Monday, June 24, 2013

BlueJaysPlus Podcast Episode 14: All Stars, Bickford, and PED's

Another great show this week, and it will also be my last for a while. Ewan and Chris interviewed Phil Bickford's coach(Tim Penprase), we talked about the Blue Jays potential All-Stars, Ewan ranted about PED's, and we covered a lot more. The transcript of the Penprase interviewed should be posted soon. Enjoy.


Download: Click HERE


0:00-16:00: Who will be sent down to make room for Reyes?
16:01-25:00: All Star Chances
25:01-40:45:Injuries Updates
40:46-48:15: Jamie Evans Signing
48:16-52:25: Bullpen Talk
52:26-1:04:25: PED's
1:04:26-1:16:35: Tim Penprase Interview
1:16:36-End: Week Ahead


  1. I'm just listening to this now and I feel like I blew off Ewan's comment about the Morrow's forearm. It's absolutely a concern about TJ surgery. I just think it's inflammation right now.

  2. Also, when I was describing the weighted ball program I failed to name the shoulder area I was talking about. It's called the decelerators and they have been ignored by pitchers for years. All of the big muscles in the body are used to push momentum forward resulting in generated energy thrusting the shoulder and arm forward. This all has to be stopped by those tiny decelerators. So thank you Blue Jays for hiring Jamie Evans.

  3. Here is a link to the movie Ewan and I recommended. I can't say enough great things about this movie.