Sunday, April 14, 2013

Breaking: Lawrie to Play Second Base in Rehab Game

In MLB 13 the Show, to maximize Brett Lawrie's value, I always play him at second base...With All-Star SS Jose Reyes injured for 3 months, it looks as if AA and the Blue Jays will go that route as well. The tweet from the Dunedin Blue Jays this morning:

They later clarified that Lawrie is indeed playing second, followed by a RT from the official Blue Jays account.

When he comes backs to the Jays this week, I'd expect Lawrie at second, Bautista at third, and then a platoon of Emilio Bonifaco, Rajai Davis, and Casper Wells in right field. This is actually a pretty good situation, and major credit must be given to AA and Gibby for coming up with this.

After being drafted by the Brewers as a catcher, Lawrie was transitioned to play second, but when he was traded to the Blue Jays, they put him at the hot corner. Scouts have always said that his hands were not quick enough to play second, but they also said he wouldn't be able to play third base. Last year, he was the best third basemen in the league defensively, saving 20 runs according to DRS. If he can make the transition to second smoothly, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw this formation for more than just the 3 months that Reyes is out. It maximizes the teams offensive capabilities, and if all goes well, it could make one of the most feared infields in baseball with EE, Lawrie, Reyes, and Bautista.

This might just be a test to see how it goes, but lets hope, for the sake of our offense, that it goes well, and Lawrie is back up here in the next few days appearing with the number 4 next to his name on the line up card.

More on this later I guess when we learn more.

Update #1:
AA was/is on Sirius XM radio right now talking to Jim Bowden about things, mainly Brett Lawrie at second related. As always, @StivBators does an awesome job of tweeting all the info. Enjoy.

That's all he says on Lawrie. He said a lot of other important info regarding potential SS replacements, Romero, and more, so head on over to the twitter account named above if you're interested.

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