Friday, October 19, 2012

4 Bold Predictions for the Offseason

1. R.A. Dickey will become a Boston Red Sox. (Sock?)

For the Red Sox, this will go down as an absolutely dreadful trade. Shortstop prospect Xander Bogaerts, and pitching prospect Matt Barnes will be sent the Mets way. I think that Dickey will take a large step back in 2013, with American League hitters figuring him out rather quickly. His ground ball rate will take a huge hit, facing the lineups in the AL east, which will make him prone to the long-ball. On the other side of the trade, the Mets receive 2 All-Stars. Xander Bogaerts will perennially hit 20-25 Home Runs, hitting over .300, with an OPS around .900. Matt Barnes will make a very nice number 3 starter behind Matt Harvey and Zach Wheeler. Barnes' fastball hits 97 mph on the gun, and its movement makes it very hard for hitters to square up. He can throw his change-up in any count, which is possibly his best weapon. 

This deal will eventually turn the Mets into contenders, in my opinion. As for the Red Sox, could it be the curse of the Dickey? 

2. Justin Upton becomes a Pittsburgh Pirate, Travis Snider becomes an Arizona Diamondback. 

Also going to the Diamondbacks in this deal are Canadian Jameson Taillon, and Starling Marte. This one will be the biggest blockbuster of the entire offseason. Upton is a star, but he hasn't reached his full potential just yet. Justin could become someone who will hit 40+ home runs, 110+ RBI, and .290+ batting average. He will be the best player in the deal, and there's no debate. However, I cannot say that the Pirates would win this deal. They are getting 3 players whose ceilings are through the roof! (No pun intended) Taillon is possibly a top 5 prospect in all of baseball. He's a freak of nature, at 6-6, 220 pounds. He has hit 100 on many radar guns, to go along with a filthy curveball. Starling Marte is one of the best pure athletes in all of professional baseball, as we witnessed this season in his brief debut with the Pirates. He steals bases, plays good defence in the outfield, and he hits for power and average. He could blossom into a true 5-tool player. As Jays fans, we all know about Travis Snider. Many Jays fans were heartbroken when he was traded, I was not. No matter how many times we were told he was fixed, he was never patient enough at the plate. He would swing at breaking pitches down and away, and if a fastball was anywhere above the letters, he'd take a whiff at it as well. His defence isn't stellar by any means. He really doesn't have a plus tool. Overall, if this trade were to happen, I'd say it'd be a tie. 

3. Alex Rodriguez remains a New York Yankee

I think that this would happen, because it wouldn't be logical to the Yankees. If they were to somehow get rid of A-Rod, they would have to pay about 15 million of his contract each year. Now, the Yankees would have to find a 3rd baseman to replace A-Rod. Let's say they'd pay this new player 10 million dollars a year. A 3rd baseman who is making that kind of money, would probably have very similar stats to A-Rod as it stands right now. So, now you end up paying around the same money, (maybe more) for a 3rd baseman who isn't significantly better than Alex Rodriguez. There's also the odd chance that A-Rod finds his swing again, and we all know that he's a very talented player, and could still be an elite hitter. 

4. David Ortiz signs a 2 year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays can't afford to have Adam Lind as a DH next year, if they really want to contend. David Ortiz has said that he wasn't very happy in Boston, indicating (in the middle of this year) that the clubhouse is completely depleted. Not only was his team terrible this year, but it might be terrible for years to come. If Papi wants any shot at winning the World Series, coming to the up-and-coming Blue Jays would make a lot of sense. He would be lethal behind Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, creating possibly the best 1-2-3 punch in all of baseball. A 2 year contract worth 20 million dollars would make sense, although he wants in the neighbourhood of 2/28, so AA might have to go over a bit.

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