Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome Melky

    This time last year the Giants acquired Melky Cabrera from the Royals in exchange for Jonathan Sanchez. This year, Cabrera is on the move again, but this time it’s to the Toronto Blue Jays. Cabrera has signed a 2 year $16 million contract with the Blue Jays. This comes following the monstrous trade with Miami that has yet to be approved by the MLB, and is currently “under review.” If the past week has shown us anything, it’s that Rogers and the Toronto Blue Jays management are ready to fight their way to the top of the AL East by spending money, with the young foundation already in place.  
            When the news of the signing first broke, I was filled with utter excitement, assuming the deal would be low-risk high-reward. This isn’t as low-risk as the experts or myself thought it would be, after all, $16 million over two years isn’t cheap(opposed to what he should of got, it is). But this guy is worth it! You can completely discredit last year, and you still get a player worth 8 million dollars a year. Cabrera’s career batting average in the AL is .279 along with an OPS of .739. Let us not forget that his WAR with Kansas City in 2011 was 4.2, that’s value. There is no questioning that this gutsy, yet intelligent signing by Alex Anthopoulos only helps the Blue Jays fill voids, and clarify the path the Jays are taking from this point on.

            Where does Melky fit? Depending on his performance, I assume he’ll bat second and play left field for the majority of the games this year. I believe Melky will fit in perfectly, and help this club make the jump to perennial contender for the World Series. 

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