Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snider Traded: Blue Jays Nation Cries

We will miss you Travis!
Travis Snider has been traded to the Pirates... for a relief pitcher? Well more like a Carlos Villanueva type reliever,as Lincoln has started 5 games this season.After coming out of Monday's game, Travis gave a bunch of hugs to the players and coaches on the Jays, and headed out to pack. We are all very upset to see Travis go, as we have all gotten very close to him. He has been a fan favorite, and is one of the nicest guys you will meet. That being said, don't judge a trade without knowing anything about the player acquired. So here is a little break down of the trade.

To Pittsburgh Pirates: Travis Snidarggggh(see what I did there?)
Travis came up to the Jays in 2008 and was fantastic. Since then he has never lived up to his potential of a future MVP type player. It seems like every time he doesn't hit a home run, he strikes out. He has K'd 13 times in 34 at bats this season, which is way to much. He does have potential obviously as potential doesn't leave a player, but he was never going to be a successful in Toronto. We have to understand that as we react to this trade. He was a player that AA would usually pounce on. Out of favor young star with loads of potential. Would Colby Rasmus or Brett Lawrie have become who they are today if they still played on their original teams? Probably not. This scenery change is amazing for Travis, and I really hope he does win some MVP awards while in Pittsburgh. He now gets to go into a playoff race(weird saying that about the Pirates), and he deserves it. One last thing, Snider is under control until 2016.
To Toronto Blue Jays: Brad Lincoln(Hopefully Brandon Morrow 2.0)
Before you think Lincoln is horrible because you have never heard of him, look at this guys 2012 stats!
9.10 K/9
2.12 BB/9
3.44 xFIP
He is 27(not bad), and is under team control until 2018. The Jays need starters to compete this year. But the plan has never been to compete in 2012! Especially with all these injuries, there is no way the Jays are making the playoffs this season. So be happy that they strengthed the team for 2013-2014. With Lincoln they just acquired a reliever who if they want they can convert into a starter. I wouldn't because his numbers are great as a reliever, and could be a key piece in the 2013 bullpen which actually looks like it is shaping up pretty well. He throws a fastball(93 MPH), a sinker(92 MPH), a Curve(With a -43.81 Vertical Break), and a Change up(8 MPH slower than fastball with a 30.75 break). And one more thing. The Jays have the most scouts in the MLB. AA doesn't do this trade unless he has good reason too. Obviously he has good Intel that this trade is a smart. Lets hope Lincoln is truly the Pittsburgh Pirates "Travis Snider" as Kevin Goldstein described him earlier tonight on the Fan590.

As you all know Eric Thames was also traded(to the Mariners for Steve Delabar). Ewan will have an article up about that later tonight(or morning I guess). All I have to say about that trade: NINJA! Thames has no hit tool, and Delabar has a great fastball(11.29 K/9). Looks like a steal right now for the Jays.

By the way... Which reporter gave these trade away? #TheyDidnt #AA7 #Ninja

Would love to discuss these trades with you guys, so leave your comments in the section below.

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  1. I think that these trade were pretty good, however there are some talks about the jays being in the hunt for Justin Morneau. If these rumours are true what type of players are we going to give up for him? Dont you think that wwe should have kept snider to be in a deal for Morneau?

  2. They'd have to give up practically nothing for Justin Morneau, aside from the 17 mil he has left on his contract over the next 18 months. He's been hitting better as of late, but over the last two seasons he's basically been the same hitter as Adam Lind.

    Also, there's no real deadline on a player like Justin Morneau, as he'll probably clear waivers in August. The Jays could make a deal for him next week as easily as they could right now.

  3. Morneau will clear waivers this week, and his trade talks will resume. But we have heard about the Jays "Interest" in him, So it isn't happening. Not even so sure he better than Lind because of his contract