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2013 MLB Mock Draft: Part 2

Guest Post by: Donn Parris

*Views expressed in this article do not reflect the opinion of and its staff. For our draft opinions, you can read the article written by Marshall yesterday, or the one Ewan has posted today.

This is the second year I have been asked to participate in providing my opinions on the MLB Rule IV Draft.  This was a much harder year for me as the talent pool seems to be down from last year.  Enjoy reading and keep an open mind as I tried to pick the best fit for each club so that each selection would be provided with the best opportunities to become the Big Leaguer they all wish to become.  Decisions were based on past draft history, advisor and the previous ability to develop players within the organizations.

16. Phillies – Ian Clarkin, LHP, Madison HS San Diego CA
Call it a sucker pick, but with everything Cole Hamels became in the Phillies system, why not go to the well twice.  Many find it easy to compare the two and they share a lot in common.  Unless a player from the top of this list like Kohl Stewart makes himself more available, Clarkin is the name I think is the best fit the City of Brotherly Love.

15. Diamondbacks – Jonathon Crawford, RHP, University of Florida FL
For an organization with such balance in the Top 10 prospects, Crawford is a safe pick.  A stallion on the mound, professional baseball and player development will refine the harness and the power and Crawford moves relatively quickly to the big leagues. 

14. Pirates - Sean Manaea, LHP, Indiana University  IN
Remember that earlier LHP I mentioned???  If his advisor and GM Huntington can come to terms this may be the answer.  If not, then pirates get another first round pick next year.  (Pick #15) Manaea has some health concerns and that allows the Pirates to offer below recommended money.  Again it is all about the medical and his advisor.  See him going back to college.

13. Padres – JP Crawford, SS, Lakewood HS CA
Right Fit, Right Time, Future Big Leaguer.  Just think that the choice of JP would be overall the best pick in the entire first round for this club.  It just feels right.  Seeing JP take groundballs at Petco in August  during the 2012 Perfect Game Rawlings All American just looked right.  Bloodlines and mental maturity and body that will get strong are all reasons why the Padres make Crawford their selection. 

12. Mariners - Hunter Renfroe, OF, Mississippi State MS
Once again Tom McNamara rolls the dice on a player with giant upside that other organizations shy away from, at least as Top 15 picks. This draft is not the deepest in college outfield talent so I can see Renfroe being the Mariners Selection.  Good Choice!

11. Mets - Ryne Stanek, RHP, University of Arkansas AK
The Mets will be attempting to duplicate the magic they found in Matt Harvey.  Power arm that needs to be refined as to command but is a work horse and that is a plus for any rotation.  There are a few college arms that could go here but my thinking is that Stanek has the highest rewards.   If it doesn’t work out, the Mets have no trouble trading him away to another organization willing to tweak and fix his command issues.

10. Blue Jays – Dominic Smith, 1B/OF, Serra HS CA
Alex Anthopoulos covets Athletes and players that have a higher ceiling than others.  A gunslinger approach to the draft and to dealing players, Smith is a fit on Toronto and the player development system that is in place.  I will not be surprised that any player pick here will be under paid by recommendation but still paid quite well.  Smith will still be on the board here and my feeling is this is a prime spot for Dominic to be selected and Toronto to make the deal.

9. Pirates – Phil Bickford, RHP, Oaks Christian HS CA
Like Young Arms?  Then the Pirates should not pass up on this youngster.  Bickford has helium and that lands him in Pirate City.  Over draft?? Not for me, but it is a player that you can make a pre-draft offer and save money.  They must sign the pick or lose it as it is compensation for Appel.  My offer is 2.3M and Bickford is a Pirate. Just saying he will look great in Black and Yellow on a staff of Cole, Taillon, Kingham, Bickford and ??? LHP.

8. Royals  - Clint Frazier, OF Loganville HS GA
Let’s load up the Outfield in Kansas City.  Many have said they need pitching and I agree - just not this year, this draft.  Unless Gray or Appel fall to them, the Royals need to build from within and via the draft.  Frazier fits and Dayton Moore loves players like Frazier.  Just look at how he has treated Frenchy (Jeff Francoeur).  For me, the only way Frazier is not a Royal is that Meadows is available because the Indians selected Frazier first.  Either way, Dayton Moore gets a Georgia High School Outfielder.

7. Red Sox – Reese McGuire, C  Kentwood HS WA
The Red Sox signed, Swihart,  they hoped they were getting an athletic switch-hitter who could develop the skills to stay behind the plate. Blake is now in Advance A with Salem and it is time to restock with a prospect and Reese McGuire to me is a solid, low risk prospect in the mold of Jason Varitek.  It is easy for me to see Reese guiding the Red Sox from behind the dish for years in the future.   As for Swihart,  first base will work just fine and both can be together and form the nucleus of the organization.

 6. Marlins   - Jonathon Gray, RHP, University of Oklahoma OK

The heavens shine down on VP of Scouting / Scouting Director Stan Meek as Gray in my draft falls right to his open arms.  Gray fits the Marlins system and is the best organization for him at this time.  Meek and the Marlins love big country bodies and strong arms.  Gray to Miami just is a great fit.  Gray will no doubt go higher as GM’s are not the ones reading my stuff so if Gray goes #1 just flip him and Bryant.  The players involved are much better off my way but maybe the Marlins trade Bryant to Houston as they trade Matt Dominguez to them. 

5. Indians  - Austin Meadows, OF Grayson HS GA
Tyler Naquin needs a partner to secure the outfield at the Jake and the Indians need to trust their guts and draft and sign a special player.  Austin Meadows is a baseball rat and is a tool shed.  The Indians would do well with making this selection and allowing Meadows to grow in the system.  Never a club to rush prospects, Meadows will endear himself to the organization and Grady’s ladies can resurface as Austin’s Admirers.

4. Twins – Marco Gonzales, LHP Gonzaga University  WA
It’s time for Deron Johnson to go get the organization a Left Handed Starting pitcher and the Twins like athletic players.  Previous drafts have proven successful when the Twins use their top picks on athletes.  This is a good pick that saves money as the twins have the 7th highest amount of recommended money.   They will be looking to secure some top talents which are willing to be over drafted / underpaid and players on Day 2 that don’t want to continue their education and are willing to sign for fair value, just not over the top money.

3. Rockies - DJ Peterson, 1B, University of New Mexico  NM
This just makes sense  - a corner infield with some chops.  Peterson has jumped through the college hoops and flat hits the ball along way.  The Rockies need another knight on the board to compliment Arenado and Peterson is that knight!!  Checkmate National League West.

2. CHICAGO Cubs  – Mark Appel,  RHP, Stanford CA
Appel and Boras will be the problem with Theo and his gang of North Siders.  The Windy city and their loyal fans will embrace Mark for what he is – a hardworking, educated person with plus make up.  Mark should fit into the Cubs system and living in what is described as a medium to high class area around Wrigley should help Mark become acclimated quickly into the professional game. There is little risk in the selection

1.   1.HOUSTON Astros – Kris Bryant,  3B, University of San Diego CA
Working behind the scenes this plays out to the benefit of both parties involved.  Houston cuts a deal for a mature MLB ready bat?  The stats guys in the front office go fishing  ... will they catch a Blue Marlin or a Tuna?  Bryant signs below recommended saving money and that allows Houston to settle.  Bryant is High Risk, High Reward.  He doesn’t have a position other than the batter’s box.  This pick only makes sense since the Astros have moved to the American League.

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