injured self back.

2013 Season Preview
If spring training is any indication of things, Mark DeRosa's wrist is feeling better, given his 2 spring home runs. That is all that needs to be working for DeRosa to be a servicable player, especially off the bench, and although I wouldn't put much stock into spring numbers, his 6 XBH are more than he had all of last year, so I think he's in the best shape since being injured(he has also said this). He won't get much playing time, but being a great clubhouse presence and taking Brett Lawrie under his wing like he did with Harper last year is a value that no statistic can measure(seriously, there's no statistic).

2013 Projected Role
With Lawrie starting the year on the disabled list, DeRosa will platoon with Maicer Izturis over at third base, but after that, he will be regulated back to the bench, at least for April. nce the decision on whether or not Adam Lind needs a platoon partner is made, DeRosa might find himself in another platoon role. But, until then, it's mentoring and bench duty for the veteran.

2013 PECOTA Projections
230 PA. .241/.319/.390. 6 HR. 25 RBI. 2 SB.

He scares me.
Henry Blanco-C- 41 years old
By: Gideon Turk
2012 Stat Line - 67 PA. .188/.224/.281. 1 HR. 7 RBI. 6 Runs. 1 SB. 29 wRC+
2012 WAR: 0.2 rWAR. 0.1 fWAR

2012 Season in Review
Blanco barely played last season, and will likely have the same type of role this year as J.P. Arencibia is set to catch R.A Dickey, so a personal catcher won't be needed. Blanco made the team because the club views Josh Thole as a starting option if JPA goes down with an injury, so he needs every day at bats. Henry was horrible once again in 2012 offensively, and his defense is always a good, just like it was last year.

2013 Season Preview
Blanco just here for defense I guess, because as previously mentioned, he provides nothing with the bat. His all around defense is good though, with a good arm, good framing skills, and good blocking ability. Maybe he'll teach JPA a few things, but other than that, his season should be just like every other he's had. No hit good defense catcher.

2013 Projected Role
As the backup to JPA, he should play once or twice a week, get to catch Dickey often, and he'll mentor JPA a bit.  I think its also quite likely that after a short period of time we'll see Blanco become Dickey's personal catcher.  He's here for his defense, and it'll be needed most when Dickey is on the mound.  For $750K, it's good enough.

2013 PECOTA Projections
60 PA. .231/.290/.372. 2 HR. 6 RBI. 0 SB.

BlueJaysPlus Podcast: Episode 2...The Paw-Cast

You'll get the title soon enough. Just listen until the end!

On this episode we talk Romero, Happ, Rasmus, Bullpen, Japanese Baseball, do a little predicting, and more! Leave your comments on how you think we're doing. Oh, intro music!!!!!! Click here to download, or you can stream it by clicking on the play button below.

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30 Teams in 30 Days: Tampa Bay Rays

Andrew Friedman, best GM in baseball.
2012 Record: 92-70 (3rd AL East)

The Rays are my favourite team other than the Jays, and although they always beat up on Toronto, and are rivals with the Jays, it's really hard not to like them. They have the best GM in the game along with a great ownership group, a fantastic manager, and a young cost controlled team that just keeps on refreshing with prospects once players get too expensive and have to leave. The only problem with the Rays is their stadium situation, and unfortunately that doesn't look like it will resolve itself for a while. Tropicana Field is located in St. Petersburg, rather than downtown Tampa, and the horrible stadium can't attract fans because it's so far away from the population centre(and it's hideous). The Rays seem to have the perfect model for a franchise to continue sustainable winning, but if they can't move to a new stadium and reap the profits from it, it's only a matter of time before this franchise takes it's winning model to Vancouver or San Antonio. With this front office staff, a budget of $120M or so would have this team being able to retain home grown talent, and not trade it away before it gets expensive, which, in turn, will lead to the illustrious first title. On to the preview!

Key Additions
OF Jason Bourgeois (MILB Deal)
1B Shelley Duncan (MILB Deal)
SS Yunel Escobar (Trade w/ MIA)
SP Roberto Hernandez (Fausto Carmona) (1 year $3.25M)
2B Kelly Johnson (1 year $2.45M)
1B James Loney (1 year $2M)
RF Wil Myers (Trade w/ KC)
SP Jake Odorizzi (Trade w/ KC)
RP Juan Carlos Oviedo (Leo Nunez) (MILB Deal)
RP Jamey Wright (MILB Deal)

Key Subtractions
RP Burke Badenhop (Trade w/ MIL)
SS Reid Brignac (Trade w/ COL)
SP Wade Davis (Trade w/ KC)
OF Ben Francisco (MILB Deal w/ CLE)
RP J.P. Howell (1 year $2.85M w/ LAD)
3B Jeff Keppinger (3 years $13M w/ CWS)
1B Carlos Pena (1 year $2.9M w/ HOU)
2B Will Rhymes (MILB Deal w/ WAS)
SP James Shields (Trade w/ KC)
OF B.J. Upton (5 years $75.25M w/ ATL)

Addition That Will Help the Most
I'd write about Wil Myers, but I want to save him for the prospect part of the article, so today it's going to be Toronto's least favourite athlete, shortstop Yunel Escobar.

