Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patterns in the Blue Jays Play?

Over the past week the Blue Jays have had many pattern in the way they play, although it has really stretched through out the entire season. From June 14th, when the Jays opened up a series against Baltimore until yesterday the pitching has been spectacular, while the offense was struggling.The Pitchers have allowed 25 runs in 79 innings pitched, which comes out to an ERA of 3.16, a very good mark for an entire pitching staff. The offense on the other hand has scored just 23 runs in those same 9 games which is an average of 2.60 runs per game, or 23 runs in 74 innings which comes out as the opponents ERA as 3.10, which is slightly better than the Jays pitchers. This trend goes back the enitre season when the pitching would be dominant and the hitters wouldn't even take the bats off there shoulders. The best example of that would be Ricky Romero. When Romero Loses, the Jays have scored 8 runs, that's 1.14 per game, which means in those losses, if Romero wanted to win he would need an ERA of 1.13 or lower, that is ridiculous. Romero did call out the offence after he took his seventh loss of the season on Monday night after only allowing two runs in a beautifully pitched game by both him and his Atlanta counterpart Tim Hudson.

The Jays are off today and a move could be made to bring a player up because John Farrell said that the Jays need a spark in there lineup to get there offence going.
For those wondering Dustin McGowan is going to start his rehab assignment soon, and could be back with the Jays in less than two months.

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