Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blue Jays Mid-Season Grades:Part 3

The third part of the series for you!

Rajai Davis: B-
Rajai Davis is back! After being horrendous last season, Rajai has returned to form, since taking over the staring left field job at least. Since taking over on May 29th, not including tonight’s game, Rajai is batting .303 with a .345 OBP. He has stolen 12 bases in that span, while only being caught 4 times. His defense has been average, but much better than what Eric Thames would have provided. If he keeps this up, he probably will be traded, because his value just keeps on rising, and Travis Snider will almost certainly be called up to replace him.  If he is kept, I can’t see him keeping this up, so a C at the end of the year seems realistic.
Davis and Mathis have both been
played well for the Jays this year
Kelly Johnson: C+
Kelly Johnson started off the season so well.  But then he stopped getting on base, and instead of getting on base, he would strike out. Since May 9th, KJ has struck out 59 in only 48 games. His OBP since then is .297, and he only has a .318 slugging percentage. His numbers are clearly taking a hit because of the K’s as shown by his BABIP since May 9th. His BABIP is .320, a product of getting so many of his outs without putting the ball in play. His defense has not been so good, but I can live with that. I don’t see him coming back next season for a few reasons. One is Adeiny Hechavarria, and the second is Jon Berti. Hech should be ready to take over short next year with Yunel Escobar moving to second, if Adeiny figures out how to hit. Berti is tearing up the minors right now, and I can see him starting in Las Vegas next season, putting him into consideration for a mid-2013 call up.  To end, if KJ wants to stay with the team next season, and increase his grade, he needs to cut down on his strikeouts, by a lot!
Jeff Mathis:C+
Mathis has a WAR of 0.6 this season. JP Arencibia has a WAR of 0.0. Mathis has played in 26 games; Arencibia has played in 67 games. Personally, I would be starting Jeff Mathis and his .288 OBP (Arencibia’s is .260). Both catchers are very bad offensively clearly, although JPA does have that power aspect to his game. Mathis’ defense has been amazing again this season, and that is why he is the best catcher on this team. His defense is so much better than JPA’s, and he deserves to start. Mathis has been a very good backup catcher this season, but if he wants to increase his grade, I believe he needs to get on base more, like he was during his hot start to the season.
Henderson Alvarez: C
Before I go on a rant about how bad Henderson Alvarez is, I’ll say that he is 22, and he has time to improve. But right now, he is not good. This is a in part due to the fact that he was brought up to the majors without getting enough time in the minors to develop an out pitch.  It is impossible to succeed in this league if you don’t miss bats, and Henderson does not. Nobody has been successful with a K/9 of 2.8. A 4.00 ERA is what Henderson will stay around if he doesn’t add that “Out Pitch”.  It is a shame that there is no way he could get sent down because of all the injuries, but the AL East is not a place to try to learn an out pitch. He has been quite lucky that he has had a fairly good defense behind him up to this point, but he needs to start missing bats. C is probably what he will be at the end of the season unless magically he learns to strike batters out.
Brett Cecil: C
Cecil has done what has
 been expected from him so far.
Cecil is one of the replacement pitchers for the 3 injured ones, so all you can really ask for from him is to go 6 innings of less than 5 runs allowed. He has done much better than that, well except for one start. He hasn’t been giving inning, as he has pitched 22.1 of them in 4 starts, but minus that game against the Angels in which he allowed 8 runs, he has only given up 6 runs in 3 starts. He is going to need to start keeping the ball in the ballpark, which he has not done at all to this point if he wants to improve, but overall he has been average.  When Morrow and Hutch come back, he will probably be moved to the bullpen along with Carlos Villanueva, depending on how Aaron Laffey continues to pitch.

What do you think of the 3rd part? Comment with your grades below and we could discuss what we did differently! 

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  1. Like your analyses. Can see packaging Johnson, Davis, Mathis, Cooper and/or Gomes in one or more trades to bring in a signable or under control SP. These guys all have skills in demand by top contenders. That doesn't mean we're selling, though. It just means we're clearing logjam and making room for Snider, Hech (who's been doing some 2B) and D'Arnaud. I wanna keep both JP & D'Arnaud into future. If we get more Dyson quality from AA & AAA this summer, then we can make run at WC. Cordero has to go somewhere, throws gasoline.

    1. I would not keep JP even if d'Arnaud is traded. Provides nothing for the team. No defense. Minimal offense. I don't think any team will take those guys by themselves, so I assume you would have to throw in a prospect or two. About Cordero, I agree completely. Get rid of him, how ever you can!