Monday, June 13, 2011


With the current CBA set to expire in December, many rules and other things will likely be changed. There has been a rumour that the MLBPA, and the MLB have been talking about realigning the leagues, to have two 15-team leagues, instead of the NL having 16 teams, and the AL having 14. The obvious question is, will there be interleague everyday, if this does get thrown into the CBA next year. The answer of course is yes, but is that good for the league. Of course it isn't, the AL teams would be furious, why should the AL have to have a pitcher bat, when there rule is to have a DH? So if the 15-15 leagues does happen, could this mean the NL is going to start to use the DH,or could it mean that the AL is reverting back to the old system, and having a pitcher bAT. The team that is rumoured to be the front runner to move if this actually happens is the Houston Astros. The two reasons why they are the front runner are that they are in the 6-team NL Central, and they would be able to move to the 4-team AL West, and because they would create a rivalry with the Texas Rangers, which would bring in a lot more money for the teams.

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