Sunday, March 25, 2012

Was Sending Snider Down the Right Move?

The Left Field battle for the Toronto Blue Jays is over, well at least for now. On Sunday afternoon, Travis Snider was sent down to AAA, using his last option year, and giving the LF job to Eric Thames.

Thames, who`s job it was to lose, had a slash line of .333/.380/.511, and Snider had one of .283/.353/.652. This move, does not decide who has won the battle, as Thames also has options left, and if he struggles in the majors , Snider will be up here very quickly. I can't see this being the final chapter in this story, as it would be a classic AA move if he traded Thames after sending down Snider.

I personally wanted Snider to get the job in left for one reason, and one reason only. I couldn't care less about their offensive skills, even though Snider has a lot more upside than Thames, and I don't care about their base running. What I do care about is defense. When your sticking the winner (Thames/Snider) in a defense with Colby Rasmus and Jose Bautista, two outfielders with lackluster defense, then you need to pick the player with the better defensive skills, especially when their offensive numbers have been so similar. Thames, in his brief major league career, hits lefties a little bit better than Snider, and also hits righties a little bit better. So, making a decision based on offence would be silly, especially because both players have been hitting rockets this spring, and their swings have been amazing. Thames' first step when the ball is hit is horrific, and his range is effected greatly because of it. If two thirds of your outfield don't field their positions well, than why make it the whole thing. AA and John Farrell made the wrong decision in my mind, and I hope they reverse it soon.

I would love to hear what you guys think about the demotion, and which side you are on, so leave your comment on the article!

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