Saturday, November 10, 2012

Will Alex Give Towers a Call?

            When the majority of you saw this you either thought: Who’s Towers,or that this is just another article about how the Blue Jays should acquire Justin Upton. Well, I hate to break it to you, but those are both wrong. I'm talking about Kevin Towers, GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks
            Although Justin Upton would be a superb acquisition by Alex Anthopoulos, he’s not the first name I’d ask about if I was Alex—it’d be Trevor Bauer. Arizona’s front office and Bauer’s relationship has said to be thinning with Bauer’s unwillingness to change his routines. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe Yunel Escobar and Colby Rasmus’ names will help you remember that this situation Arizona is in fits right into Alex’s trading niche. Anthopoulos loves to buy low on players that have had problems elsewhere and bring them into, what seems like, a very player friendly atmosphere in Toronto.
            So why exactly would Alex be interested in an unproven pitcher that put up a ERA of 6.06 in 4 major league starts last year, when there are proven pitchers on the free agent market that wouldn’t cost current players or prospects? Because this is Trevor Bauer and he could end up being a front-line starter, some could even push for “ace” potential. He has done nothing but succeed in the minors in 2012, even in the PCL where he put up an ERA of 2.85 and a K/9 ratio of 10.6 in 14 starts, now that’s promise. And let us not forget that he is still only 21 years of age.
            I feel that Bauer could most likely step into a 2013 middle-to-back-end rotation spot, so there is no question that an acquisition of Bauer would fill a hole. It would cost Alex, but wouldn’t create any new holes needed to be filled later because of what Arizona needs. A trade involving Trevor Bauer would cost nothing less than a major league short stop and a promising pitcher going back in return. The Blue Jays have depth in both positions, so it’s possible but may be a stretch. After all, not many pitchers of his caliber get traded so young. I’m really not saying that Bauer is on the block, but if a good enough offer comes around, I see the D-Backs going for it.
            Maybe the Jays and D-Backs talk about Bauer and realize something like this: Maybe not Bauer, but Patrick Corbin also fits nicely into the Jays plans, as does Adeiny Hechavarria with Arizona. A cheap way for both teams to fill holes!
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