Thursday, July 5, 2012

Source:Blue Jays Call Up Sam Dyson From AA New Hampshire

A source from New Hampshire (@graymatter11) is reporting that 24 year old RHP Sam Dyson is being called up to the Blue Jays to replace Scott Richmond in the bullpen. Richmond was sent down earlier this evening. From what I have read on Dyson(in the past 10 minutes because I haven't heard of his name since he was drafted in 2010) is that he is like Henderson Alvarez just he throws faster. So, he is a ground ball pitcher who doesn't miss bats, sits 92-96 with his fastball, and touches 98 a lot. If he is a little better than Alvarez, I like him in the pen, just like I want Alvarez in the bullpen. But, that being said, I hate this move! The Jays have to stop rushing pitchers to the bigs, and realize how good Chad Beck is. Dyson has thrown 52 IP between A and AA in his short career, and Chad Beck has an ERA under 1.00 in the PCL, the PCL! Maybe you don't understand. Pitchers don't do that. In any league. But Beck has done it in the PCL. The pitching cemetery PCL. Dyson has a .75 ERA in AA, but Beck's ERA is clearly more impressive because of the PCL factor.

Instead of being angry at this move, I'll be angry at John Farrell for continuing to use a 8 man bullpen, when it is so unnecessary.

What do you think of this move? Comment below!

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