Friday, October 19, 2012

More Farrell Rumours!

The John Farrell rumour pot continues to be stirred by the Boston media as we get closer and closer to the day when the Blue Jays Front Office needs to make that inevitable decision that has been looming ever so large for the past couple of weeks. As of this morning, we knew that the Jays and Red Sox had opened talks for the Red Sox to gain the right of Mgr John Farrell, and that they were past the preliminary stages. The different media outlets across Toronto and more importantly Boston have speculated many things, like the compensation will be a serviceable major leaguer and a AA prospect. Shi Davidi of Sportsnet wrote earlier that if Farrell leaves, he will likely take a lot of his coaching staff with him, which I would not be too happy with, although it does give the Jays some more bargaining tools. Anyways, a few minutes ago Jen Royle of ESPN, SBNation, and lots of other sites tweeted that Paul Beeston told the Boston Herald he wants a player for the 25-man roster.
Am I missing something? When did the Jays brass become so open about their negotiations; with the Red Sox about Farrell or with anybody else about anything? If this is true, this means that the clubs are indeed talking, and that the Jays have set their price.

Is Daniel Bard decent? How about Clay Buchholz? Both aren't likely to happen, but I think those are the two players to hope for (Pedroia and Ellsbury aren't coming). Problem is I don't see AA agreeing for a reliever. The Jays are set to have their first great bullpen in a few years, and we aren't in need of another 6th or 7th bullpen pitcher. But, if we do end up getting a reliever and a AA prospect for Farrell, I would probably bet on closer Casey Janssen being traded this off-season in a package deal. As I mentioned before, our bullpen is packed with great relievers, so the addition of one more likely means AA will add one of them to the list of players he'll trade for a SP, with Janssen likely to be the one .

If anything else develops, I'll keep you guys posted!

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