Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 1 at Blue Jays Spring Training

After a short ten minute flight delay, I arrived in Tampa this afternoon, and all was right in the world again. After a half hour drive to Dunedin, I put my bags down at the hotel, and went straight to FAES (Florida Auto Exchange Stadium), hoping to try to get a few autographs as the players departed from the park. When I got there, there were about 12 other people there waiting for autographs. The one thing that made them all so similar, they just wanted Jose Bautista's signature, nobody else. After walking around, getting a few pocket schedules, and getting the full list of Jays Spring invitees on paper, I went back to wait for autographs at the parking lot. It was probably another 20 minutes until the man everybody was waiting for came out.

Jose Bautista walked out of the clubhouse, walked straight to his car while wearing his plain white T-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses. he stopped halfway through, turned around, said something to a FAES employee, and then got into his car.

While he was driving out, he signed one autograph, said he would sign more tomorrow, and drove away in his bright red Chevy Camaro.

So, the quest to get my copy of MLB 12 The Show signed by Jose himself will continue tomorrow, when the Jays take on the Orioles at the FAES. If any of you guys are going to be there, I would love to meet you there. Just give me a shout on twitter, and it will happen.

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