Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bautista wins yet another award, Jays Keep on Riding Home Runs to Victory

Jose Bautista is having a year that he could never have dreamed of. The Says slugger leads the league in home runs,is 2nd in rbi's with 103,and is in 3rd with a slugging percentage of .618. Bautista also has 3 player of the weeks awards, and won his second player of the month award on Wednesday.Bautista is also in 3rd in league in walks with 87,and is tied for first with 76 XBH.

The Jays have won there last two games, while hitting six home runs over that stretch. Not only is the batting on fire for the blue birds, Brett Cecil and Ricky Romero have started the two games and have pitched 13.1 innings, allowing just 4 runs while striking out just 5 batters. Vernon Wells and Aaron hill went deep in Sunday and Monday's game.

While scrolling around on the Fisher Cats website I found a left fielder that I've never heard about that made me very excited. His name is Eric Thames and he hit .288 with an impressive 27 home runs and 104 rbi's.Thames also had a .370 on base percentage to go along with a .526 slugging percentage. Thames was drafted 219th overall by the Jays in the 2008 first year player draft. I think he has a chance of cracking a spot on the Jays next season out of spring training if a trade is made to clear up some room in the Jays amazing outfield. Only time will tell with this amazing 24 year old prospect.

Make sure you vote for Tom Cheek to win the Ford.C Frick award and for Vernon Wells for the 5-tool player award.


  1. What do you think of the pitching callups for the rest of the year. Do you think Jose will hit 50 homeruns?

  2. Well the Jays called up Kyle Drabek yeterday, and they said they will call up Robert Ray soon.the next blog post will be focusing on Drabek and Ray. Jose will hit 50 home runs for sure.He is at 46 home runs right now with 19 games remaining.His current home run pace is 1 per 3 games so expect to see at least another 6 home runs from Home Run King Bautista.

  3. I stand corrected Robert Ray has already been called up

  4. just wondering what joses vorp is?

  5. Well,first i would like to explain what vorp is for those of you who dont know. Vorp stands for value over replacement player.So the statistician takes what for example Jose Bautista does and takes what an average replacement player would do and calculates the vorp. Jose's Vorp is currently 61.4 and ranks 7th in the Mlb among position players..