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Live MLB Draft Blog!

The 2013 MLB Rule 4 draft is set to get underway in about 40 minutes, and we'll be live blogging the whole thing(OK, not the whole thing, mainly the Jays parts) for you tonight! This is our first foray into live blogging, so bear with us. We'll analyze the picks leading up to the Jays and how it effects the Blue Jays pick at #10, and then, after the Jays pick, we'll talk about that for a while, I guess.

We have a great team live blogging tonight, as Ewan, Marshall, Isaac, and myself(Gideon) will be manning this post. I'll try to embed any important tweets as well with updates on the draft.

Thanks for joining us, and keep on coming back and refreshing as new content will be coming rapidly(or at least I hope). We welcome your comments on this post as a great way to interact with us!

6:32 PM-Gideon
With half an hour left, I figured I'd get this started. Right now, it seems as if the Astros will be taking either Kohl Stewart or Colin Moran with the #1 pick. This info comes from a tweet by David Rawnsley of PerfectGameUSA(affiliated with BaseballProspectus).
The general consensus was that the Astros would take either RHP Mark Appel or RHP Jonathan Gray with that pick, but now it seems as if they might use last year's strategy again, when they chose to skip Appel for Carlos Correa, and then be able to sign guys for over slot later. If they were to do that this year, they'd probably be looking at Sean Manea with their pick at #40.

Whoever the Astros take, it won't effect the Jays much. What will effect the Jays is what happens with pick 8-9, owned by the Royals and the Pirates respectively. This should be fun, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Some non draft news. I just saw a tweet from @ShiDavidi of Sportsnet saying the Jays will purchase Andy Laroche's contract tomorrow to replace the sent down Anthony Gose. I think that was pretty expected, so not so newsworthy.


Just a reminder, if you haven't already checked them out, Marshall and Ewan put up some great draft pieces these past couple of days. Marshall's piece can be found by clicking here, and Ewan's by click here. I'm sure they want your feedback, so leave a comment or two.


We're less than 10 minutes away now, and I thought I'd write who I'd like the Jays to select.

LHP Trey Ball has good mechanics and a very ceiling of a #2 starter. For more about him, read the articles I linked to above. The good mechanics are key for me, as they are something other pitchers in this draft with similar ceilings don't have, and with the Jays recent injury history, I think mechanics should be a focus when acquiring players.


So we're already to go. Don't expect the first pick to be announced for 10-15 minutes. This is going to be a long night. So, the king of twitter, Fernando Tatis, keeps us entertained with some comedy!


The others will be joining in soon. But, it seems as if we know who the 1st pick will be. Keith Law informs us in the following tweet!


So with Appel likely going to the Astros, I assume it will be Gray to the Cubs and then Bryant to the Rockies. Stewart probably goes to the Twins, and from there, things could change. Should be exciting. Stick with us!


It's Appel.
The Houston Astros select RHP Mark Appel out of Stanford. Cubs on the clock. Seems as it will be Gray. We shall see.


Jim Bowden is hearing Cubs will go Gray. The tweet:

Kris Byrant to the Cubs according to John Manuel of BA.Oh, and now confirmed by Bud Selig.
Interesting. He's powerful. He went to the University of San Diego and plays third base. Will be interesting to see if the Rockies go with Gray or take a bat.

The Astros grab the pitcher they passed on last year, in Stanford right hander Mark Appel.  This shows that money wasn't a concern, because you'd suspect that Jonathan Gray would've signed for slightly less money.
The real lesson in this pick is Scott Boras always wins.  Gambled by letting Appel go back into the draft, and he's the big winner.
Harold Reynolds thinks that Appel could be in Houston by July.  His first comment of the night that is totally out to lunch.  Not saying that Appel doesn't have the MLB ready talent, right now, but there is zero chance a hopeless team burns through service time in order to add a win to a 65 win team. 

The Astros did the right thing by picking Mark Appel #1 overall. There was a ton of speculation about various players, many people had them taking Gray, Moran, or Stewart. But then again, there is speculation every single year. I think the Astros knew Appel was the guy from the beginning, being the most polished, most advanced, player on the board. Another step forward for the Astros rebuild. They are doing it right.

Rockies select RHP Jonathan Gray. I'm surprised. A bit. Doesn't really effect the Jays. Top 3 off the board after 3 picks. Makes sense.


The Cubs surprise people to a certain degree, by passing on Jonathan Gray, to take what the rarest thing in the game these days is, which is right handed power.  3rd baseman Kris Bryant has as much power as any pick in recent memory. 
With seemingly 3rd base long term plugged by Javier Baez, and 1st base with Anthony Rizzo, I'd expect that Bryant could be ticketed for right field. 
Harold Reynolds tells us that he's seen Bryant pick it at 3rd, and he can stay there.  I question how many times he's been out to San Diego to scout Bryant's D.

