Sunday, September 26, 2010

50 for Bautista,30 for Wells,20 for Overbay,It's the Year of the Long Ball

On Thursday night,Jose Bautista did something only 26 other people in the entire world can say they did.He hit his 50th home run of the season as the Jays beat the Mariners,by a score of 6-4. On Friday night Vernon Wells hit his 30th home run,which is his third 30 home run season in his career.On Saturday in the bottom of the eleventh inning,with the score tied at 4 Lyle Over bay stepped up to the plate and hit a walk off home run.

Last Saturday, Kevin Gregg recorded his 33rd save of the season which breaks his season record of 32 that he posted in 2007.Gregg was signed in the off-season last year and all the critics said that he would be a waste of money and that he was going to pitch horribly.Gregg is pitching decent with 35 saves in 40 opportunities.

Yesterday,the Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman,of the Cincinnati Reds did not throw one of his 25 pitches under 100 MPH. Chapman also threw the fastest pitch ever recorded in a major league game at 105 MPH. Chapman was in contract talks with Blue jays in the off-season but he decided to go Cincinnati instead.

This week the first two clubs to clinch the playoffs were The Minnesota Twins when they clinched the AL Central, and the Texas Rangers clinched the AL West.The playoffs start October 6th on Fox and TBS.

Here are some videos for you:

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