Friday, August 2, 2013

Announcing the New BlueJaysPlus!

When I started this site as a freshman in high school, I could not have imagined how far it would come in just 3 short years. My goals then were to reach 5000 hits in the first year. A couple months ago we received 1.5 times that number in 1 day.  For the first year and a half I ran it by myself, with no other contributors on the site. Then, we expanded, and ever since November 2011, the blog has had multiple writers posting articles regularly.  But today, I am proud to announce that we will be joining forces with other great writers from other blogs you have for sure read from, to create what we hope will become your 1st stop on the Internet when it comes to Blue Jays content. We are following in the ways of some Twins bloggers who about a year ago came together to launch Twins Daily, which is now the go-to site when it comes to the Minnesota Twins and their affiliates.

The new site will launch in a few weeks on September 1st 2013, and will be co-owned by 5 members. Three of them you are all fully aware of from our time at Blue Jays Plus, myself ,Ewan Ross and Chris Sherwin.

Ewan has really made this site grow to new levels since he joined the staff a year ago, and his articles have not only featured the best analysis one could ask for, but his writing style is also amazing. The countless amount of hours he has put in to working on the podcast has shown what he is capable of, as the BJP Podcast is recognized by most, if not all, as the best Blue Jays show on the Internet. I can't even begin to describe how helpful Ewan has been this past year, and I look forward to being able to work with him for many more.

Chris has been a host of the podcast we put out every week since I've been away, and I think you all can agree with me that his baseball knowledge, specifically regarding mechanics, stances, and things like that is very, very large. It's going to be awesome to continue to read and hear all of Chris' opinions on the new BJP starting in less than one month!

The other 2 founding members are Matt Gwin and Steve McEwen, both of which I'm sure you have also heard of from their blogs.

Matt has been running his own personal site, House of the Bluebird, for a couple of years now, and he's one of the best follows on twitter if you're a Jays fan. His writing is truly exceptional, made so by his spot on statistical analysis. After interacting with Matt so often on twitter for such a long time, it's great to join finally forces with him.

Last, but certainly not least, is Steve McEwen, probably the smartest person I have encountered on twitter and in the blogosphere over the past few years. Steve is a wizard with numbers, and his work with the stat bbFIP(and his own personal creation bbWAR) is a must read for every stat head out there. He has had a couple of personal blogs over the years, but the majority of his work can be found on Runs Batted Out and Halo Hangout.

Now that you know the awesomeness that will be present in the new BJP, I hope you are all just as excited for the launch as we are. September 1st could not come soon enough!

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