Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roy Halladay: Human or not Human,That is the Question

On the night of Wednesday October 6th 2010, Roy Halladay got "Doctober" off to a tremendous start. He threw 104 pitches,9 innings and made history by pitching a no-hitter against the NL Central Champion Cincinnati Reds.Halladay did not only throw the first no hitter in Division series history, he outhit the reds by himself,yes he had a hit and the Reds didn't.In the second,the man they call the "Doc" got a RBI single to extend the Phillies lead to 2-0 which would end up 4-0. The front runner for 2010 NL Cy Young threw only the second no-hitter in post season history in his post season debut. Blue Jays fans across the world were smiling and cheering as arguably the best Blue Jays pitcher of all time, and without a doubt the best pitcher in baseball right now threw one of the most dominant games ever pitched by a pitcher in the history of baseball.

Here is the video of all 28 batters he faced.Roy got 27 of the 28 batters out as a 5th inning walk to Jay Bruce was the only blemish on his resume today. As you watch this think of how good Roy really is.

Some time this week i will blog about the Jays season in 2010 and what we could expect from them this off-season.

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