Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men Go Often Awry

On Tuesday afternoon Alex Anthopoulos hinted that superstar prospect Brett Lawrie will be making his major league debut on Friday night at Camden Yards in Baltimore. About five hours later Lawrie stepped into the batters box in AAA to face newly called up pitcher Anthony Bass of the Tucson Padres. On the second pitch of the at-bat, Lawrie was hit by a mid-90's fastball, and was taken to the hospital for x-rays. The twitter world was going crazy, and every single Jays fan was holding there breath, praying that Lawrie would be okay. After 3 hours of sitting and waiting to hear what had happened to his hand, Lawrie posted on twitter that it was just a bruise, and nothing was broken. Lawrie, who is batting .354 with an ops of 1.092, a very good mark. The stat that was holding the Jays front office back from calling him up was BB/K, but he has raised the mark significantly since he was told to only swing at pitches in the strike zone , even if it means less hits. Lawrie has hit more home runs since the discussion as the result of only swinging at pitches he knows he can hit. He is likely to join the Jays on the upcoming road tip, but will not be ready to play in Friday's game because of bruising. Fantasy owners should pick him up immediately because he will be playing against a weak pitching staff in Kansas City next week when he gets called up to "The Show".

The Jays Gm also announced that Dustin McGowan might come back to the bigs as a starter, not as a reliever like the team suspected. McGowan will begin a rehab assignment when extended spring training ends, and will then need to be called up to the Jays, or put on waivers.

4 Dunedin Blue Jays were named to the FSL All-star game today. Among them is 2010 first round draft pick Deck McGuire, who has a 2.70 era, and a 1.20 whip in A+ so far this season.

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