Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AA Needs to Give Toronto Some October Baseball in 2013

AA will hopefully be on the phone a lot this
off-season as he searches for a few starting
 pitchers to help the Jays in 2013.
I am not writing this article to make a point that AA is running out of time in his new GM honeymoon. He isn't. It is completely unfair to start saying Alex Anthopolous is doing a bad job before his draft jewels like the Lansing 3(soon to be Dunedin 3) or the key pieces he has received in trades have made it up to the majors. I am writing this to say that if AA is smart, which he clearly is, then he would do everything in his power to make sure that the Blue Jays are playing meaningful games in September come 2013, and maybe even a few games in everybody's favourite baseball month, October. I also don't want this to sound like something you'll read on Bleacher Report(if you were to be reading Bleacher Report of course, it would be against your will), but it might due to the list I'm about to give, so bare with me on that one. So...On to the reasons why AA should get this team to October next year.

5. The Beast Doesn't Like Being Wrong
Paul Beeston made a pretty big declaration at the State of the Franchise event last January that he expects this Blue Jays team to make the playoffs about 3 times in the next 5 years. This year is over with no postseason play for the Jays, which only leaves 4 more years. Making the playoffs 3 times in 4 years is a daunting task, especially in the AL East.Just ask the Rays, or the Red Sox, or the Glory Year Blue Jays. Considering that the current Blue Jays team doesn't really have a chance until 2014, Alex needs to do some retooling this off-season. Whether it is through free agency or trades, AA needs to work some of his Ninja magic and make sure Paul Beeston isn't wrong by acquiring some starting pitching!

4. It Could Always Be Your Last Chance
We all know it. In fact, most people in North America know it. Toronto Sports fans are arguably the worst fans in the world.They turned on Leafs GM Brian Burke after 4(?) years. Nobody goes to TFC games anymore because it isn't the least bit exciting watch your home team get killed, for 90+ minutes.  Brian Colangelo has a great reputation, and the Raptors have no hope anyways in the Star dominated NBA, so he sort of gets a free pass when it comes to Raptors fans.AA isn't going to last very long if he doesn't produce a team that can get to the playoffs. The Toronto streets are filled with uneducated fans who will turn against the Silent Assassin himself if something doesn't happen pretty soon. In fact, a lot of "fans" already have turned. AA wants to keep his job. We want AA to keep his job. But we, the rational, level headed, next generation Blue Jays fans, who understand what it takes to build a winner, and understand how long it takes for a farm system to be developed, are not the majority in Toronto. If the Jays suffer another losing season next year, I can almost guarantee that people's patience will have run out, and there will be a lot of people calling for Alex's head(or job in this case). In order for Alex to avoid that inevitable situation, he will need to satisfy our playoff needs in 2013.

3. Don't Repeat the Mistakes of the Past
Gord Ash and JPR wasted Carlos Delgado. JPR wasted Roy Halladay. AA cannot do that with Jose Bautista. Jose is turning 32 in a couple of weeks. He isn't getting younger. He is going to be coming off of major wrist surgery next season, and there are no guarantees that he will regain his old form. It could be too late to take advantage of Jose's home run hitting powers. It probably won't be, but AA only has a few years left before Jose will be completely out of his prime(which he is currently exiting), and he will have to be a DH who has a good eye and will hit 20-30 homers.Alex needs to show Jose some good faith,and get some starters, so that Jose has a chance to hit a world series winning walk off homer before his talent is no more.

2. The AL East is Very Weak Right Now
A lot of you are probably disagreeing with me on this one, but if you think about it, the AL East isn't as strong as it once was. The Red Sox are almost Astro(Houston) like. The Orioles will come back down to reality next year. The Rays have no offense, and it doesn't seem like they will be getting some anytime soon. The Yankees eventually need to age, don't they? By 2014, the Rays could have traded for or signed a big offensive player. Baltimore's prospects might get them out of sucking. The Red Sox might actually have a functioning clubhouse, although I think we all doubt that will actually occur. The Yankees, well the Yankees....The Yankees might go spend half a billion dollars on some free agents and could wind up retooling their aging core(though they are trying to lower their payroll). 2013 is a perfect year for the Jays to strike, and with more chances at the playoffs than ever before(well except for this year), AA should go for it.

1.Take Advantage of Those Idiots that play Hockey
The NHL is locked out. From what I've been reading, a full season cancellation is very possible.I, amongst many others, left hockey for good in 2004 which is the last time the NHL locked out. Many more will do the same this year. If Alex makes a a big free agent signing and acquires a pitcher or two via trade, the Blue Jays fan base will no doubt begin to grow. If there is any off-season which could contribute to expanding the fan base, an off-season where Canada's game is not being played professionally is 100% the one to take advantage of. With the Jays set to start losing some money in the new revenue sharing program, a couple more fans can't hurt, can it?

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  1. Well written. I definitely agree with your points, especially #1. What a joke. I am confident A.A. will find the pieces necessary to make a push this year while not mortgaging the special talents we have on the farm.

  2. Horrible article. Toronto sports fans are some of the most loyal there are.

    1. Loyal? ya they stick with the Leafs as a whole, but for the Jays (and the other teams), they turn on players right away. They have demands of being perfect, which nobody is. Colby Rasmus was hated last year when he was acquired because he struggled, was loved until July this year, and now, everybody hates him again. That's not being good fans. That's being some of the most cruel fans in the world. They might be loyal to teams, but to individual players(or in this case, GMs), they are horrible, and their have been cases where players don't want to come to Toronto because they are afraid to be under the microscope of playing here, because these so called "Fans" demand perfection, and cut nobody slack.

  3. AA, I demand you to make the playoffs. duh.