Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Don't Really Know These Guys!

The Blue Jays are in search of a new manager. I'll be quite honest with you, if I think rationally, I have no preference for who gets the job. People in baseball have strong opinions, because these baseball people know the candidates personally, and this opinion is reasonable. Most Jays fans have their heart set to one guy. Whether you want experience, (Manny Acta), a fresh face who happens to be related to a Blue Jays legend (Sandy Alomar Jr), someone who was your favourite Montreal Expo (Tim Wallach), or just some plain fun (Ozzie Guillen), you simply do not know who would be the best fit to be the skipper.

There is more to managing than situational substitutions. You have to interact with players, in a way that they will enjoy, and understand. You may think that you know about these managers, because of the way that the players speak about them, or the way that the managers themselves address the media. The fact is, that no player in his right mind would speak negatively about a manager, unless it's in a book several years later, and most managers aren't their true self when it comes to talking to the media(Guillen is the obvious exception). 

The point that I am trying to get across here is that Jays fans initially should be happy about who the Blue Jays hire. Even Jim Tracy, because there have been many instances when a manager hasn't had success with one team, but then went to another, and enjoyed great triumph (See: Joe Torre). The main goal of every coach is to one day become a manager, so there aren't any coaches who wouldn't come to Toronto. Therefore, there isn't a lack of candidates that Alex Anthopolous has to choose from. AA will have a good reason for hiring whoever he hires, that's enough for me to be happy, and it should be enough for all Jays fans to be happy, too.

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