Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jays Lose,Red Sox Move to 1\2 game back of Toronto

It was another night and another embarrassing loss for the Jays . John Buck, a career .236 hitter and Fred Lewis a career .279 hitter each had two hits, a double and a single, to rack up all 4 hits the Jays produced today. Dana Eveland pitched just 4+ innings while giving up 4 walks, 5 hits and allowing 6 earned runs. Daisuke Matsuzaka was sensational, pitching 7 innings giving up only 3 hits while striking 9 batters out for the “Boys from Bean Town”. Vernon Wells went 0-4 but squared the ball up three times. Just like last night the 2 through 5 hitters went 0-fer, continuing their struggles.
Before the game, GM Alex Anthopoulos held a press conference saying three big topics. The first was that the series against Philadelphia Phillies will be moved to Philadelphia because of the G-20 Summit. The second is that first base prospect Brett Wallace will stay in the minor leagues until the end of the season. Third is that Edwin Encarnacion will be back in the line up in at least two weeks.
I will like to talk about the third issue. When Edwin Encarnacion comes back Jose Bautista or Fred Lewis is out of a starting job. Fred Lewis is batting .300/.340/.489 with 12 RBI’s, while Bautista is batting .216/.324/.472 with 23 RBI’s. I would give Lewis the Job because he is likely to be with this team for a long time but Bautista is probably in his last year with the Jays. Cito Gaston could possibly make a platoon between Lewis, Baustista and Travis Snider for right field and left field.

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