Thursday, May 10, 2012

AA Lets Out his Youth; Signs Expos Legend

The Blue Jays have signed Vladimir Guerrero to a minor league deal according to many reports, the first of which came from Ken Rosenthal at about 4PM Thursday. The deal is a minor league deal worth $1.3 million (If he cracks the Major League Roster). Vlad will go to Dunedin for extended Spring Training, and work his way up to the Blue Jays.

For all of you saying this is a bad deal, I would like somebody to tell me how in the world this is a bad deal. This has no effect on the club whatsoever, roster wise, or payroll wise. In fact, it will likely end up being a good thing. For only $1.3 million, this could turn out being the best move of the year The signing is low risk-high reward, and at the very least, Vlad is a better bench player than Ben Francisco. If Adam Lind continues to struggle (which he won`t because it is impossible to have numbers as low as his), EE can move to first, while Vlad takes over the DH job. Personally, I would stick with Lind, as I know, and we all know that he is capable of much more than he is contributing right now. Additionally, to trade Lind right now would be stupid because his value is at it`s lowest, so, if he does get traded, I suspect AA will wait until he has established his value.

If you think Lind will become a bench player, you are wrong. Mark my words, Adam Lind will never be a bench player for the Toronto Blue Jays. No player making $5 million will ever be on the bench for a team ran by AA. He would trade him way before he benched him, just like he did with Vernon (at a larger scale though I guess).

Not only can this be good for the club on the field, but off the field, this is a PR dream. In a country that has only the Jays left when it comes to baseball, bringing back some old memories of the Expos can never hurt. AA, who was a Expos fan growing up, and even worked in that organization was 100% hoping to draw bigger crowds due to Vlad. I suspect the first game he plays in Toronto will be huge, but from then on, the TV ratings in Montreal should shoot up. Vlad was a legend there, and AA was very wise by signing Vlad to attract the Quebec group to the Jays.

One more thing. This is nothing like the signing of Frank Thomas. Thomas' contract was a major league deal, and was worth a lot more than $1.3 million, a lot more.

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