Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rogers Acquiring Rogers?

The Blue Jays have acquired hard throwing right hander Esmil Rogers for Mike Aviles and Yan Gomes; so in essence they traded John Farrell, David Carpenter, and Yan Gomes for a versatile righty. Doesn't sound so bad now, does it? This trade leaves me with a couple questions that happen to lead me to more questions.

1) Does Alex like Rogers as a depth starter?
            After seeing his success as a reliever in the American League last year, posting a WHIP of 1.11 and K/9 just over 9, I’d prefer to see him stay in the bullpen. This leads to my second question:

2) Does AA believe Darren Oliver is leaning towards retirement?
            With the uncertainty of Oliver’s future AA could have acquired Rogers in case Oliver decides to retire. Personally I don’t think Alex goes out and trades for a relief pitcher if he doesn’t have too. So maybe Oliver is leaning towards retirement? (Let’s hope not)

3) Was Aviles ever the answer at Second?
            I don’t think so. He would have been a brilliant bench guy, but for a team that wants to contend, he’s not a starter. Which leads to:

4) Is AA comfortable with a middle infield of Yunel and Adeiny after this trade?
            He shouldn’t be. AA hasn’t done anything to impress the “average” Jays fan of late, but I think the acquisition of Marco Scutaro could change that. Not only is he a fan favourite for all Jays fans, but he can still play the game and get to the World Series. After a huge trade or the acquisition of a franchise player, I think this is #2 on most Jays fan’s wish list.

The trade itself:
            This trade does nothing but good. It adds versatile depth at the starting and relieving positions, which the Jays could have desperately used last year (Learning the hard way!) It opens a new door for second base options, and opens up space on the 40-man by ridding themselves of Yan Gomes, who just couldn’t find his bat all year. Plus, when Brandon Lyon and Jason Frasor walk in Free AGency in the next couple of months, Rogers will fill one of their spots in the bullpen.

            No true Jays fan will be disappointed in this trade because there is really nothing bad about it. 

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