Probably one of the most underrated players Toronto has ever seen, Escobar had a down year Joe Maddon, he is capable of putting up 3.5+ WAR in a season, made up of supreme defense, okay base running, and the ability to get on base at rate around 35%. Let's just hope he goes back to his 2012 self when he plays the Jays.
offensively in 2012, but was still worth 2.7 rWAR thanks to his incredible defense which saw him save 14 runs for Toronto pitchers, good enough to tie for third in the league of the 21 qualified players. Not only did he have a down year at the plate this past season, but also off the field, as he made a stupid mistake when he wrote a homophobic slur on his Eye Black in a September contest that all but ensured he wouldn't be coming back to the Rogers Centre with the Jays in 2013. So, he was traded to the Marlins when AA stole Miami's heart, and then traded again a few weeks later to Tampa Bay. In his 6 year career, he's had 4 very good years offensively, and 2 not so good years, but unfortunately for him, everybody only remembers the bad years. When he's hot, which I'm sure he will be again in 2013 when  he plays for the magical

*I'll be doing 2 prospect profiles to make up for the lack of spring training battles section.

Questions Heading into the Season

Will the loss of B.J Upton be too much for the Rays offense to handle?

The Rays offense finished 18th in the league last year in runs, in a season that saw Evan Longoria miss significant time. Then, B.J Upton became a free agent last November, and moved up a state to play in Atlanta to play with the Braves. With the loss of Upton, a larger question mark surrounds the Rays offence than ever before. With the additions of Escobar and Kelly Johnson, a full season from Longoria, and 4-5 months of awesomeness from the uber-prospect that is Desmond Jennings Wil Myers, it might be fine. They won't finish top 10 in the league, but closer to the top than the bottom is definitely not unreasonable for this ever so talented club.

Will the loss of James Shields be too much for the Rays pitching to handle?

Haha. Don't kid yourself, the Rays pitching is always one of the best in the league, and trading James Shields to the Royals that play in Kansas City is not going to hurt it enough to make a difference. They have 11 major league caliber rotation arms, and only 6 of them are in the majors, so depth isn't a problem either.
Fausto Roberto Hernandez is said to be much closer to his 2007 4th place in Cy Young voting self to the Hernandez of late, which could only mean good things. David Price is one of only 7 or 8 true ACES in baseball, and Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore, and Alex Cobb make out a 2-4-5 that can stand it's own with the best in baseball. Then, you got Jeff Niemann, Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and more in the bullpen and minors waiting to be summoned into the rotation to mow down opposing hitters. It's truly a beautiful thing they've built in tampa with all this depth. It will be enough to keep up with the loss of Shields.

Prospect(s) Who'll have an Impact in 2013

Wil Myers-Myers, acquired from the fools over in Kansas City is a top 3 prospect in all of baseball, and will start the season in AAA but should be up soon a la Mike Trout. He possesses 60 grade tools all around, and he should be a force in the Rays lineup along with Longoria and Zobrist for years to come. He'll play a solid right field, but he's going to have to learn how to make adjustments against major league pitchers, something he hasn't had to do much because minor league pitching is like kids throwing 40 MPH to him. 30 home runs a year is not too unrealistic for this guy in the near future, and I, and probably many others, can't wait to see him play  KC and dominate against them. Myers is a can't miss type of guy, and if the top prospect can stay healthy, Rays fans(or maybe fan?) are going to be blessed once again with being able to watch one of the most young and exciting players in the game.

Chris Archer- Archer, the second ranked prospect for the Rays, is a 25 year old tall righty who had major league success in 2012, but still qualifies as a rookie after pitching in only 29.1 innings at the major league level in 2012(he posted a FIP of 3.40). His ceiling is a division 1 number 2 starter, and his arsenal is definitely ready to get him to that point sooner rather than later. His fastball sits in the mid 90's with solid movement and is a future 70 grade pitch, and his secondary stuff is also great, with a 70+ slider and plus change. If he does fail as a starter, he can always be great late inning reliever, but expect him to be dominating out of the rotation for many years to come.

I hate how the Rays have no fans yet have such a good team :(

Projected 2013 Roster via MLBDC and BP
Projected Starting Lineup
1 CF Desmond Jennings  
2 LF Matt Joyce*  Out of Options 
3 3B Evan Longoria  
4 RF Ben Zobrist**  
5 DH Luke Scott*  vs RHP  
6 SS Yunel Escobar  
7 1B James Loney*  vs RHP  
8 Jose Molina  
9 2B Kelly Johnson*  vs RHP  

Projected Bench
Jose Lobaton**  Out of Options 
IF Sean Rodriguez  vs LHP  
IF/OF Ryan Roberts  vs LHP  
OF Sam Fuld*  Out of Options 

Projected Starting Rotation
1 LHP David Price  
2 RHP Jeremy Hellickson  
3 RHP Roberto Hernandez  
4 LHP Matt Moore  
5 RHP Alex Cobb  

Projected Bullpen
CL RHP Fernando Rodney  
SU RHP Joel Peralta  
SU LHP Jake McGee  Out of Options 
MID RHP Kyle Farnsworth  
MID LHP Cesar Ramos  Out of Options 
MID RHP Jamey Wright  
LR RHP Jeff Niemann  Out of Options 

Projected 2013 Record: 90-72 (2nd AL East, wild card spot)
*note that these records will be changing in he final standings piece going up tomorrow.

This projection is pretty low for the Rays, and 95 wins is not of the question for this team. Led by a top 3 rotation, a solid bullpen, and a middle of the pack offense, Tropicana Field is sure to have baseball being played there come October, unfortunately, it won't be sold out...