Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bautista Hits #41 on the season, 100 Career

Jose Bautista hit his 41st home run tonight and his 100th career as the Blue Jays were beaten 7-1 by the Detroit Tigers.On Wednesday night the Jays beat the Yankees 6-3 as Vernon Wells was a double shy of the cycle .On Tuesday night the Jays were obliterated by the Yankees 11-5 as the Bronx Bombers feasted on Mark Rzepczynski's horrible pitching. The Jays are struggling as they are now 4 for there last 10,and only 5 games above .500.

On Sunday August 22nd, Damien Cox, the Hockey Columnist for the Toronto Star, blogged asking a question if Jose Bautista was using Steroids. Although it was a legitimate question,it was wrong in my opinion. Yes, Bautista had never hit more than 20 home runs in one season and 41 of his 100 home runs have come this season, but this guys arms look like those of a normal person. When McGuire,Sosa, and the Godfather of Steroids, Jose Canseco were juicing there arms were bigger than most people's heads.Damien Cox as mentioned before is a hockey columnist which might explain why he doesn't know that from when your 28-32 you play the best baseball of your career, that's why its your prime.

Post comments with your opinion of whether it was okay for Damien Cox to blog that.

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