Monday, December 17, 2012

Griffin: Jays and Dickey in Agreement

And he will likely be our number 3 starter!
Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star posted a new blog this morning, and in it, he makes every Jays fans day by reporting some awesome news about R.A. Dickey! Take it away, Griffin.

The predecessor quote:

It is believed the blockbuster, multi-player trade will be announced as early as Monday night

The first quote:
Reportedly, the Jays have been able to agree on the extension with Dickey, likely for more than the $26 million, two years
And number 2:

Sources are now saying that negotiations with Dickey have ended successfully at an affordable rate and that the next step before an announcement can be made is for Jays' medical staff to examine the righthander at their spring training headquarters in Florida 


So, that's good news, right? You might be against this trade because you think AA overpaid. But, if you want to win, you need to overpay, whether it is with prospects or dollars. We still have a pretty deep system, and the good thing about it, is that most of the talent is in the lower levels of it. In a normal case, that's not what you want, but for this team, which is built to win for the next 3 years, it's great. By the time the prospects are ready, there will be room for them, and AA will be able to trade them, like he is doing with Travis d'Arnaud, for major league talent. Is it going to hurt to see d'Arnaud and/or Noah Syndergaard be all stars in the future? Yes. But when the Jays are competing for the next 3 years and beyond, nobody will miss an injury prone catching prospects and a 20 year old pitcher who besides from his fastball, isn't very good. Nobody cared that Jeff Kent became an all-star second baseman after the Jays traded him for David Cone. Why? Because they won 2 World championships, and that is what this team is built to do;Win.

11:19 AM: MLBTR has now picked up the Griffin story. Doesn't really mean much, but I'm sure they'll try to confirm with whatever sources they have. Also,  Adam Rubin of ESPN tweeted this nugget of info a few minutes ago. I guess they're waiting until everything is a little more official(physical,maybe) to tell the players.

I assume the contract will be in the range of 2 years $30-32 million, which means in total, it will be a 3 year deal worth $35-37 million. I could be way off, but I do think that's where it will be. Dickey will want a few extra million from the original 2/26 asking price because the Jays aren't the Mets, but other than that, I don't see how a deal could be reached this fast, if he was asking around 2/40

11:35 AM: Andy Martino of the New York Daily News tweeting some more info for us, saying the deal isn't quite done yet, and we should stay tuned.

I recommend reading this article by Beyond the Box Score. It basically says that both teams win this deal, which is true. So, don't be upset.

11:42 AM: Ken Rosenthal confirms Griffin's report, and adds on to it! Dickey signed for 2 years and $25 million...Less than what he was asking! Who said Dickey had all the leverage? AA=NINJA.

That's an AAV of $10 million for the 3 years ($5 million in 2013). Crazy deal by AA.

11:50 AM: Buster Olney getting in on this now. Take a look.

So, if he just landed in Tampa(or Clearwater, I have no idea), this deal should be made official later today.

More Updates to follow(I guess). I'll make another post when the deal is finally official.

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