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2013 MLB Mock Draft: Part 1

Guest Post by: Donn Parris

*Views expressed in this article do not reflect the opinion of and its staff. For our draft opinions, you can read the article written by Marshall yesterday, or the one Ewan will be posting today.

This is the second year I have been asked to participate in providing my opinions on the MLB Rule IV Draft.  This was a much harder year for me as the talent pool seems to be down from last year.  Enjoy reading and keep an open mind as I tried to pick the best fit for each club so that each selection would be provided with the best opportunities to become the Big Leaguer they all wish to become.  Decisions were based on past draft history, advisor and the previous ability to develop players within the organizations.

33. Yankees   - Nick Ciuffo, C, Lexington HS, SC

Nick is just one of many quality HS Catchers in this draft and the Yankees are still in need of quality receivers.  Ciuffo has the moxie to handle the pressures that go along with being a top prospect in an organization that is followed so closely by its fan base that it frightens many that are not aware of the stalker like treatment they receive.  Ciuffo is a good choice and will compete and grow in the system.  I don’t know how good his system is but it will get much better very quickly if I am right with this selection. 

32. Yankees – Oscar Mercado, SS, Gaither HS, FL
The Yankees do not have a single top 20 prospect in their system and that needs to change.  They have been anchored by the Captain for a very long time and the time to fill the system with shortstops is here.  I see the Yankees using several picks on athletic players and the focus needs to be up the middle.  Mercado is a step in the right direction.

31. Braves – Chris Anderson, RHP, Jacksonville University  FL
I see the Braves looking to add a right hander like Anderson to their deep player development system.  Not willing to over spend and needing to spend their money wisely, Anderson fits the bill.  A hard thrower with a higher ceiling than most in this draft, Atlanta should be happy he is still available for them to make this selection.  It will still take a phone call right before the selection to test the waters.  As long as the Braves are in the ball park with the money, the signing of Anderson should move along quickly.

30. Rangers – Ryan Boldt, OF, Ring Wing HS, MINN
Midwest goes Southwest and Boldt is a good fit into a system that will allow him time to get better at his pace.  If Boldt had a choice (and he doesn’t) he could not have picked a better organization for his skills.  He will be supported and not pushed and allowed to grow and not be judged to quickly and given the time to establish himself in the system.  With 3 young Top Prospect outfielders in Hickory (Mazara, Brinson, Guzman) he can push or pull them with him in the future.

29. Rays – Kevin Ziomek, LHP, Vanderbilt, TN
Drafted by the Dbacks in 2010, Kevin chose Vanderbilt over pro ball.  Ziomek grew while at Vandy into a man and polished his abilities and got a jump start on his education.  Ziomek must realize it is time to venture out into the world of professional baseball and compete the way he can.  The Rays will do well in drafting Ziomek and allowing their top rate Player development department to polish this fast raiser. It is easy to see Ziomek in a Rays uniform by the end of 2014 season and far into the future as the 4th or 5th starter.

28. Cardinals  - Tim Anderson, SS/OF, East Central CC, MISS
 Anderson is a fast riser based mostly on the fact he is still learning to play baseball.  The Cardinals are an organization that develops players. Anderson has raw tools.  His speed and defensive ability grade as future pluses and he has shown really good athleticism up the middle. Offensively the hit tool is his biggest question. He shows bat speed, and some power projection. He really is a tool shed, the question is will he learn to use them?

27. Reds – Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State CA
The “Queen City” needs a Judge and GM Walt Jocketty and SD Chris Buckley find a power bat in Northern California.  The Reds fans are very familiar with players like Judge (as in 1998 First round selection Austin Kearns and second round draft pick Adam Dunn).  I see Judge fitting well and at pick 27 the Reds get a player that can go straight to Bakersfield and be comfortable in the environment.

26. Yankees  - Rob Kaminsky, LHP,  St Joseph Regional HS, NJ
The talent coming out of Jersey has been really good lately and Kaminsky will not disappoint.  Left handed and two plus pitches mean Rob can survive the Yankee System that tends to slow progression of its prospects.  I see things changing in New York and prospects will have less of a tight leash .  This is a smart pick for the Yankees but without inside information and if Kaminsky is unsignable for value, I can see the Yankees selecting Vandy Left hander Kevin Ziomek here.

