Friday, August 16, 2013

Minor League Roundup – August 15th

The Good
Ryan Goins – Buffalo (Triple A)
3/4 –
Coming off an 0 for 10 streak, Goins gets back on the horse with a strong 3 for 4 game.  After seeing what Kawasaki has done both offensively, and defensively the past two games, its reinforcing my thought that Goins should be called up to fill the utility role for the rest of the season.

Andy Burns – New Hampshire (Double A)
2/5 – 1 HR, 1 SB, 2 K
After being called up to Double A, Burns struggled mightily.  In his first 34 games he posted a measly .200/.268/.343.  However since then he’s been absolutely on fire, hitting 5 home runs, and putting up a stellar .320/.358/.700 line.  He’s a young player at just 22 in Double A, and the development he’s showing is quite promising.

AJ Jimenez – New Hampshire (Double A)
3/4 – 2 2B, 1 BB
While Jimenez has hit well the past few games, however the strange thing is just how he’s been hitting well.   Instead of the hits being based in his contact skills, like we would expect from Jimenez’ scouting report, he’s hit 2 home runs and 4 doubles in his past 8 games.  Not sure if this is something that can translate based on the reports I’ve gotten about his swing mechanics, but its certainly something you like to see.

Chad Jenkins – New Hampsire (Double A)
4.1 IP – 3H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K
On his way back from a shoulder injury, Jenkins made his 2nd start in Double A, and it went fairly well, scattering 3 hits over 4+ innings, and striking out 3.  He doesn’t have much promise, but he’s a nice depth option for next season, and hopefully he can fill that role next year.

Daniel Norris – Lansing (Low Single A)
5 IP – 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 8 K
For a player who started the year with an ERA close to 10 over his first 7 starts, its remarkable how dramatically Norris has turned things around.  On May 8th Norris had an ERA of 9.99, a K rate of 13.7%, and walk rate of 11.2%.  Since that start he’s become one of the best starters in the Midwest League posting a 2.40 ERA, a K rate of 31.7 %, and a walk rate of 12.7%. Had he kept that up all season he’d have the 10th lowest ERA, and the highest strikeout rate in the entire league.  Not too shabby considering he’s the 10th youngest pitcher in the league this season. 

Jairo Labourt – Bluefield (High Rookie)
3.2 IP – 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K
In a game shortened by a power outage, Labourt (the 6’4 Dominican lefty) was cruising. For a pitcher who was very much off people’s radars coming into the year, he’s posted the best numbers on a stacked Bluefield pitching staff.  With a sterling 1.37 ERA, and a strikeout to walk ratio of over 3 ½ to 1 he’s set him self up nicely to debut in a full season league next year at the ripe young age of 20.

The Bad
Moises Sierra – Buffalo (Triple A)
0/3 – 3 K, 1 Error
While Sierra has been playing very well the past few weeks (including a couple of appearances on the Roundup), that came crashing down to earth on Thursday.  Not only did he have an error in the outfield, but he also put up a golden sombrero. 

Christian Lopes – Lansing (Low Single A)
0/3 – 2 K
The all bat 2nd base prospect has struggled this year in Lansing, and that has been expanded upon in the past week, where he’s now 2 for his last 19.  Lopes really needs to start hitting if he’s going to stay on the prospect radar, because while his glove might be good enough to stay at 2nd, its not going to be a carrying tool for him.

The Other
Anthony Gose  Buffalo (Triple A)
0/1 – 1 BB, 1 HBP

While Gose reached base twice in Thursday’s game, that isn’t why he’s being included.  He’s on the list because he finally got the call up to the big squad, and hopefully will be in the lineup Friday night in Tampa Bay.

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