Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27th Game Preview- New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays

This is me(Gideon) writing a short intro about how the Jays suck and should continue to lose games so they get a good draft pick for next year. Ok, now I can get to the game preview. I always need to have that intro.

Gibby/AA quotes via the great beat reporters that cover this team(and the not so great ones)

  • Alex Anthopolous told the media that manager John Gibbons is coming back next year. I trust him, but he has lied before... Let's hope he's telling the truth. #GibbyTheBest
  • Gibby said that Ryan Goins will continue to see a lot of playing time down the stretch. Good. 
  • AA talked about pitchers, saying that a decision on Josh Johnson's compensation status will come after the season. That means there is no way anybody is paying Josh Johnson $14 Million. Also speculated that Brandon Morrow's injury has to do with his cutter usage. 
  • When talking about September call ups, Alex said that just because Marcus Stroman and Sean Nolin are playing in the AFL, doesn't mean they are out of the running for a call up.
  • Speaking of the AFL, rosters were announced today, and 7 Jays will be heading out there this fall(subject to change)...The players will be:

Probable Pitchers
Blue Jays                               Yankees
LHP J.A Happ                        LHP Andy Pettitte
vs. R .224/.333/.392                vs. R .318/.365/.465
vs. L .269/.329/.388                vs. L .209/.245/.345

Blue Jays                            
Reyes-SS                             Davis-CF Encarnacion-DH Lawrie-3B DeRosa-1B Arencibia-C Sierra-RF Goins-2B Pillar-LF

Gardner CF
Jeter SS
Cano 2B
Soriano LF
Rodriguez 3B,
Granderson RF
Wells DH
Reynolds 1B
Stewart C

Park Factors

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