25. Giants - Eric Jagielo, 3B /OF, Notre Dame IL
Scouting Director John Barr likes college players and is an excellent evaluator of talent.  The Giants organization is one of the best of making the picks work and develop. They just don’t tend to give up on players and Jagielo seems to be the type of player the Giants would get the most out of via development.  The thought of Eric being drafted here is simple.  The Giants could use a player that hits and has shown power and the ability to get on base.  Pack three gloves Eric because no one knows when the brick dust settles what defensive position you will be playing.

24. Athletics – Michael Lorenzen, OF /Closer,  CS Fullerton CA
As Nike says - JUST DO IT.  Michael “Cowboy” Lorenzen is the real deal and Oakland would be blessed to get him.  All indications lead to him being available and he would be the steal of the draft at 24.  All- around athlete with ability to lead and follow in the clubhouse.  The Athletics would be the best organization for him and when the time comes, I will have my fingers crossed that I hear his name called.

23. Rangers – Jon Denny, C, Yukon HS, OK
The Rangers could use a compliment to top prospect Jorge Alfaro.  (SAL)  To do a comparison of the two players, Denny is a year younger but bigger and stronger already.  Both are thought to have + arms and will hit at the big league level. Denny again gets the nod at the power grade, but just one grade above.  That being said, Jon Denny is an ideal selection for the Rangers in securing a future receiver of what is and seems to always be a talented staff of arms.

22. Orioles – Andy McGuire, SS, James Madison HS, VA
Having received little notoriety this spring, McGuire is said to be healthy and he might be a harder sign to get away from the University of Texas even after a down year.  I could see a team such as the Orioles making a run at McGuire and they should.  Now I am not saying he will have the early success of Manny Machado, but I do see McGuire as a way to compliment Machado in the future on the left side of the infield.  For me bigger bats, plays the corner spot. 

21. Rays - Phillip Ervin, OF, Samford University AL
Ervin is everything that has been right in Tampa.  He is the perfect fit to an outfield that could become the best in the current game.  Younger than both Wil Myers and Drew Vettleson, Ervin provides the ++ run tool and defender.  These three youngsters in the same outfield would be electric.  Let’s not forget current outfielder Desmond Jennings who would be all of 30 years old in the 2016 season, when I estimate the three all being on the 25 man roster for the Rays.

20. Tigers  - Braden Shipley, RHP, University of Nevada  NV
With the real possibility of 2 average major league pitches and a plus plus fastball, Shipley has what it takes to be a true 3rd starter in a top notch organization.  Shipley threw 107 innings already so I see the Tigers monitoring him for the remainder of the summer, bringing him to instructs and then an early spring training to evaluate and assign.  His ETA to the big leagues could be as early as 2015 as the 3rd starter as a compliment to Verlander  (2020) and Sanchez (2018). 

19. Cardinals – Hunter Harvey, RHP, Bandys HS, NC
Time to replenish the shelves.  The Cardinals scouting and player development departments have exceeded all true expectations.  A player like Harvey in my opinion goes a long way as to seeing if the Cardinals are the gold standard in both areas.  Harvey has bloodlines and raw ability.  I don’t know if any one player in the draft comes with the highest amount of risk and highest ceiling.  Harvey is like a very fine clay that needs to spend a great deal of time on the potter’s wheel.  The Cardinals are the right place for Harvey.

18. Dodgers – Colin Moran, 3B, UNC NC
Let’s just say depth is good. The Dodgers selected Corey Seager with last years 18th pick.  This year they go get another third baseman from the state of North Carolina.  Moran is projected to be drafted higher but as to a fit it is easy for me to see Colin drafted signed and sent to High A Rancho Cucamonga immediately.  The difference in age between Moran and Seger is just 18 months.  There is no reason not to believe if both players accomplish what Logan White believes that they can’t anchor the corner positions in Chavez Ravine a very long time.

17. White Sox  - Trey Ball, LHP, New Castle HS IN
Probably no organization knows Ball better.  White Sox Midwest crosschecker Mike Shirley has been giving New Castle (Ind.) High lefthander Trey Ball private lessons for the past couple years. (Connor Glassey BBA) White Sox Scouting Director Doug Laumann does a wonderful job evaluating talent and I get the feeling Ball is the target.  The war room will cheer in unison if they are able to select Ball. South siders are crossing every finger and toe.

Picks 16-1 coming later today.

Donn Parris – Owner of Draft Prospectus, is a speaker, coach, trainer and consultant specializing MLB Rule 4 Draft and in creating parent-child, coach-player communication breakthroughs and functional and positive cultures. Twitter @draftprospectus

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