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Blue Jays Mid-Season Grades: Part 5

Here is the 5th and final post from the Blue Jays Mid-Season report card. I had a blast writing it, and hope you guys enjoyed.
Drabek,center, shown leaving the game
 injured at the Rogers Centre on June 13th 
Kyle Drabek: D-
After a very disappointing 2011 season that saw Drabek sent down to AAA, Kyle started the 2012 season with a bang! In April it looked like he had solved all of his control issues, as he only walked 15 batters in 30 innings, while pitching to an outstanding ERA of 2.40. But when the calendar switched to May, Drabek reverted to his past ways, and his wheels fell off as he was walking almost 7 batters per 9IP until he was injured during his start on June 13th. The base runners were a problem for Kyle as his ERA in that span was 6.31, and his total season ERA ballooned to 4.67. Kyle’s 2012 and likely 2013 seasons are finished as he had Tommy John Surgery last month. This is Kyle’s second TJ procedure, and it would not surprise me if Kyle’s career as a starter is over, although I can see him being a late inning reliever if he finds his control once again.
Francisco Cordero: D-
Getting booed at home takes a lot of skill, or lack thereof. Francisco Cordero hasn’t pitched all that bad this season. He has allowed plenty of ground balls, yet for some reason, whenever Coco pitches, he gives up runs, and loses the game for the Jays.  His BABIP is a ridiculously unsustainable .376, which is why I believe he still has a job. AA has to believe that eventually his numbers will drop, because that BABIP is just so outrageously high. I gave him a D- instead of a F because of that BABIP, and I do expect him to start getting outs, like he did from May 12th to June 29th, when he pitched to a 1.74 ERA in 20.2 innings.
Adam Lind: D-
Adam Lind looks very good right now! Since returning to the majors on June 25th, Lind has an OBP of .317(not good, but not so bad), but has hit 4 home runs in 38 at bats. But that isn’t even the most impressive thing about Lind since his return. He is hitting the ball the other way effortlessly, something that tells you Lind is on his game. We know the power is going to be there for Lind, but what the Jays need from him is to get on base more than 30% of the time, something he struggled with the past couple of seasons. If he can hit at a mark of about .265, and walk another 6% of the time, the team will be very happy with him, and so will I.  I could see his grade improving to a C- if he keeps up what he has been doing since coming back!
JP Arencibia: F
JP Arencibia has 13 home runs. He is so good! No. He isn’t. The guy has a .261 OBP. You should not be allowed on a major league roster with an OBP that low. He has a WAR of 0.2… In 265 plate appearances. His defense has been dreadful. His offense, aside from his power, has been even worse. Jeff Mathis has a 0.4 WAR in 75 PA. His defense is so much better than JPA’s, and his offense as actually been better. If I was John Farrell I would bench JPA for a few games, and have him work on taking pitches more. By taking pitches he will see more pitches, have better at bats, and actually be a serviceable catcher.
Eric Thames: F
Thames was sent down for a reason. He had a JPA like OBP of .288, and had a slugging percentage of .365(Ouch). His WAR was -0.8, a factor of both his atrocious defense, and his lackluster offense. I have nothing really left to say about him. He was really bad while in Toronto at all aspects of the game (except for his base running, which was amazing, but because his offence was so bad, it was hardly ever used), and he deserves to be in AAA. His numbers look good in AAA, but you never know if he has actually performed well because of the “PCL Factor”. Rajai Davis has been very good as his replacement, so I see no reason to rush him up here, and I believe Travis Snider has passed him on the depth chart once again!
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