Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Web Works: June 12th

Starting off with some great info from Batter's Box, as they got their hands on the 2013 Extended Spring Training stats, and have published an article containing info on the Jays minor leaguers who were down in Florida. The pitchers played much better than the hitters, which might be expected during the EST games, but it is probably because as a whole, the Jays had some of their top pitching prospects in EST. This list includes the likes of Adonys Cardona, Chase De Jong, Alberto Tirado, Tyler Gonzales, and Mat Smoral. Those 5 guys are all top 20 in our system, and showed it. Take these stats with a grain of salt obviously, not only because of the small sample, but also because it's EST, and there are so many variables effecting the results.

Mike Wilner wrote a bit of a Game Recap post on last night, focusing on JPA, Brett Cecil, and Chien-MingWang. I disagree with what he has to say about JPA, and I do plan on writing about that soon. Maybe later today now that the Jays game has been....

Postponed :( The Blue Jays official twitter account lets us know 5 and a half hours before first pitch that the game has been cancelled. Feels like it is ridiculously early, but we get to skip our bullpen start(Esmil Rogers), miss Chris Sale, and our taxed bullpen get's a day off which they wouldn't have been getting for a while anyways. I guess I'm fine with this.

A couple great pieces from Fangraphs. First, this one about Adam Lind, where Eno Sarris investigates what changes he has made to his swing, approach, and everything else to allow him to have such great success. Secondly, NotGraphs wins the internet with this GIF of Gerrit Cole throwing a 99 MPH GIF of Yasiel Puig hitting a home run. As I said, they won the internet.

At BlueBirdBanter, Nick Ashbourne explains how the Blue Jays offense resembles that of Lomar Overjols. You'll have to read to find out which 3 players make up that name.

Staying at BBB, also by Nick is this fantastic piece about why the Jays should start Maicer Izturis at second. BABIP is the best reason he lists, and Izturis' is really low right now, sitting at .212. Check it out, It's really good.

Don't leave SBNation yet, as SouthSideSox wrote an article that is basically trashing Hawk Harrelson and praising the Jays at the same time, so yeah, double whammy.

Lastly, Ben Nicholson-Smith takes a quick look at the Jays-White Sox mutual off-days, and it looks like today's game will be made up in late August or late September.Hurray!

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  1. I'm happy for the bullpen arms tonight. Much needed rest for them!