Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jays Lose Another, but Bats Finally Come Alive

The Jays have now lost 7 of there last 9 games and destined to make all the baseball predictors stop scratching their heads. All but a few sports reporters predicted that these Jays would finish in last place in the AL East, but the Blue Birds were proving them wrong up until Interleague Play started.The Jays were knocking the ball out of the park at record paces,but just like every other year,the team falls apart in Mid-June.

Remember to vote for Alex Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, and Vernon Wells as those are the three Blue jays that deserve all-star recognition.

Also remember to vote for Jose Bautista, and Vernon Wells who are in the top 5 in the MLB for the lead in home runs and should be representing Toronto during the home run derby on July 13th.

I am going away for the summer so this will be my last post until late august.

Go Jays!!!!!

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