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Farm System Update- New Hampshire Fisher Cats (AA)

For now, Kevin Pillar is the only
note worthy player doing well
for the Fisher Cats.
Week 2 of our series brings us to New Hampshire where there a ton of prospects and noteworthy players, most of which haven't actually played yet because of injury/suspension. This is the list of players that are on the Fisher Cats roster, but have not played yet. They will not be talked about due to their zero appearances.

Chad Jenkins
Sean Nolin
John Stilson
Marcus Stroman
A.J. Jimenez

The following have played in games, and will be written about.

Deck McGuire
Evan Crawford (WHY IS HE ON THE 40-MAN????)
Clint Robinson (See Crawford, Evan)
Kevin Pillar

New Hampshire Fisher Cats (11-13 Last-Eastern League Eastern Division)

The Fisher Cats are not playing as well as the Bisons are. They're actually doing quite the opposite. The Bisons are succeeding with a monster offence and average pitching, whereas the Fisher Cats have one of the Eastern League's best pitching staffs(4th in ERA), and quite a horrible offence( 5th last in Runs). It's still a small sample though, so like last week, take the following with a grain of salt.

Deck McGuire-SP- 23 years old

All hope of McGuire turning out to be anything seems to be lost at this point. The big righty is repeating AA after a miserable year last season when he posted a 5.88 ERA in 28 starts, with high walk numbers and a low K rate. The 11th overall selection in the 2010 draft has never had the stuff scouts rave about, and at this point, he'd be lucky to make it on to a 40-man roster for a few years, if at all. He has repeated his 2012 self exactly(according to ERA a least) through 5 starts in 2013. He has had 2 good starts, but you won't be a successful pitcher when 40% of your starts are decent, and the other 60% are horrible. If McGuire doesn't turn it around, a career as minor league filler is in the works for this once top draft choice.

Evan Crawford-RP-26 years old

The only reason Crawford is on the 40-man is because he's a lefty, and if AA keeps on playing this waiver game(which I assume he will), I'd expect him to be removed eventually. He started the season in Dunedin, for a reason not known to me, and pitched horribly there, so he got promoted(that's how it works, right?). He's really barely pitched this year, so it'd be cruel to judge him already. All you need to know is that if he makes it to the Majors this year before September, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Let's all just hope Crawford doesn't make it into Canada for a while.

Clint Robinson-1B-28 years old

Robinson, a victim of AA's famous waiver carousel is a career minor leaguer (he had a cup of coffee with KC last year in the majors), and doesn't seem to be on the 40-man for any reason other than David Cooper hurt his back and Robinson is decent filler just in case something happens to the first basemen in AAA, although I also assume, like Crawford, his time on the 40-man will come to a close soon. He has raked so far in New Hampshire, putting up an OBP over .400 in 21 games played. He's nothing special, although I'd be surprised if he doesn't keep these type of numbers up. He is what Deck McGuire will be in a few years(but in a hitters body). 

Kevin Pillar-OF-24 years old

Pillar is the one true "prospect" on this AA team(healthy at least), and he has kept up what he's been doing for the past few years, as he continues to demolish pitching and steal bases with ease. He doesn't have one tool that absolutely sticks out, but he could definitely be a solid option for a 4th outfielder in a couple years, or even better. He was our #9 prospect on our list last December, but come July when we take a look back at that list, he's sure to be higher. He is a gritty player who will walk, steal, and do everything in between, and you never know what type of careers guys like him could have. If he keeps this up, he might just be something Jays fans could get excited about.

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