So the Twins, as expected, will pick Stewart. The tweet:


With Bryant off the board, the Rockies don't get cute and force a hitter in this slot.  They take Jonathan Gray, and wind up with who I thought was the best talent in the draft. 
I always thought the Rockies should've been focused on pitching to begin with, so this works just as well. 
Lack of Harold Reynolds lunacy after this pick, but I'd expect its only because they cut to commercial.
Despite the 3 picks not being in order, the top 3 are the 3 players we expected.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo say Indians are in on Frazier. We'll see if they pick him

The first no brainer of the night.  The Twins have one of the most stacked farm systems in the entire league, however it is still lacking pitching.  The ability to pair a stud arm like Kohl Stewart, along side their stud position players like Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano.  Together those are the trio who could lead the twinkies back to prominence. 
Mark Appel calls in, and credits God for showing him the path to go.  Pretty lofty nickname he's given to Scott Boras.

Indians go ginger and select Frazier. #6 will likely be Shipley, per Passan.

Oh, and Frazier sings Taylor Swift, so the Jays missed big time.

First pick of the draft(Frazier) that could have a trickle down effect, as mentioned by Ewan in his article. We'll see how it effects the Jays.


First real shock of the night occurs at #5 as the Indians take Clint Frazier over Colin Moran, and not only blow up draft boards, but also crush my heart.  I was still holding out hope that Frazier's unconventional body and player type would fall to the Jays at 10. 
Now the question becomes where does Colin Moran fall.  He doesn't strike me as a Red Sox type pick.  Big wildcard introduced.
Harold Reynolds comps Frazier to Mike Trout, which seems really lazy.  I also learned that Frazier has grown 2 inches in the past couple weeks, and is now 6'1.

Marlins select Moran. WOW. What a Moranic pick. Sorry, just wanted to make that pun. I lime it. Makes the picture cloudy now for the Jays. Let's what happens!


Since Colin Moran fell into their laps, they pass on Braden Shipley to take the polished MLB ready third baseman.
I'm hoping that this means that Shipley falls into the Royals lap, since I expect they are looking for a college pitcher.  This could lead to Trey Ball falling to the Jays.  Ball is at the top of my board right now.
Luhnow in his interview basically tells Reynolds he's a moron for thinking Appel will get there by July.
Also, I appreciate whoever the host is, for throwing a jab at the Royals (and ex-hitting coach Jack Maloof) by saying they are looking to "hit a home run"

Red Sox take Ball. I shall go cry. Meadows now top of my list.

Hoping Shipley falls to the Jays now, him and Stanek intrigue. Along with Meadows, of course.

Red Sox snag Trey Ball, who another of the guys I really wanted.  I'll be very disappointed if the Royals snag Meadows next, which there has been some buzz on them taking.  That would be my nightmare scenario, which could lead to someone like a JP Crawford going to the Jays.
Let's hope the Royals are looking for pitching and take one of Bickford, Meadows, or Stanek.

Royals take Hunter Dozier. Very big surprise. Pirates now going to choose between Meadows and McGuire. Jays likely to get the one who they don't take.

Pirates select Meadows, so now McGuire and Shipley are available. Let's hope for Shipley. 


I just pity Royals fans.  Hunter Dozier wasn't ranked in the top 30 by anyone. 
Jesus Christ.  Reynolds loves the pick.  Compares him to Troy Tulowitzki, and says he's a lock to stay at short.  Jonathan Mayo immediately says Reynolds doesn't know anything, and he's not a shortstop.
This pick is atrocious, and is Dayton Moore's final insult to Royals fans on his way out the door. 
I don't care how little money Dozier takes, even of it gets them Bickford or Manaea.
Now that Harold Reynolds realizes its a crappy pick he's questioning it.

I don't like this pick. I'll explain soon. No more live blogging picks. We'll be giving our thoughts on this pick, and then be back at it when the Jays draft in the 2nd round.

I'll be back with the live blog when the second round comes on. I'm writing a separate post on Bickford.

Aaaaaaaaand I'm back! The Jays have their 2nd round pick at #47, which should be in a few minutes. Let's see what happens.

No idea who Clinton Hollon is. 

Well that sounds good, I think. I'll look for scouting reports and post them on here. Stay tuned. 

So Hollon throws with a 3/4 arm slot, and his mechanics are messy and, as Rode says above, he has an effort delivery. Once again, the Jays go to a guy with a high risk of injury. But, I won't rant again, I'll focus on the good. He was going to be a mid 1st round pick this draft before getting hurt, so their is some potential here. He sits 91-94 and touches 97 according to the scouting report I found, and apparently has good control. He also throws a high 70's curve and his change up features good arm speed. The money line from this scouting report though is the following. "Potential for 4 above average offerings". Very nice. If he stays healthy, this could be a nice little snag for AA and the crew.

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