Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does Anybody Have a Closer the Jays Could Borrow??

Imagine what life could be, if the Jays had a reliable closer. Imagine the shape our hearts would be in because they wouldn't be pounding every minute that we have a lead in the 9th inning. Imagine how many wins the Jays could get if they can develop a closer, that saves games.
We all hope that Dustin McGowan will be back in the next 3 or 4 months, but will be he ready to take on that role. Dustin has lost a significant amount of velocity because of all 4,789,584 of his shoulder surgeries he had this past two years( he really only had two). I would like to see him develop his curve ball, it used to get .455 percent of the time, compared to the league average of .241. His other two pitches, slider and splitter, were also hit over 40% of the time last night. He was clearly a fastbal;l pitcher, as t=hitters only hit the ball 13% of the time, and he averaged the third best speed in the league behind Justin Verlander and AJ Burnett. He needs to be recalled and on the 25 man roster within 60 days of starting to rehab.

Frank Fransisco did blow the game last night, but he induced two ground balls, so he really pitched well, but the defense behind him wasn't the best. The "Closers" are struggling right now, but the rest of the bullpen is pitching amazingly.

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