Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BlueJaysPlus Podcast Episode 9: Injuries, BioMechanics, and an Interview with Will Carroll

After missing 1 week, we're back. This time, we talk about the Blue Jays handling of Romero as we bash the Jays roster management once again, we have a nice conversation with Will Carroll (A.K.A The Injury Expert) about mechanics and injuries, we discuss Jim Negrych, and more!!! Want to know what the success rate of rest/rehab over Tommy John surgery is? Listen to the show, and you'll find out.  Hope you enjoy, and please let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment. We are always trying to improve.


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  1. A few comments re your podcast, and in particular, the segment on Ricky Romero.

    The intro music to your podcast lasts over 40 seconds. In a word, excessive.

    In your podcast Ricky Romero wasn't discussed, he (and by extension, Alex Anthopolous) was trashed. Try being a little less critical over issues you don't have the facts for. This podcast could just as easily be described as a diatribe.

    Do you know whether Ricky Romero or hi agent pressured the Blue Jays to give Romero a start or two to help determine how far along the comeback trail he was. If you recall, Romero's first start wasn't all that bad. Granted it got shaky toward the end of his outing but it wasn't the complete disaster you and the other 'speculator' made it out to be.

    If you don't know the above, inform yourself before talking about it.

    Do you know that the Blue Jays weren't previewing Romero in advance of a potential trade?

    Last year, Brett Cecil had horrible starts. This year he is very respectable as a middle relief or a situational lefty. Perhaps that is the role Romero would be better suited for?

    Just a few thoughts in opposition to your most recent podcast. Allow your podcast to grow by allowing greater latitude to your premises.

    1. Thanks for your response.

      About the intro music, it is usually shorter, but this week it happened to be a bit longer. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will try to keep it shorter(and maybe find one to use for every week) in the future.

      Regarding the Romero/AA situation: We are both staunch supporters of AA, but I(Ewan is coming along) have issues with his roster management. If we were bashing Romero, well, yes, that is our goal. He is horrible right now, and deserves the bashing. Not only for his complete lack of performance, but for his character and attitude, which is not at all good.

      The questions you raised are all valid, but not one of them is true. AA is not required to listen to demands from Ricky or his agent, and would never do such a thing. He isn't going to lose a game(or in this case 2) because Ricky wants to see how far along he is. His first start was bad. He got into a lot of 3 ball counts, and IMO, was lucky to only give up the damage that he did.

      I can personally guarantee that a trade was not in the works involving Romero, first of all because trades rarely occur this early in the season, and secondly because of how bad Romero's contract is given his performance.

      Regarding the Cecil-Romero thing, it's completely different. Brett can't get righties out, and had lost some velocity, Moving him to the bullpen solved both of those issues. Ricky can't control the ball. A move to the bullpen wouldn't help that at all, as we all witnessed last night when Josh Lueke pitched for the Rays.

      Thanks again for the comment.

    2. I'm not even bashing Romero as much as I'm bashing the team using him instead of sticking with the plan they played out at the start of the year.

      While I certainly don't know whether the Jays were pressured by his agent, but even if they were that's a really bad sign as well. Personnel decisions shouldn't be made by an agent, rather than the organisation. There's no basis to make that assumption, all we know is that he came up, and was the same pitcher he was when he left.

  2. Lawrie has a .222 BABIP. He's been stinging the ball lately which is nice to see. HOPEFULLY these line drives start finding holes and he starts getting hot.

  3. Great interview guys! My issue with the "Don't want to lose a year of development" argument is that pitching through injuries can be devastating to mechanics and development. Especially for a 18 year old kid.

    The correlation in these studies about resting the arm to avoid surgery never seem to include mechanics style. At least none that I've read.

    1. That's actually a really good point. For a pitcher like Osuna, whose mechanics are already so bad, it's frightening to imagine what could become if he is hurt(although maybe it will turn out to be a good thing).

  4. Also, amazing music this week!