Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Back Brett!

RHP Brett Cecil has been recalled from AAA Las Vegas today while the Jays have optioned RHP Zach Stewart back to AA. I believe Stewart knew he wasn't going to be here a long time because his stuff never came from AA when he was called up, it just stayed in New Hampshire. Cecil went 8-2 with a 5.26 ERA, but his ERA doesn't matter because he was pitching in the insane hitting league in the Pacific Coast League. Cecil was in the minors to get his velocity back, which dropped significantly during spring training. As a result of his low velocity he was not able to get any hitters out, so he was sent down. Stewart pitched one good game out of his three in the majors, but the other two were not worthy of him being here. Stewart will go back to AA because it is a much better league for pitchers to develop in than the PCL. Cecil will pitch on Thursday vs. the Pirates, taking Carlos Villanueva's spot in the rotation. Villanueva will pitch Saturday vs. the Phillies when Roy Halladay steps on the mound in Toronto for the first time since being traded.

This will be my last post until late July or early August because I will be away.Jose Bautista faces his old team the Pirates for the first time since he was traded to Toronto, so this will be an interesting game to watch tonight.

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