Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who’s Out in Left?

It’s not quite that time of year yet, but what else do Bluejays fans have to look forward too? The draft isn’t in the off-season like most associations, and spring training is a long ways away. Not to mention how much of a wash this year has been.
            So who is going to be the guy who suites up to play left field for the Bluejays next year? This is where we find the question within the question; what is Alex Anthopoulos (AA) looking for?
            Does Alex want to give Anthony Gose the shot to make the opening day roster? Or does Buffalo sound more intriguing? Anyone who knows baseball is going to tell you that right now, Anthony Gose cannot consistently hit big league pitching. So could another year in AAA,in a more realistic scenario in Buffalo instead of Las Vegas harm Anthony at all? It’s not like Anthony has absolutely destroyed AAA pitching and has nothing left to prove, because he hasn’t. So I say no.
            Is AA intrigued with the relatively thin outfield free agent market? Yes, thin I said it. That doesn’t mean I’m discrediting Josh Hamilton (like you could even try), BJ Upton, or Nick Swisher, it means that, in all reality, none of them are coming to Toronto. So who’s logically left? Torii Hunter, and Delmon Young, that’s who. Unless, of course, you’re thinking AA is a gambling man and is willing to take a risk on Melky Cabrera (PED use) or Grady Sizemore (Injury prone).
            The trade market, this is where an abundance of possibilities arise, and with that comes major speculation. So prepare yourself for speculation, and its two major components: Who fits, and who’s available? And here’s the guy who always seems to be that “perfect fit,” Justin Upton. Is he said to be available? Yes, and with the new speculation that Texas isn’t interested in trading Andrus this winter, it makes Toronto look like the perfect fit. Now, this name arose in Ken Rosenthal’s piece the other day, Josh Willingham. And my question to the Twins is: Why would you want to keep him? His trade value should be immensely high this winter and the package they can get back for him will really help their rebuild with some young BlueJays prospects. And here’s the beyond crazy speculation you were waiting for. What about Carlos Gonzalez? Are the Rockies going to do a full rebuild? Could Cargo and Tulo, or one, be shipped out for major prospect return? I just don’t know, but that’s the exciting part. 

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  1. Very intriguing. I follow both the Rockies and the Blue Jays (so you can imagine how much I enjoyed baseball this year). great a player as Carlos Gonzalez is--and he is GREAT, not good--some stuff I see worries me. First, when it was clear it was a tank-year for the Rockies, he definitely checked out a little bit, at least in defense out in left. much potential as he has, he seems to be PLAGUED by inconsistency. It may be a bit early in his career to go as far as to say he's "injury PRONE..." but then again, it may not be. But, like I said...great player. Can play gold glove caliber defense at ANY of the outfield positions. I think he could hit for average pretty well, with the proper approach and he's got 25+ hr power, certainly. He's speedy and smart on the basepaths, as well. He reminds me a bit of a pre-Cincy Ken Griffey Jr., when he's on his game. But those above are all at least worth considering. Plus, I don't think the Rockies brass have ANY understanding of trade value or timing. I think they'll wanna keep him. Really--if you're Colorado--what other draws to the seats do you HAVE?