Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Web Works: February 6th

So, apparently being a PR2 site isn't a good thing(I just found out what that meant a few days ago). In order to increase BJP's PR(Page Ranking), we need to have links in our articles, as well as be back linked to(which we do get). So, every Wednesday, I'm going to put out a link post like the "Various Time of Day Snacks" at DJF, or the "Media Mashups" at BBB. Maybe I'll start doing them more than once a week, but for now, I'll write these every Wednesday(plus the name has an alliteration that took me way too long to come up with). On to the links I guess?

Last night was the annual "State of the Franchise" event for season ticket holders(over the age of 19 of course...) at Rogers Centre, and so, there are a ton of recaps.

  • John Lott wrote about AA's response to a Melky Cabrera question in the National Post.
  • Brendan Kennedy gave a summary of all the points that were discussed for the Toronto Star.
  • Andrew Stoeten recapped the event in a very DJF way(lots of words about beer) on DrunkJaysFans
  • Ian Hunter also put some words together as a recap at the BlueJayHunter.
  • Lastly, JaysJournal recapped the event as well.
And on to other Jays stuff...

Kyle Matte continued the JaysJournal Top prospect series with an article about Mitch Nay, who is their number 14 prospect.

Keith Law released his Top 10 Jays prospects for 2013, ranking Aaron Sanchez at #1 of course, with Roberto Osuna at #2.

Yesterday, Jonathan Mayo of released his Top 20 prospects for each of the AL Easts clubs(including the Jays). Take these with a grain of salt though because, well, they always look different than the other rankings.

Earlier today, Stoeten shared his thoughts on the Law rankings, and the Mayo rankings at DJF.

Over at BP, Sam Miller writes about how the overall lack of speed on the Detroit Tigers roster will hurt them on the base paths, something we as Jays fans don't need to worry about thanks to Jeffrey Loria.

Kyle Franzoni of JaysJournal takes a look at the right handed pitchers that are scheduled to be non-roster invitees to the Jays camp this season, highlighted(?) by Chad Beck.

At Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan writes about Micah Owings, the former pitcher who signed a contract with the Nationals as a first basemen, but intends to both hit and pitch. I always say that if everything fails for Anthony Gose, he could be a very good pitcher/pinch runner because of his ridiculous arm and crazy speed. Hopefully Gose won't have to ever think about that.

Finally, Sportsnet has all the info on Jack Morris joining the Fan590 as a colour commentator and the broadcast schedule for Blue Jays ST!

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